Title: Alone

Rating: T

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Stiles is always there for Scott and Derek, but what can you do when everything you have done still isn't good enough.

I've started school, so updates may take a bit longer. Thanks to VCCV for being my beta :) You've been a great help, thanks for staying with me.

Sheriff's POV

As I watched my son through the night, I felt helpless. I couldn't do anything but sit and stare at him as his body convulsed every few hours. Hale told me it was the reaction of the toxin running through his veins, that his body was deciding whether to mesh with it or reject it. It was almost too much for me to stay and watch my son in this state. His skin was burning up, sweat coating it, and all color drained from his face.

I was sitting next to the bed, ready to jump straight to my boy's aid. Hale and Scott had chosen seats in opposite corners of the room. Hale glared at Scott whenever they made eye contact, and Scott lowered his head avoiding the harsh gaze. It was obvious that Hale was pissed at Scott, but I was more concerned with whether or not Stiles was going to make it to the morning.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move.

"Something's happening!" I stood up from my chair, quickly getting a closer look at Stiles. Skin had slowly begun growing over the stitches in his forehead. Hale and Scott moved to the other side of the bed. Hale reached for the bandage on Stiles' leg and lifted it up, just enough so he could see the wound, but then he quickly ripped it off.

"He's healing." Hale was as stoic as ever, but there was a glint of relief in his eye when he looked at Stiles. I remembered how gently he handled him, almost as if he were afraid he'd break Stiles.

"He'll be all right?" I asked shakily, giving Stiles a relieved look.

"Yes, but he'll also be a werewolf." I could have sworn I saw Hale's upper lip twitch, but the rest of his face remained impassive.

I felt more at ease knowing my boy was going to live, but it would take time to adapt to him being a werewolf. Scott and Hale resumed their seats in the corners of the room, while I watched Stiles heal. The wound scabbed over and from there it slowly flaked, and pale skin knitted its way over the scarred area, making the skin flawless again.

"He'll be fine, Sheriff. You should get some rest." Hale stood up and placed a hand on my shoulder.

I knew it was supposed to have been a comforting gesture, but I found myself tensing at the touch. "You're right. I have to leave for the station at six. Which means," I glanced at my watch, "I'll get two hours of sleep." I got up and headed for the door, glancing back at my son one last time before exiting into the hall. "I'm going to need a lot of coffee," I mumbled as I dropped onto my bed.

Derek's POV

"Go to school!" I yelled at Scott as I shoved him towards the front door.

"But, Derek!" Scott whined back at me.

"Go!" I said more forcefully, shoving Scott harder.

"Fine." He reluctantly opened the door and left, but not before, he shot me a glare.

I knew I shouldn't be pissed at him; Scott didn't attack Stiles, the Alpha did. The Alpha used him as a weapon of choice. Though it took every ounce of self-restraint, I had, not to just beat him senseless.

"Derek!" Stiles called from his bedroom.

I sighed and headed back upstairs to room. Stiles looked one hundred percent better. His wounds had healed, his temperature was normal and color had come back to his face. However, he was fixatedly rubbing at his forehead.

"How the hell am I supposed to get these out?" he asked pissily. Stiles pointed to his forehead, where I could barely see the stitches through his skin.

"I have an idea," I answered, enjoying the look of apprehension Stiles gave. "But I don't think you'll like it." I lifted my hand up and allowed my claws to grow.

Stiles gave a wary chuckle and scooted further onto the bed. "Isn't there another way we could do this?" he asked nervously.

"I either use my claws, or I use a knife and tweezers." I gave him a somber look. "Your choice."

"This is gonna hurt…isn't it?" he sighed resignedly before he scooted back so his legs were hanging off the edge of the bed.

I advanced towards him, and tilted his head to the left and up to get a better look at the stitches. I poked a nail straight into the flesh and slowly brought it across the length of the stitches, parting the flesh for easier access. Stiles whimpered in pain as I pulled away, snagging the stitches a bit.

"I can guarantee, this will hurt," I said apologetically. I inserted my index finger into the cut I had made and tried to catch my nail on the stitches embedded in his skin.

"Ah, ow!" Stiles balled one of his hands into the sheets while the other made a grab for my occupied hand.

"Stop moving." I forced his hand back down and resumed digging at the cut. "Got it." I tugged at the stitches. Stiles tried to pry away my hand, but I wouldn't let go. Each tug drew a small whimper from him.

"Just rip it out already!" Stiles yelled.

"It'll hurt, but it'll heal," I warned. With one last forceful tug, the stitches ripped out. There were small chunks of skin left on the thin black thread. I walked over to the computer desk, and tossed the thread in the garbage. I grabbed a tissue and wiped my fingers off before going to Stiles and wiping away the blood slowly making its way to his brow.

"Now it hurts all over again," Stiles sulked.

"I'm sorry," I said simply, sitting down in the computer chair.

"Yeah, you better be because…" Stiles stopped, eyeing me questioningly. "Wait, did you just say you were sorry?"

I nodded before pulling my phone out when it buzzed again. The thing had been going crazy for the duration of yanking Stiles' stitches out. I had fifteen new messages, all from Scott. 'Is Stiles okay?' 'Do you need my help?' the last few were just my name.

I squeezed my eyes shut, irritably and rubbed the bridge of my nose. 'He's fine. Don't text me again!' I sent the message and slipped my phone back into my pocket.

Scott's POV

I was freaking out. Derek wouldn't reply to any of my messages. I don't know how many I'd sent to him within the last ten minutes. I'd missed my first two classes because I was busy arguing with Derek on not going to school. In the end, he pretty much shoved me out the damn door. Now, he wouldn't even tell me if Stiles was all right.

"Hey, Scott." If this were any other time, I'd be grinning like an idiot at that voice.

"Allison!" I forced a smile and hugged her.

"Where were you this morning?" she asked, flirtatiously.

"Taking care of Stiles." I kept my voice steady.

"Oh, is he all right?" she looked worried. I simply nodded my head. "In that case I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house after school and study?"

"I'd love to, but I can't." I leaned in and gave her a short kiss. "Sorry, I told Stiles I'd check up on him."

"All right." She seemed let down. "Well I'd better get to class then. Bye, Scott." She walked away, obviously upset that I'd told her no. I felt bad, but Stiles was my first priority. My phone finally buzzed with a new message. I looked at the reply 'He's fine. Don't text me again!'

"Asshole," I muttered angrily. I guess I'd just wait until school ended to talk to Stiles and Derek.

Stiles POV

"Is it supposed to take this long for it to heal?" I poked at my forehead; it had scabbed over but it wasn't doing much else, at least not that I could tell by touching it.

"Stop touching it." Derek raised his voice a bit, as he pilfered through things on my computer desk.

"What are you looking for?" I hopped off of my bed and walked over to him.

"Nothing. Just looking." His heart skipped a beat. If I remembered right, that meant he was lying.

"Sure you are," I said, sarcastically. "Nosy as ever." I wasn't too worried; it wasn't as if I had anything personal hidden in plain sight.

Derek continued to look through my things, eventually straying from my desk to the rest of the room. Now, I was a bit uncomfortable. There wasn't anything that came directly to mind that would be too humiliating for him to find. Every teenaged boy had condoms, porn…lotion. On second thought, maybe stopping him was a good idea.

"You know what you can do?" I asked, drawing his attention away from the nightstand. I stepped in front of Derek, refusing to let him move around me. "You can get me a burger."

"There's a kitchen downstairs." Derek tried to step around me, but I mirrored his motion. So, instead he stepped on my foot.

"Ow," I muttered through gritted teeth, crossly. "I don't want it from the kitchen. I want it from that little burger joint place."

"And you can't get it yourself why?" he questioned.

I gave Derek a boo boo lip. "Please."

"You're kidding me?" Derek eyed me with a murderous look.

"Pretty pwease?" I kept my boo boo lip and looked to the ground sadly.

"Fine! What kind of burger?" He didn't sound pleased at all, actually he sounded really angry.

"Medium rare." Usually, I would ask for well done, but just about raw was what the beasty was craving.

"I'll be back."

"Thank you!" I threw my arms around Derek and hugged him. I would have just stayed like that if it weren't for the uncomfortable pat he was giving me. "Sorry, I got carried away." I gave him a sheepish smile. He just nodded and left to do my errand.

The craving was new to me, but all the smells, sights and sounds were, too. From my room, I could hear people talking on the sidewalk. I could hear cars coming from several blocks away. It was cool; the only downside is I didn't know how to zone it all out yet. I couldn't control what I wanted to hear and what I didn't. It would take a bit to perfect that. Then again, ADD probably doesn't help in the slightest bit.

The smells were almost overwhelming. I looked at a pile of dirty clothes; the smell coming off of them wasn't pleasant. That's what Scott and Derek had to smell all night? I picked the pile up and took it to the laundry room. The clothes smelled of dried and stale blood. The detergent and softener gave off a very strong floral scent; it was starting to give me a headache and I'd only been in the room a few seconds. I rushed back to my bedroom, hoping to find another smell that would wash out the horrible floral one.

A hint of smoke drifted to my senses: Derek. I could smell the smoke from his leather jacket. Then the woods and mint came to my senses. It was everything Derek. I concentrated hard on those smells; those smells were the first ones that I was going to lock away in the filing cabinet of my brain. His smells were euphoric; in fact, everything about Derek was euphoric.

I couldn't believe it. Just his scent was making everything fall into place. Every weird feeling suddenly had a name. Every flip of my stomach and ache of my heart slotted in place and it was the most amazing epiphany. I was falling for Derek. Derek, who always shuts me down, thinks I'm the most annoying guy on the planet, and constantly talks about ripping me to tiny bits. Oh, and let's not forget the constant slamming me into objects and walls… which, honestly was kinda hot. Wait, did that make me a masochist? Because I don't exactly enjoy it, but I really don't hate it and…I… um…well…

"I got your stupid burger!" Derek jerked the door open and slammed it behind him.

"Derek?" This could have been worse; I could have been masturbating, but that being the fact didn't make this any less awkward.

"Here, take it." He tossed the bag at me, making his way back to the computer chair and flinging himself into it.

The bag bounced off my chest and landed on the floor. I had to drop the deer-caught-in-headlight look because that was only making Derek stare suspiciously at me. I could feel my cheeks heat up. Derek narrowed his eyes and that was when I decided to pick up the bag. I pulled the burger out and unwrapped it quickly. I took a huge mouth-filling bite. The taste burst across my tongue. It was quite possibly the most exquisite thing I'd ever eaten. I gave a contented noise.

"I take it you like it?" Derek smirked.

I mostly swallowed the food before talking. "Yeah, fanks." I don't think I even took the effort to chew after the first bite; I inhaled it.

"If you don't slow down, you're going to choke," Derek informed me. His expression was jumping from disgusted to amazed. He seemed very interested with my eating habit.

I finished off the last bit of burger and tossed the wrapper at the garbage. I swear it went in and then it jumped back out. This was why I wasn't first string.

"Even gravity finds you annoying," Derek chuckled.

It was silly, really. It was a typical Derek comment. I shouldn't feel as upset as I did, but after my huge revelation earlier, it just kind of knocked the happy out of me. I didn't think that one person could have so much control over my emotions. Derek did though, and the off-the-cuff comment kind of felt like a fist in the gut. And god, I sounded like such a girl.

"Hey, Stiles." Derek said, frowning a little. "It was a joke."

"Yeah, a joke." I forced a chuckle along with a fake smile. I stared at the carpet so I didn't have to look at Derek. I could hear him get up from his chair and walk over to me. He grabbed my shoulders and leaned in a little, trying to catch my gaze.

"Hey." He shook me a bit. "Look at me." I hesitantly glanced up. "It was a joke. Why are you so upset?" Derek looked worried, but also upset, not at me, but at himself.

I heard the front door open and someone begin to head upstairs. I knew it was Scott, mainly because I knew my dad was never home this early, but I realized now that Scott moved in a completely different way than my dad or Derek. Derek shook me again, and my eyes drifted back to his face, it was so close. I couldn't help but tilt my head up and lean in, placing a short, sweet and simple kiss to Derek's lips before quickly pulling back.

We were back to just staring at each other, Derek's hands still on my shoulders, when Scott flung the door open. I slowly pulled away from Derek glancing between him and Scott.

Scott looked beyond confused. Derek on the other hand seemed shocked, as if his brain was still processing what I'd done.

Scott looked from me to Derek and back to me. He took in a breath, and opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again. His gaze shot sharply to mine.

"What the hell's going on?"