Title: Alone

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Warning: Cursing, blood

Summary: Stiles is always there for Scott and Derek, but what can you do when everything you have done still isn't good enough.

Thanks to VCCV for the Grammar Nazi she is, and for being my beta.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't force my body to move. The Alpha and I just stared at each other. I couldn't tell if he was preparing to jump at me, or if he found me a pointless kill. My question was answered when a low rumbling snarl resounded through his chest. My mind screamed for my body to run, but my limbs refused to comply.

The Alpha's claws scraped against the ground as he approached me. His speed picked up with each step he took, quickly closing the gap between us. This was going to be the end; I was going to die begging for my life, and choking on my blood. The Alpha took the last dive, but before he could sink his claws into me, something rammed him to the side.

My eyes, still the only thing I could move, followed the Alpha, and I could see him rolling around with another form attached to him. The other form was obscured by the Alpha's large stature, but between the two of them twisting around trying to gain the upper hand, I caught glimpses of black leather.

"Derek!" Suddenly, I could move again. I took a few steps forward, not sure, what exactly it was that I planned to do, but scared as hell for Derek.

The Alpha snapped at Derek's throat, and to avoid instant death, Derek managed to shove his forearm into the Alpha's jaw. He let out a howl of pain as the Alpha sank his teeth in. With the other hand, Derek punched the Alpha in the face, repeatedly.

Finally, the Alpha's jaws released with a growl, and Derek jerked his arm back. The momentum spun them around, and Derek caught a glimpse of me frantically hovering on the sidelines. He looked momentarily confused before his features settled into the more predictable, 'Stiles, you're a moronic twit!'

"Stiles run!" Derek yelled, bringing his knee up into the Alpha's chest. It pushed the Alpha back enough that Derek go in another few hits to its head.

Now Derek had the upper hand, but we both knew, as a beta, he wouldn't have it for long.

"Get the hell out of here!" he snapped, ducking a clawed swing that could easily have taken his face off. He glanced over at me again, and I realized I was doing more harm than good by distracting him.

So, I ran. I couldn't just leave Derek to fight the Alpha on his own, but maybe two betas could take the Alpha down. I frantically started to look for Scott. How far could he have gotten, and how the hell can he not hear the 'animal fight'. The more distance I put between the brawl, the more it did sound like a dogfight, but really? A dogfight while looking for Alpha clues? Come on, Scott! Where the hell was he?

"Scott!" I didn't have the time to play hide-and-go-seek with him. "Scott!" I turned yelling his name through cupped hands. "Where the hell are you!"

"What?" Scott peered over the balcony of the parking garage. I could see his eyes widen even from four floors away, as he finally recognized the dogfight for what it was. "Are you all right?" Scott looked down at me worriedly.

"I'm fine, but that's not the problem." I threw a glance in the direction I'd come. "The Alpha showed up. Derek distracted it, gave me the chance to run, but I know he can't fight that thing alone." Frustration raised my voice until I actually felt shrill, and the longer I talked, the less likely it was the Derek would get out alive.

Scott seemed to figure it out, though, because he pointed a forceful finger at me. "Stay here, Stiles," he ordered sternly, his eyes flashing yellow, as he leaped. He didn't land quite as gracefully as Derek, hitting the ground and rolling to his feet, but I was pretty sure tonight was about quantity, not quality. He shot off in the direction I had come from.

I waited a few minutes, listening to the growling and yelping increase as Scott joined the fight. Here, I was absolutely useless, but there, just maybe I could do something to help. Anything to help. The thought of abandoning my best friend and my… Derek made me sick.

I took off full speed back towards the noise. Even before seeing the combatants, I could see how much damage had been done. The concrete had large dips smashed into it, and chunks of it were splayed everywhere. Lights were broken and flickering, and the few cars that were still in the garage were completely ruined, hoods smashed and glass littering the ground.

Not too far away, Derek and Scott were both wolfed out and trying to tag team the Alpha. Derek lunged at the Alpha, sinking his claws into its throat. The Alpha stood up onto its hind legs, lifting Derek up off the ground. Scott took the chance and dove at the Alpha attempting to throw him off balance. The Alpha, however, ripped Derek's claws from his throat, hurling him into the ground, and then threw his arm out and nailed Scott in the stomach as Scott flew towards him. The impact corrected Scott's direction in mid-air, and he sailed back. Unfortunately, Scott hit headfirst. He was out cold before he even touched the ground; his face slowly transformed back into human features. And Derek was alone again.

Derek attempted to push himself to his feet, but fell right back down, his legs refusing to support his weight. The front of his shirt had claw marks ripped down the chest, and blood had soaked through the fabric, turning Derek's black shirt even darker. The only other visible wound was the bite on his forearm, but there was too much blood to tell if there were hidden injuries. And internal damage was just as bad as the claw or bite marks. Visible damage or not, from the way Derek was moving, I could see that he had gotten the shit kicked out of him.

The Alpha's attention had gone right back to Derek after he was done with Scott. Derek successfully got to his feet, but it looked like he'd used the last of his strength to get there. He swayed in place and blinked slowly. The Alpha bared his teeth in what I'm hoping wasn't a wolfy version of a laugh, because werewolf teeth? Scary. At this rate, the Alpha would rip Derek to pieces and Derek could do nothing to stop him.

Trying not to think what a suicidal moron I was, I snatched up a chunk of concrete at my feet, and hurled it at the Alpha.

"Hey, Bitch Boy!" I'd wanted to pull the Alpha's attention away from Derek, to give Derek those extra few seconds to snap out of it, but I really hadn't thought about where that would put me, until now. The Alpha whipped around to face me and growled. I couldn't have hurt him, but I'm sure having a teenage boy throwing rocks at you would kind of be embarrassing to a big, bad Alpha. Speaking of big, bad Alphas… "Oh, fuck."

Adrenaline rushed through my body as I sprinted away, the Alpha distracted away from Derek, and now, not too far behind me. This could possibly be the last day that anyone sees me breathing. All anyone is going to find is a mangled corpse.

Snapshots of my dream ran through my head, and in-between the screaming and begging and blood, I remembered that ditching my coat had given me more time to run. I struggled to get my arms out and hurled it to the right as far away from me as I could get, then took my own sharp turn to the left.

I lost track of how far I'd run, or even where the hell I was at this point, but other than my wheezing, I couldn't hear anything more. The skittering claws on the concrete and the continuous low growl I'd heard for the last however many floors was gone. I knew if I didn't stop, I would pass out. It was stupid to stop, and I knew it. I couldn't help but think of the horror movies I watched, where everyone who stopped ended up dead. I was just really hoping this wasn't going to turn into one of those slasher films.

I bent over, resting my hands on my knees as I gasped for air, and glanced around me. My gasping abruptly stopped. All breathing abruptly stopped. I think my heart might have joined in. The position I was in seemed like déjà vu. There the entrance was, just off to my left. I could get there within seconds, but I knew what was waiting for me for me if I tired to make the escape. So, I ran to the right, farther into the parking garage.

I threw glances behind my back, so focused on being followed that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Even so, I wasn't expecting to run into something big, warm, and breathing.