Title: Alone

Rating: T

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Stiles is always there for Scott and Derek, but what can you do when everything you have done still isn't good enough.

Thanks to VCCV for being my beta. You've inspired me and helped me out a lot. There isn't a single thing that you haven't done, thank you.

Sheriff Stilinksi's POV

It was pushing into the wee hours of the morning when I pulled into the driveway. I could have been home earlier if it weren't for the call I got to check out a parking garage on Burke Street. The destruction and vandalism done was horrible. It looked like they'd used heavy machinery to trash the place. And to top all that off, someone let their damn dog off its leash, and it was roaming around, picking fights.

I was relieved when I could finally relax, headed home, but my relief was cut short when I pulled into the drive and saw the driver's side window of my son's jeep smashed in. Peering through the shattered window, I could see shards of glass on the dashboard and in the seat. Nothing else stood out, but then, it was after midnight and there's only so much a flashlight can illuminate.

I hoped I could just be pissed off about some horsing around that Stiles and Scott had done, but I had a bad feeling that there was more to it. I headed towards the front door. The door was slightly ajar and, as I got closer, I noticed the smear of blood on the handle. Now panicked, I quickly pushed the door open and raced towards the stairs. There was blood smeared across the wall and railing. I bolted up the staircase and straight to my son's room, bum-rushing the door to gain entrance. Then, I stopped short.

"Stiles…what the hell?" My worry clashed with a sudden confusion. I saw my boy seemingly unconscious in bed, a man looming over him and Scott hovering just over the man's shoulder. Both were half-naked. The looming man pulled away from my son and slowly turned towards me, Scott followed suit. "Hale?" My eyes widened, and I quickly drew my gun, aiming it straight at the murderer.

"Whoa, I don't think that's necessary!" Scott gave a half-hearted smile and tried to deflate the situation, but seeing as that wasn't about to happen, he put himself in between Hale and the gun.

"Scott, move." I demanded, grimly.

"No." Scott frowned and planted himself more firmly in place.

"It wasn't a request, Scott. Move!" I jerked my head to the side, indicating him to step that direction.

"I'm not moving." Scott glanced over his shoulder before making eye contact with me.

"Hale won't hurt you anymore." I reassured him. "You can stop protecting him, and get the hell out of the way."

Again, Scott looked back at Hale, but this time it seemed like they were having a wordless conversation. This lasted a few seconds before Hale looked at me and then averted his eyes, closing them in what seemed like defeat, guilt written all over him.

"Derek didn't hurt anyone," Scott said, quietly. "Not those people, not me and definitely not Stiles." I took a moment to glance at my son again. It certainly didn't look like he was just sleeping. I narrowed my eyes. "I lied," Scott said quickly, "About everything. What happened at the school, the murders, and my contact with Derek."

"What? Why?" I asked, baffled.

"Because lying was easier than telling you the truth." Scott's eyes were focusing on everything, but me.

"Did you have something to do with all of it?" I wasn't sure I wanted to hear Scott's answer.

"In a way…yes" Scott let his head hang, his expression hidden behind his hair.

"Did you kill anyone?" I didn't want to have to arrest my son's best friend, but if it were necessary, I'd have no choice.

"No." Scott's gaze shot back up to me, anger on his face giving way to a bit of hurt. "But I know what did, and I know why it's doing it."

"Then why aren't you telling me?" I was becoming frustrated. What was so bad, that Scott refused to tell me who was behind the killings?

"Because it's not as simple as finding the murderer and putting him behind bars!" Scott shouted. "This thing would rip you apart limb by limb." I wasn't sure if there were something wrong with the lighting or if I was seeing things, but it looked like Scott's eyes took on an amber glow.

Hale grabbed Scott's shoulder and just that touch seemed to calm him immediately, the amber fading away. Scott dropped back to stand at Stiles' bedside, letting Hale take charge.

"Scott's not lying. I'm afraid the truth is much more complicated than what you're hoping for, Sheriff." The guilt from earlier disappeared from his face. Actually, all emotion disappeared from his face. It seemed like Hale made an effort to become as void of emotion as possible.

"What's so complicated about it?" This beating around the bush was beginning to piss me off.

"You've heard lore about 'mythical' creatures, correct?" I impatiently nodded my head. "Have you heard of lycanthropy?"

"Yes." My eyes narrowed again. This man had to be on something because he was talking nonsense. "Is this going anywhere?" I asked in annoyance. A slightly more murderous look came over Hale.

"What you're dealing with isn't merely human, it's a monster!" Hale growled through gritted teeth. "You're dealing with a werewolf."

"Bullshit!" I was insulted. "You expect me to believe a werewolf, a mythical monster, is what killed these people, including your sister?" I scoffed. "You must think I'm stupid."

"If I were lying, I would have left this town long ago." This man hadn't even blinked as he spun his fairy tale. I still wasn't convinced.

"You expect me to believe you, of all people?"

"No, but I know someone you will." I followed Hale's gaze to Scott. "Show him."

The room became quiet as that uneasy feeling settled in the pit of my stomach again. I watched Scott: his breathing had become heavier, and he went from my son's goofy teenaged friend to something almost animalistic. I nearly had a heart attack as he slowly lifted his head back up. His eyes were shining again, but they were a bright golden color now, and shining like beacons, He lifted the corner of his lip and I could see his canines descend. His nails had become claw-like and were still growing as I watched. Scott no longer looked human; he looked like an animal. The gun that I had held loosely in my hand now dropped to the floor with a thud.

"What the…what the fuck's wrong with him?" I took a few clumsy steps backwards, unsure of what was going to happen next.

"He's a werewolf," Hale answered, calmly. My eyes darted to him as a flash of electric blue caught my attention.

"And you?" I asked, warily.

"I'm one, too."

It was still hard to wrap my mind around the whole existence of werewolves, but I was beginning to believe them. I still had questions, though. Were they still lying to me? What are the killings for? Why was my son involved in this? So many questions were flying through my head.

"So, another werewolf is behind the killings?" I needed clarification.

"Yes, it's called an Alpha," Derek replied. "Scott and I are only betas."

"How do I know you aren't working for this Alpha?" I asked suspiciously.

" I would never work willingly with this Alpha." Hale's muscles tightened; and his eyes flashed blue again.

"Why not?" I pushed.

"I'm loyal to one Alpha, and that bastard killed mine!" Hale snarled. "That's the only reason he's an Alpha." It was obvious that I'd hit a definite sore spot in him.

"Your sister. She was the Alpha wasn't she?" Scott asked quietly, having fallen back into human features.

"Yes." Hale's face twisted, as if he were in pain. "We don't know who the Alpha is, Sheriff. My sister wanted answers, and she was killed for that. The Alpha knows I refuse to join him, so he's trying to form a pack. His first attempt is Scott. We don't know why he's killing people, but we believe it's to get Scott's attention, and ultimately mine."

"So, you two are…"

"Are trying to kill the Alpha." Hale had calmed down, and resumed his stoic expression, but the pain still gleamed in his eyes. "If we do, Scott can become human again."

"What about you?" I was confused. "If Scott can change back, wouldn't you be able to as well?"

"I was born with the curse; it's in my blood, my genetic make-up. I'll always be like this."

Everything was laid out on the table now. It was going to be hard to soak all this insane information in at once, but I'd have to.

"And, my boy, what happened?" I demanded.

"We don't know," Scott replied. "All we know is that the Alpha got hold of him. We woke up like this, not too long ago." Scott motioned to his and Hale's boxer clad bodies."We figured Stiles had taken care of us, kept Derek from bleeding to death until our healing process could take over. Then we found him knocked out in the bathroom. It looked like he passed out trying to clean his own wound, so we fixed him up the best we could." I was familiar with Scott's guilty face; I'd seen it enough standing beside my son. The guilt he wore now though was almost staggering.

"He hasn't woken up yet. We don't know how long he's been out." Hale added to Scott's explanation.

Everyone's attention was brought back to Stiles when he gave a low groan and started to stir. As his eyes slowly opened, I pushed my way to my boy's side and grabbed his hand gently.


He blinked several times and frowned in confusion.