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Chapter 2

"Q, what are you doing?" Santana asked somewhat amused as she eyed the Quinn shaped lump under Brittany's covers "It's kind of late to be getting shy on me."

Quinn poked her head out from under the covers "I don't know what I'm doing. I just…I just cheated on Rachel right in front of her!"

Santana laughed at the horrified statement "Babe, I hate to break it to you but if that was cheating you both did exactly the same thing."

Quinn gawped at her "You just called me…"

"I'm fully aware of what I just called you." Santana interrupted as she walked over to the bed. Noticing Quinn watching her warily she held up her hands "Relax, I'm not going to jump your bones…unless you want me to that is."

Quinn swallowed heavily and unconsciously drew the covers closer to her chest as Santana settled on the bed in front of her "Y-you and Brittany are my best friends."

Santana raised a questioning eyebrow "And you, Britt and Berry are my best friends. What is your point?"

"I can't…We shouldn't be doing…"

"Whoa." Santana held up a hand to silence the blonde in front of her "Hold it right there Q…Let's just not even get into that tonight, okay?"

Quinn stared at her in silence, obviously troubled by the turn of events.

"What I did before…" Santana slid closer and Quinn watched her with wide eyes "You liked it, right? The way you were moaning my name kind of gave the impression that you did."

Quinn flushed at the statement "I…Yes. I liked it."

Santana was momentarily distracted by the blush that disappeared beneath the covers "So what's the problem? Rachel doesn't seem to have one."

"But, I don't think…"

Santana leaned forward and silenced the blonde with a firm kiss before pulling back by just a fraction "See that's your problem Q. You think too much. Why can't you just let yourself feel without worrying about shit like how awkward tomorrow is going to be?"

"The last time I tried to do that I ended up pregnant."

Santana chuckled and shifted so that she was straddling the blondes' hips "I can honestly say that there's no chance of me or Britt knocking you up tonight."

"Okay." Quinn nodded though she was still grasping the covers like they were her last lifeline. In some ways perhaps they were…or at least a last ditch attempt to resist the seduction of one Santana Lopez.

"Yeah?" Santana smiled warmly.

If Quinn had any reservations before they were certainly abandoned when the usually guarded Latina looked at her like that. Like for the first time she had dropped all of the walls she had built around herself and she was allowing herself to be fully open "Yes."

"Awesome." Santana grinned though after a moment her expression darkened "One rule though…This is sex and that's it. I don't do emotional shit. Sex is sex."

"Except with Brittany." Quinn contributed understandingly though the subtle ache in her chest confused the hell out of her. Perhaps her initial conclusion of fully open was a bit of an exaggeration.

"Except with Brittany." Santana confirmed with a small smile.

"Where are they anyway?" Quinn asked as if she had just realised that the other two girls weren't there "Shouldn't they be here?"

Santana shrugged "Brittany said something about getting some water. Rachel must have gone with her."

"But that was 15 minutes ago…" Quinn said.

"Uh-huh." Santana raised an eyebrow.

"Oh…" Quinn muttered, finally seeming to have caught onto what must have distracted Brittany and Rachel downstairs "Right."

"Yeah." Santana said somewhat awkwardly "So do you wa…" she trailed off as Quinn leaned forward and kissed her. Though she was somewhat surprised by the spontaneous action Santana instantly returned the kiss, her hands lifting to thread through short blonde hair. What started off as a light pressure quickly turned to more as she pulled Quinn close, causing the kiss to deepen. Quinn eagerly accepted the added pressure and slipped her tongue past Santana's parted lips. Her hands trailed down the Latina's sides to grasp the hem of her shirt. She slipped her hand underneath and lightly stroked the warm skin of Santana's lower back causing her to shiver slightly. After a moment she pulled back for a quick breath but found Santana's lips back on hers almost immediately. Slightly surprised by the desperation of the kiss Quinn sank back down onto the bed, pulling Santana with her. Her breath caught in her throat when their upper bodies crashed together and the need for skin on skin contact overwhelmed her.

"Off." She muttered against Santana's lips between rapid kisses. She grasped the hem of the other girls' shirt and suggestively tugged upwards. Santana obediently sat up and removed the shirt herself before looking down at Quinn with an expectant smirk.

Quinn grasped Santana's hand and attempted to tug her back down but the Latina refused to budge, obviously wanting Quinn to forget about hiding behind the covers and sit up. With a sigh of frustration Quinn heaved her herself up and captured Santana's lips with her own, at the same time using the element of surprise to reverse their positions so that Santana was on her back with Quinn on top of her.

Santana, discontent with the submissive position she was in struggled slightly but found she couldn't shift herself out from under the blondes' body without the movement being noticed. In the back of her mind, she feared that if Quinn were to notice her trying to move she would stop what she was doing altogether. Although she wasn't particularly happy about it Santana forced herself to forget about the fact that she was flat on her back and focus on the fact that a naked Quinn Fabray was straddling her while vigorously kissing her. A moment later all thoughts flew from her head when she felt Quinn's hand trail up her stomach, coming to rest on her bra clad breast. Santana expectantly arched her back but mentally frowned when she noticed that the blonde had come to a complete stand still. Quinn's lips were suddenly unmoving and barely pressed against her own and her hand was completely motionless against her chest. Santana breathlessly pulled back by a fraction to see that Quinn was wearing a rather panicked expression.

"Q, don't freak out on me now." Santana ordered as she placed her hands on Quinn's cheek encouraging eye contact "I need…" she huffed when she noticed that Quinn wasn't listening to her "Quinn!"

Quinn finally allowed herself to look into Santana's eyes which had blackened with desire. She nodded shortly before leaning forward to recapture Santana's lips in a bruising kiss, pushing her forcefully back onto the bed. When Santana pulled back for breath Quinn dragged her lips towards the brunettes' neck, eliciting moans that only increased her own arousal. She subtly slid her hand around Santana's back and unclipped her bra with a quick flick of her fingers.

Had she been a bit more coherent and any less aroused Santana would have approvingly commented on Quinn's obvious skill in that department. Instead she eagerly pulled the bra away from her body and threw it somewhere to her right. Quinn wasted no time in trailing her hand down Santana's chest where she proceeded to use her fingertips to roll her stiff nipple while she continued to suck on the brunettes' neck. Santana's hips bucked into the air and she moaned at the attack of sensations on her body.

Quinn leaned up on her elbows and frantically kicked away the tangled covers that still separated them. Noticing the blondes' movements Santana arched upwards to release the part of the covers that was trapped under her body. As soon as the annoying constraint between them was removed Quinn moved her hand to the button of Santana's jeans though she hesitated to flick it open.

"Tell me you want me." She demandingly whispered into Santana's ear.

Santana's hips rocked at the husky suggestive tone of Quinn's voice and she bit down hard on her lip to contain the moan that sprung from her throat. She tried to resist submitting to the demand but when Quinn repeated herself in a harsher tone of voice she was powerless to resist. Dominant Quinn was far too hot to deny "I want you…Fuck I want you."

"Good." Quinn whispered before she flicked the button open and slipped her hand into Santana's jeans, underneath her underwear.

At the first touch of Quinn's fingertips to her center Santana gasped loudly and dug her fingers into the blondes back as she arched into the light touch "Fuck…"

"You like that?" Quinn teased, accidentally throwing Santana's earlier words back at her. She traced a light circle around Santana's clit causing her to release a soft moan before she promptly pulled her hand away.

Santana failed to contain the whimper that sprung to her throat at the lack of contact "Quinn…"

Quinn pressed a gentle, almost pacifying kiss to Santana's lips before she began to shift down the bed, trailing her lips down Santana's jaw to her neck and to her chest as she went. She lingered halfway, pulling a nipple into her mouth and flicking her tongue repeatedly against it. Santana gasped loudly as she felt Quinn's teeth lightly graze her nipple before the blonde swiftly swirled her tongue around it. Quinn pulled away with a soft popping sound and continued her exploration of kisses down Santana's stomach to her navel. She briefly dipped her tongue into the brunettes' bellybutton before continuing her downward descent towards Santana's thighs. She frowned when she was stopped by the presence of denim jeans and quickly pushed them, along with Santana's underwear down her legs. Santana lifted off the bed to help and quickly kicked the offending clothing off. Quinn unconsciously licked her lips at the glistening sight before her and proceeded to trail light butterfly kisses up Santana's thighs.

"Fuck…" Santana muttered as the blonde lightly nipped the inside of her thigh, merely centimetres from where she desperately needed her to be "Quinn…" she moved her hands down to thread through the blonde girls hair and urgently tugged her upwards.

Quinn didn't resist the light pulling, instead licking a long trail up Santana's slightly damp thighs, revelling in the taste that was purely her best friend. The taste quickly intensified as she dipped her tongue into the Latina's wet center causing her to release a long string of Spanish curses. Quinn moaned softly at the sound, making a mental note to stop rolling her eyes at Brittany whenever she claimed that Santana speaking Spanish was hot. At that moment with Santana writhing underneath her, desperately begging for release as curses sprang from her lips Quinn was certain that the sound was the hottest thing she had ever heard.

Santana's back arched suddenly off the bed when Quinn's tongue made contact with her throbbing clit "God…" she tightened her grip on the back of Quinn's head and tugged her closer as she felt an unbearable pressure building within her stomach "Quinn…"

Quinn hummed in response and shifted slightly so that her tongue was circling Santana's entrance. She leaned up on her elbow with a grunt of discomfort and used her thumb to trace light circles around Santana's clit.

"Fuck Quinn…" Santana looked down at the blonde but when she was greeted by the sight of Quinn Fabray's head bobbing up and down between her legs, her arousal intensified to a painful level and her head thumped back onto the pillow behind her "Fuuuuck…"

Quinn felt the subtle throbbing between her own legs increase tenfold at the hissed out expletive and deciding to put the Latina out of her sexual misery she slipped her tongue into Santana's wet channel. As soon as she did Santana's grip on her hair tightened to the point of pain, and with a yell of Quinn's name she began to tremor with the intensity of her orgasm. Quinn lightly rubbed Santana's clit, helping her ride out the rest of her orgasm. Feeling the brunette's quivering slow down to a slight tremor, Quinn withdrew her tongue. Finding she couldn't move due to Santana's tight grip on her hair she rested her flushed cheek on the brunette's tan thigh, allowing both herself and Santana time to catch their breath. Finally she felt the grip on her hair loosen and she slid back up the bed, her lips instantly seeking Santana's.

"Fuck, you're amazing." Santana panted as she wrapped her arms securely around Quinn's neck and pulled her close. She rewarded the blondes' efforts with a soft kiss before releasing her.

Quinn sank into Santana's side still quite breathless and more than a little bit aroused by what had just occurred. She found that the sensation of her bare skin pressed against Santana's wasn't helping the throbbing that had appeared between her legs but before she could do anything about it a soft cough sounded causing both herself and Santana to glance towards the door. Quinn's eyes widened in surprise when she caught sight of Brittany and Rachel standing there, fully dressed. The flush to their cheeks suggested that either they had recently engaged in the same kind of events as Quinn and Santana or they had been watching for a while. Quinn promptly scrambled to cover herself up but the only thing she could find to cover herself with was the body of the Latina next to her.

"Um…How long have you been standing there?" Santana asked sheepishly, though she made no move to cover up her nudity. She did however look rather amused by Quinn's vain attempts.

"A while." Brittany answered as she bounced over to the bed and took a seat next to Quinn. She leaned over and greeted Santana with a soft kiss before she greeted Quinn with a kiss to the forehead "That was hot."

Quinn felt slightly disappointed by the fact that Brittany had only kissed her on the head as opposed to giving her a proper kiss but she wasn't quite sure why. She decided to ignore the feeling and instead turned to look at the brunette standing in the doorway. She wasn't certain as to what the events of the night meant for their relationship but when Rachel offered her a soft smile she felt instantly reassured.

"…And Rach brought alcohol."

Quinn quickly zoned back into what Brittany was saying and her eager eyes shot to Rachel's hand which was clutching tightly to a bottle of vodka. Apparently Rachel noticed the look as she walked over to the bed and silently handed Quinn the bottle before proceeding to sit cross legged in front of the trio.

"Thanks." Quinn shot Rachel a grateful smile before she leaned forward and placed a light kiss on the brunettes' lips. She pulled back after a moment, completely mystified by the unfamiliar taste of Rachel's lips.

"Um…" Rachel noticed the expression and nodded towards Brittany who had somehow managed to squeeze herself between Quinn and Santana on the bed much to the Latina's delight "Brittany. We…I…"

"I get it." Quinn interrupted, though she wasn't annoyed at the revelation. She licked her lips one more time and frowned when she tasted a hint of something familiar mixed with something completely new, though both tastes blended perfectly together. She glanced towards Santana who was giggling softly as Brittany nibbled lightly on her ear and her eyes widened in realisation. The reason the taste seemed familiar and yet new at the same time was because she was tasting a combination of Santana and Brittany on her tongue "Oh. My. God…"

All eyes swivelled towards the stunned looking blonde and Santana frowned in concern "What's up Q?" she glanced between Quinn and the bottle and warily backed away, pulling Brittany with her "Are you going to be sick or something because that's kind of gross…?"

"Quinn, are you okay?" Rachel asked as she moved to straddle Quinn's thighs so she was as close to the blonde as possible.

Quinn pulled Rachel down so she could lean close to her ear. She swallowed heavily before whispering "I can taste both of them…"

As expected Rachel drew back with a gasp, her eyes already darkening with arousal. She took a moment to process the information and glanced at Brittany and Santana who were watching her with a hint of curiosity. Finally Rachel looked back to Quinn and leaned close to reply in a whisper "When I'm less drunk and less aroused I'll probably make a deep and meaningful comment about how well they work together…or rather taste together but for now that's just…" she trailed off unsurely.

"Hot." Quinn said, completely forgetting about the fact that she was supposed to be whispering.

"Hey." Santana frowned at them from her position next to Brittany who also looked slightly troubled "What are you two whispering about?"

"Yeah…" Brittany pouted "Share the hotness."

"It's nothing." Quinn answered quickly before she glanced at Brittany. She looked to Rachel and the brunette nodded understandingly.

"If you want." Rachel whispered as she leaned close to place a soft kiss on Quinn's cheek.

"You're doing it again." Santana pointed out.

"Quinn was just running something past me." Rachel answered before she lifted herself off Quinn's lap and moved back to her previous position.

Before Santana could question what exactly that 'something' was Quinn looked to Brittany "Britt, will you…"

"Yes." Brittany answered with a warm smile.

"But you don't even know what I'm going to ask…"

"I don't care." Brittany shrugged "I'll do it anyway."

Quinn beamed at her endearing best friend before continuing hesitantly "Will you…Kiss me? I mean if you don't want to it's fine but I just wanted to kind of try it with you…"

"Yes." Brittany answered before she looked to Santana for permission.

Santana nodded mutely, intrigued by what was going to happen.

Rachel shifted to her right so she was sitting closer to Santana, allowing Brittany to move into a position that was more convenient in her quest to kiss Quinn.

"Ready?" Brittany smiled softly when she noticed how nervous Quinn looked.

Quinn nodded and braced her hands on Brittany's hips to ensure that the blonde didn't tumble forward due to her precarious position.

"This is going to be awesome." Santana muttered idly as she watched the exchange. She received no reply and glanced to her right to see that Rachel's gaze was fixed somewhere below her eyes "Like what you see Berry?"

Rachel flushed at the fact that she had been caught staring but she nodded in response "As I'm sure you're aware it is common knowledge that you are very aesthetically pleasing…I am not an exception to that rule."

Santana chuckled at the long winded response before she turned her attention to Quinn and Brittany who had yet to move "If you had kissed B before you wouldn't be this hesitant Q."

Quinn blushed slightly before she nodded in response to Brittany's questioning look.

Brittany beamed before she moved forward and kissed the other blonde softly and slowly, her hands idly lifting to rest on Quinn's cheeks. Quinn was pleasantly surprised to find that Brittany took her time with the kiss and didn't immediately feel the need to shove her tongue into her mouth. Instead the kiss merely consisted of their lips moving gently together, neither in a rush to do anything more. Quinn hummed in satisfaction and lightly sucked on Brittany's bottom lip causing the other blonde to inhale sharply. Brittany's hands found their way to the back of Quinn's head and she deepened the kiss by a fraction, skimming her tongue lightly over Quinn's bottom lip in search of entrance. Quinn eagerly granted the requested entrance and moaned softly as Brittany's tongue came into contact with her own. The touch sent shivers down her spine and she found herself tugging her fellow blonde closer in attempt to lose herself in her warmth. The intoxicating taste of Dr Pepper, Spearmint and something that was solely Brittany caused the steady thrum of Quinn's already overstimulated clit to throb harder and as a result she released a soft whimper when Brittany pulled away breathlessly.

"That was…quite something." Rachel noted as she watched the rapid rise and fall of Quinn's chest.

"Rachel…" Brittany spoke slightly breathlessly "I dare you to kiss Santana."

Both Rachel and Santana looked alarmed at the prospect of kissing each other. Though Santana had recently said that she thought of Rachel as being one of her best friends, the level of animosity she had displayed in the past couldn't just be forgotten about.

"B-Brittany, I don't think we're playing truth or dare anymore." Rachel hurried to say "And I don't think that's such a good idea considering the tentative nature of my relationship with Santana."

"Why not?" Brittany asked with a frown "Santana thinks you're hot…You think Santana's hot…so you should kiss her."

Santana chuckled at the statement "Love your logic Babe."

"Thanks San." Brittany grinned in response.

"So are we doing this or what?" Santana asked looking back towards the brunette. Noticing the brunette's nervousness she softened slightly "Come on Rachel, I'll be gentle…and I won't make you do anything you don't want…or something." She noticed Rachel and Quinn's shocked expressions and flushed embarrassedly. She hadn't intended to sound so soft with her reassurances "…Whatever. I just wants to get my mack on."

"Okay." Rachel nodded and licked her lips before she shifted forward to hesitantly kneel next to the Latina. She paused for a moment before she quickly ducked forward and kissed Santana possibly firmer than she usually would have had she been less nervous. She was shocked by the fact that while Santana's style of kissing wasn't exactly slow it wasn't all teeth clashing and tongues smashing together, like she assumed it would be. Instead it seemed that Santana was forcing herself to go slowly because of Rachel's nervousness. Rachel felt a rush of warmth for the other girl and she pulled back briefly to look into her eyes. Santana quirked a questioning eyebrow at the sudden movement and she was about to voice her concerns when her lips were caught in a passionate kiss. She hummed approvingly when Rachel slung one leg over both of her own so that she was straddling her hips.

Quinn watched intrigued as Santana's hands moved down Rachel's back to squeeze her ass, causing the Diva's hips to buck forwards wantonly.

"It's hot right?" Brittany asked, noticing Quinn's beyond aroused expression. Quinn startled slightly having forgotten that Brittany was sitting so close to her. She took a quick swig of the vodka in her hand before nodding "Yeah…"

"You're going to make yourself sick." Brittany frowned in concern as she watched Quinn proceed to drain the slightly under half full bottle of vodka, every so often pulling her mouth away to cough at the acrid taste "Quinn, stop it!"

Quinn finally succeeded in her mission to drain the bottle and turned to pacify a fearful looking Brittany with a soft kiss "I'm sorry Britt…" she lurched forward slightly, the fast consumption of alcohol off setting her equilibrium even though it hadn't actually gotten her drunk "I just need to tell you something."

Brittany placed her hands on Quinn's shoulders to steady her "What is it?"

"I think you're hot." Quinn revealed quietly "And your abs are really awesome."

"Thanks." Brittany smiled as she brushed a strand of hair away from Quinn's face. She chanced a glance over at Rachel and Santana to see that the latter had succeeded in pulling Rachel's shirt from her body.

"Can I…" Quinn hesitantly reached out to touch the other blonde's abdomen but pulled her hand back at the very last second.

"Of course." Brittany nodded quickly, already anticipating the skin on skin contact "Do you want to?"

Quinn nodded and watched with rapt fascination as Brittany pulled her shirt over her head and slung it across the room. She noted that Brittany wasn't wearing a bra and licked her lips in appreciation before hesitantly reaching forward to trail her fingers across the muscular abdomen suddenly presented to her. She sucked in a breath when she felt muscles contract under her fingertips and moved to grip Brittany's hips. She shifted their position so that she could guide Brittany gently backwards onto the bed, where she herself had previously lain. Brittany was slightly confused by the sudden movement but she trustingly allowed it.

"Trust me." Quinn whispered when she noticed the look of confusion on Brittany's face. She received a nod in response and took that as permission to lean down and place a soft kiss about an inch from the blondes' belly button. Already worked up from her earlier activities with Rachel, Brittany hissed at the combined sensations of Quinn's lips on her skin and Quinn's wetness rubbing lightly against her thigh.

Quinn grinned at the response and placed a slightly deeper kiss on the blondes contracting abs, eliciting a soft groan. She hesitantly poked her tongue out between her lips and began tracing deliberate circles on Brittany's well-toned stomach. She dipped her tongue into Brittany's belly button causing Brittany to release a soft moan as her hips jerked upwards. Quinn reluctantly forced herself to stop the action and moved up so that she was face to face with the blonde "I've always kind of wanted to do that." She admitted in a breathy whisper.

Brittany still looked rather stunned by the development but she moved her hands up to grip Quinn's thighs "I liked it. It was…nice."

Quinn was momentarily distracted by the two girls next to them. Santana was in the process of pushing Rachel's soaked underwear down her legs. Quinn felt a jolt of arousal hit her center and she unconsciously ground down onto Brittany's mostly bare thigh. She quickly stilled however, a faint blush covering her cheeks when she realised what she was doing "S-sorry." She bit the inside of her cheek, the sexual agony she was feeling making her want to sob in frustration.

"You don't have to be." Brittany murmured before she gently guided Quinn back and forth against her thigh.

Quinn released a cry of pleasure at the sensation and rocked forward of her own accord, in search of more friction. She quickly slowed and finally stilled however when she noticed the pained look on Brittany's face "Oh shit, am I hurting you?" she moved to get off the other blondes lap but she found herself held securely in place.

"No." Brittany gasped out before motioning to where Quinn's knee was positioned "I'm just…really turned on right now."

Quinn experimentally shifted her knee forward and smiled to herself when Brittany's head thumped back onto the pillows, a loud moan escaping her. Another moan sounded, this time not from Brittany causing Quinn to glance to her right. Another jolt of arousal hit her when she caught sight of Santana's fingers, buried knuckle deep inside of Rachel who was still straddling her lap. The diva's own hand was buried between herself and Santana suggesting to Quinn that she was reciprocating the action.

"Fuck…" Santana muttered as she adjusted her position "You're so fucking tight Rach."

Quinn swallowed heavily at the statement and she quickly moved her gaze back to Brittany who had also turned to watch the exchange.

"Britt." Quinn murmured, effectively drawing the blondes' darkened gaze back to her own "Do you…" she licked her lips nervously "Do you want to…"

Brittany nodded vigorously in response to the unasked question and that was all the permission Quinn needed to move her hands to the blondes shorts. She hooked her fingers into the hem, making sure that she had a grip on Brittany's underwear too before she pulled them down the other blondes legs. Brittany eagerly kicked them off and pulled Quinn back up to her, kissing her passionately. Quinn whimpered into the kiss and ground herself down onto Brittany's thigh. She gasped in surprise when she felt a pressure between her legs and pulled away to look down, only to be greeted by the sight of Brittany's hand cupping her sex "Fuck Britt…" she rolled her hips zealously forward, a soft gasp escaping her when she felt Brittany's fingers trail through her wet heat. After the events of the evening she was well aware that she wouldn't last long so she moved forward to capture Brittany's lips with her own while she moved her hand to the dancers' center. As soon as she reached her destination, Brittany gasped and pulled back slightly, her eyes slamming shut "Quinn…"

Quinn rested her forehead against Brittany's, staring into her suddenly dark blue eyes as they rocked together "God, You're so fucking beautiful like this Britt…"

Brittany whimpered in response and for a moment they merely rocked backwards and forwards in time with the thrusts of their fingers, unknowingly in sync with the brunettes next to them. They were too distracted by the pleasure building up to actually kiss but their lips occasionally brushed as they gasped wordlessly into each other's mouths.

Quinn felt the tell-tale build-up of pressure in her stomach and she tried as hard as she could to fight it in an effort to wait for Brittany to reach the same point. To no avail it seemed as she felt herself begin to contract around Brittany's thrusting fingers "Britt…I think…I'm…BRITTANY!" she gripped Brittany's shoulder blade with her free hand as pleasure washed over her and her hips thrust against Brittany's fingers. Much to her relief the other blonde wasn't far behind as she came with Quinn's name tumbling loudly from her lips. Breathless and exhausted they both collapsed backwards onto the bed.

"I love you."

The words were whispered and muffled against her shoulder to such an extent that Quinn was unsure as to whether she had actually heard them or whether she had just imagined them by means of wishful thinking. Either way she didn't hesitated to reply with an honest "I love you too." She knew that Brittany would never hold the admission of love against her even if she hadn't initiated the exchange.

"Your hair is awesome for sex." Brittany randomly panted into Quinn's shoulder. She reached up to run her fingers through Quinn's short blonde hair "It's easy to hold onto…and it looks really sexy when it's messy."

"Thanks B." Quinn pressed a light kiss to Brittany's shoulder. They fell into silence and she merely listened to the sounds of soft panting emanating from herself and the other three girls.

"Someone get the lights." Santana suddenly muttered tiredly "I'm going to sleep." She was answered with nothing but silence and she groaned warily. Rachel was already asleep next to her, she didn't want to make Brittany move and Quinn would most likely tell her to move her own ass. With a weary groan Santana crawled off the bed and walked across the room on shaky legs. She proceeded to turn the light off before she stumbled back the way she had came. She grabbed the covers from off the floor and crawled over Quinn and Brittany back to her previous position between the latter and Rachel.

Quinn sighed contentedly as she felt the covers being thrown over her body. A moment later a quick kiss was pressed to the corner of her mouth along with a whispered "Goodnight" courtesy of one Santana Lopez.

"Night." Quinn whispered before shifting in Brittany's arms. Though she was exhausted she found herself suddenly hyper awake. A while later she turned onto her side and sighed when she noticed that somehow in their sleep Brittany and Santana had gravitated towards each other and were currently entangled in the middle of the bed while Rachel was pressed securely against Santana's side. Quinn shivered at the sudden lack of contact and she shifted forward until she was pressed against Brittany's back. Satisfied with the comfort she forced all thoughts of how awkward tomorrow morning was going to be and allowed her exhausted body to fall into a deep sleep.

THE END (Definitely this time…I think)