This is a short piece I wrote a few months ago while listening to the soundtrack piece "Harry and Ginny" by Alexandre Desplat from the first part of the seventh movie.

Also, if anyone is interested I wrote another story for Glee called "Of Finding Courage and Finding Yourself".

An update for "There All Along" is on the way.

Thanks for reading!


They would be together, like anyone else, if there was not a war.

But there is.

So they must wait, held at arm's length. Seeing each other without interacting. Standing in the same room without really being together.

Wishing for each other with the knowledge that that cannot come true right now.

Or maybe ever.

They love each other, but there is nothing they can do.

Suspended in a feeling of loss, questioning, exhaustion.

What would they do, if things were different? How would they act around each other? Would they feel the same way?

Would anyone else mind? Would anyone else notice?

But right now, he cannot notice, cannot know.

Not even her family can know.

So they are here, waiting, watching, wondering.

Forever together and not together.

How sad it is, that they must do this.

Their story could be happy. It might be, one day. It has always had that possibility. But they cannot know for now. They can only wait.

Feel things and not acknowledge them to anyone, but most importantly, to themselves.

They can see each other, but they are worlds apart.

Why is it this way? What part of their destinies got mixed up so that they must be waiting? Was this their fate, always? Or has it changed, warped, become something new?

He can do nothing about his fate. About the problems he must deal with first. He could be gone tomorrow, and she would not know. But what can they do? Nothing. Just wait. And wait. And wait. Until someday, hopefully, their story resolves.