Disclaimer: I do not own, and have no intention of trying to claim ownership of, The Crystal Cave. That honor lies with Mary Stewart alone.

A/N: Some major spoilers for any who've not finished reading The Crystal Cave. Anyway, this was written in response to a journal assignment in my 12th grade English class. It was originally called "The Apprentice" and was meant to talk about Merlin teaching Arthur while remembering his own lessons with Galapas. This was written instead. The rhyme scheme was styled after the poem "Merlin" by Edwin Muir found at the beginning of The Crystal Cave.

This is dedicated to my 12th grade English teacher who got me interested in these books.

Ambrosius Crowned

Myrrdin Emrys or Merlin, the same

Born the son of no man,

Fearing his Uncle after the Sight,

Burned the castle; and so he ran

Away to the sea and into the night

Until to Ambrosius in Brittany he came.

Loyally he obeyed the man to whom he was bound

'Till Ambrosius King lay under the ground.

And even then, still did as was told

And stood with Uther in the winter's cold

Just outside Amesbury, and so past the night

In patience and memory within the stone ring

To see the grave crowned with dawn's first light.

A miracle by Merlin Ambrosius, son of the King.