A Little Leg

Barnaby ran his hand through his hair with an exhausted sigh, and found that he'd been doing so all evening. It was an exasperating thought, and in response he could only run his hand through again. Coming back into the living room, he glanced towards Kotetsu, comfortably reclining in his chair, swilling champagne in it's flute.

"They asleep?" he asked wearily, taking a sip. Barnaby caught himself watching his throat, and turned away quickly, with a nearly whispered affirmative. But he could see Kotetsu's reflection in the TV, in the night blackened windows, everywhere he looked, and he damned himself for having so many reflective surfaces in his apartment.

Kotetsu was deliciously shirtless, and somehow the bandages made him look like a war hero. In the reflection the TV provided, he followed the line of his arms, the flat plane of his stomach, the tanned expanse of muscles, and swallowed thickly. Had he always been this appealing? Or was it just recently? Had he suddenly transformed? Or was something inside of Barnaby himself changing?

One thing was for certain. Barnaby's limits were breaking.

It took a shifting of muscles under painfully tight slacks to break his control. That was too much. Was the Hero teasing him on purpose? Did he know what Barnaby was prepared to do to him? With a devilish smirk, Barnaby folded his glasses, and set them on his desk. "How're your injuries?" he asked, drifting closer like a wolf circling cornered prey. Kotetsu, ever naïve, didn't seem to notice Barnaby's new air of danger.

"You worried about me?" Kotetsu smirked. Normally, Barnaby might have wanted to punch that smirk right off his face. Now, he figured there were better things he could do with those lips. Like kiss them till they were swollen, nip them roughly, sooth the hurt with his tongue. He stopped before the chair, pressing Kotetsu to the expensive leather gently, one hand resting on his raised thigh, feeling those muscles through the pants fabric. "Bunny? There something wrong?"

Somehow, that idiotic face was cute too.

"You look pretty good sometimes, Old Man." Barnaby whispered, leaning closer until his lips were near Kotetsu's ear, and he could feel the older man's heat. It was an intoxicating feeling, his hand against Kotetsu's chest, rubbing at the edge of his bandages, his hand at his thigh, gripping hard to ensure that he couldn't escape. He wouldn't let him get away when he wanted this so badly.

"Oi, Bunny! Let go! They're right in the next roo-" He silenced his protests with a kiss, pressing the older man into the chair, straddling his lithe legs. He distantly heard the champagne flute fall to the ground with a tinkling smash. But he was too busy focussing on the taste of the other Hero, lips soft, mouth compliant to his will. He tasted of the bubbly champagne, and greedily, Barnaby tasted him, his hands wandering slowly, teasingly.

Calloused fingers tangled in his blonde locks when he pulled away, and Barnaby liked how flushed Kotetsu looked, how desperate.

"I think…," Kotetsu whispered softly, breathlessly. The sound of his voice roughly panting nearly made Barnaby smirk in pride. "We need to be less sober."

When Agnes arrived with packages of baby formula and toys galore, they pretended not to remember, and went about business as usual.


I took some liberties with Episode 9. Kotetsu just looked too cute posed in that chair! Hope you enjoyed.