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Wakko giggled and raised his arms. "Up! Up!" He cried to his older brother, Yakko. Yakko was seven years old, and his younger brother, Wakko, stood currently at three. They both had a younger sister, Dot, but she slept soundly in her crib, sucking on a flower shaped pacifier.
Yakko lifted the small puppy-like-child onto his shoulders, and Wakko reached upwards to the stars the hung from their room's ceiling. "Wish!" He called.
Yakko smiled and glanced upwards. "Whatcha gonna wish for, sib?"
Wakko chewed on Yakko's ear, but not hard where it hurt. Just soft, toddler nibbles. "I wish we get dinner," He whispered. Yakko laughed and sat his brother on the carpeted ground.
"Can you wait here while I help mommy with dinner for you? Daddy will be in here."
"Wait! I wait!" Wakko hung his tongue out lazily and grinned. Yakko jogged out of the room and left Wakko with the snoozing little Dot. Wakko glanced around at the baby blue walls and immediately became restless. He shakily stood and walked out of the room into the hallway which had two doors on the right side, one on the left and a door at the end. Wakko learned that door was an over filled closet when he opened it that morning and towels fell on his head. His mommy and daddy's room was the one door on the left, and he and his brother shared the other room on the right. The walls were painted tan, with white trim. He glanced behind him into the living room, where his father was sorting clothes. He could hear his mother singing with Yakko as they cooked, and she tested him like she did every night.
"Tell me my name and your sister's name. I love when you say it," Their mother said in her sweet tone.
"Queen Angelina Contessa Louisa Francessca Banana Fanna Bo Besca The Second, and Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francessca Banana Fanna Bo Besca The Third," Yakko said in one breath.
Their mother laughed and scrubbed dishes as they both sang all of the countries, a song Yakko had come to memorize.
Wakko lowered himself and crawled down the hallway to his parents' room, he always found interesting stuff in there. He spotted something red on the shelf in his parents' closet. Wakko desperatly stretched to grab it, but it was out of reach. He pulled out a drawer and stood in it, but he still couldn't reach it. Wakko frustratedly pulled his ears. He wanted to know what that was!
He stood and stretched, finally grabbing hold of the shelf. It tilted and spilled the contents everywhere, which included a pair of high heeled shoes, a jewelry box, a magazine and finally the red... thing. Wakko picked it up and quickly crawled into the living room.
"What did you get there, son?" His father asked, in his somewhat English accented tone. "Why do you have my hat?" William reached down and picked it up in his big, gloved hands.
Wakko sniffled as the hat left his grasp, then he wailed. William frowned and sympathetically handed him the hat back. "Here, kiddo, keep it."
Wakko stuck the hat in his mouth, then his father pulled it out and sat it on his head. Wakko turned the hat around to give it his own special touch. He stuck his tongue out and crawled into the kitchen as his mother called for dinner.