Author's Note: Hey guys! So, this is my first story , so don't be too hard on me! ;) This will mainly revolve around Stefan and Damon and their relationship as brothers. I don't know how often I'm going to be updating since it's my first story, but I know what it feels like to wait and wait and wait for a story - so I will try my hardest to have frequent updates.

This story will be set sometime in season 2 after they find out about Klaus.

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"So, Bonnie's been working on her witch roots lately, hasn't she?" Stefan asked curiously as he and Elena sat in the living room of the Salvatore Boarding House. Everyone was feeling a little on edge lately because of the recent news of Klaus and what danger he might bring. The group was especially worried about what this would mean for Elena and nobody really knew how they were best to tackle the first vampire in existence. But, Stefan and Damon (Damon especially), rarely let their scared emotions show and confidently let everyone know they would do whatever it took to keep Elena safe.

"Yeah, she's kinda been going overboard actually. And I'm starting to get a little worried about her.." Elena trailed off, looking closely at Stefan for some support.

"Well I don't want anyone to overwork themselves over Klaus. We still don't even know if he exists." Stefan was hoping that after everyone had heard the news of the original vampire, that nobody would take the news as factual. At least until they gained more information. This was obviously not the case with Bonnie.

Damon chose that moment to walk in on the two, with his usual smirk in place.

"Aww, look at the two lovebirds. Ooh Stefan, I see your brooding forehead lines are perfectly in place." Damon walked over to his liquor stash and poured himself a glass as Elena sent him a withering glare.

"Damon, please. We are trying to have a serious conversation here," Elena rolled her eyes.

"Elena," Damon turned, "obviously I know this. Did you not hear me when I mentioned Stefan's forehead?" Damon took a seat on the seat opposite the couple and took a long drink.

Stefan merely smiled. This was typical Damon and all he wanted was to get a response out of Stefan. To Stefan, Damon was living up to his statement of "making your life an eternity of misery" and even these little digs came from this. In the old days, almost 150 years ago, Damon would still be Damon, but he would have playful digs, if ever, at his little brother - like the typical older brother.

Stefan looked towards his brother. "Damon, we were discussing how Bonnie's been a little too in-tuned with her witch side lately. It may be cause for worry."

Damon simply rolled his eyes at Stefan. "Oh please Stefan. That little witch will be fine. Let her fly on her broomstick all she wants. If it helps us kill Klaus in the end - I'm all for it." Damon ended with a smirk and another sip of his favorite alcoholic beverage.

Stefan and Elena decided not to say any more on the matter, considering who they were talking to, and knew that most of what Damon would say originated back to his issues with Bonnie. Instead they propped themselves out of their sitting position and moved on with their evening plans. However, they couldn't help the foreboding feeling that they really should have had a talk with Bonnie sooner, then later.

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