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All was calm in the Salvatore Boarding house. Which was somewhat of a relief due to the recent excitement that had occurred.

A certain curious teenaged boy was running his hand in wonder over a multitude of objects in the luxurious and spacious living room. Stefan moved from an object Damon had described as a "TV" and grabbed the device his brother had also told him controlled the TV, the "remote".

Hmmmmm. This is such an interesting invention. Stefan thought, his fingers hovering over the buttons, wondering whether he should give in to his curiosity and test it out.

His older brother was currently upstairs washing up as it was only just the start of the day. He didn't know exactly that Stefan had already awoken and had been exploring the house. Because of everything that had happened, the boy hadn't exactly gotten to look at everything that had initially sparked his interests. Stefan suspected that Damon assumed he was still sleeping.

Furrowing his brow, the young Salvatore was just about to through caution to the wind and press a button, when a very familiar voice shocked him to almost dropping said object.

"What are you doing?" Damon asked, from his leaning position at the edge of the room. He was dressed in a casual, but obviously a very expensive black button-shirt with dark jeans. As he noted this, Stefan took in a closer inspection of his brother, noticing little differences that he hadn't really taken in before. His hair was as dark as ever, like Stefan always remembered it, but it had seemed to lost its trademark wavy style.

Stefan frowned slightly at this, thinking back on an old childhood memory of himself as a little boy and being fascinated by Damon's curls – tugging and pulling on them much to his older brother's annoyance as a baby Stefan laughed in delight.

Shaking his head, the boy placed the remote on a nearby table and shrugged his shoulders. "Nothing, I was just looking around. There are so many.. interesting things in this time. I'm very much fascinated by how they all work." Stefan said with awe, smiling easily up at his brother, and a slight hinting in his voice that his older brother show him the answers.

Damon nodded his head a little, always seeming to somehow forget how this "world" must look to his brother. He also smiled at his younger brother's fascination and innocence to everything around him.

"Ah, well there are much more interesting inventions around here than just the TV, Stef, I can assure you." Damon said amused.

Stefan's eyes widened. "Really? Oh, brother, do you think you could show them to me?"

Damon walked over to Stefan and ruffled his long locks. "Later. How about you go use one of the best inventions of this time; the shower and clean yourself up. Then come down for some "breakfast", hm." Damon ended with quotes around the word breakfast to his demands in a silly fashion.

Stefan shook his head at his brother's playful antics. Although a lot was different here, some things about Damon would never change.

Damon was sipping some hot coffee comfortably at the kitchen table and reading the newspaper with what appeared to be an interested expression when Stefan appeared and took a seat at the table.

Damon had already placed a warm mug of blood on Stefan's place at the table, hearing his brother rummaging around in his room after taking his shower and knowing he would be down soon.

As Stefan sipped the blood quietly, some of his old-fashioned brown hair, still a little damp and falling into his eyes. Noticing Damon's eyes on him, Stefan looked up at the older vampire in confusion and slight anxiousness at being watched. "What?"

"Nothing, nothing. Just still not used to seeing your hero hairdo everyday." Damon laughed at Stefan's even more confused expression.

The younger Salvatore brought his hand back up to his brunette head and felt through his long strands. "I really do cut my hair then? Apparently into some kind of, "hero" cut they call?" Stefan said, still pouting at the thought of losing his typical hairstyle of the 1800s.

"Ah, don't worry. You look fine either way, little brother. I mean, compared to me you could use some work, but that's a problem everyone comes across," Damon said, going back to his newspaper with Stefan rolling his eyes. His older brother's arrogance was the same in any time period.

The young vampire in question was dressed in a simple light blue button-down shirt and jeans. Damon had left some clothing suggestions on his bed, maybe worried that he would search for his old 1864 clothing, but Stefan had been able to look through the drawers of his new room with ease, picking out an outfit he was sure the version of himself from this time probably wore before; not really liking the more expensive and slightly flashy stuff Damon had originally picked out.

This didn't really shock Stefan though. Throughout their childhood, although they had been considerably wealthy, most of the time Stefan opted to keep his wardrobe simple. Only wanting to really dress up more when the occasion called for it and show off more of his impressive outfits. Damon was always a little more daring and willing to let people know of their family's wealth. It seemed as a vampire, his brother was even more into keeping his appearance always-top notch.

"So, what are we going to do today? I'm kind of bored of being kept up in the house you know. Maybe I could even go to school or something? Elena mentioned that I still go to school in this time." Stefan said happily, eager to learn or study something.

Damon rolled his eyes a little. "Hmph. I think not, brother. You can't exactly go out in school right now in your state. And before you even suggest cutting your hair or insisting that you'll be able to blend in or some other ridiculous nonsense, I've already taken to compelling the principal and staff that you're on a mini "vacation", and you'll be back as soon as you can. I was even so nice to excuse you from any homework." Damon ended his lecture with a smug smile, though he knew any homework for his brother really wouldn't be a challenge, especially after Stefan had been attending high school for numerous decades; even going to multiple colleges such as Harvard at one point.

"But-" Stefan started.

"No buts! I mean it Stefan. I'm the boss and my call is final." Damon's eyes flashed dangerously to reflect that statement, and the younger Salvatore backed down immediately.

Damon sighed. "Don't worry, ok. As soon as Bonnie gets you back to your normal self, you can go back to that education system you seem to love so much. Now, drink your blood and eat some of this cereal I bought."

Giving his brother a weird look, Stefan obeyed and ate the unusual food. However, for the remainder of the meal, Damon didn't miss Stefan's pouting.

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