Together – Dinotopia

"Sorry, but you're not going anywhere." Cyrus said. He shot the pistol and Karl fell to the ground.

As David rushed to his side, Cyrus grabbed a bag of sunstones and ran to the submarine. A dark figure appeared in the shadows and ran over and knelt next to Karl. When the figure knelt down next to Karl, David couldn't help but stare in shock. Their father was alive.

A low groan brought David back from his thoughts. Karl was lying on his back, with both hands gripping his right side. He had his eyes clenched shut and the pain was written all over his face.

"Karl, you have to relax!" Frank Scott said firmly. Karl's eyes flew open at the sound of his fathers' voice. He couldn't believe his eyes. "I need you to relax Karl. Tightening your muscles is only going to make it hurt worse. "

Karl relaxed his muscles and tried to lay a flat as possible. David took Karl's head his lap and Frank looked down at Karl. He was pale but determined and David had him move his hands.

Frank lifted up Karl's shirt and saw the bullet wound on Karl's side. It was just a graze but it was bleeding sluggishly. Frank took one look at his sons pained face and almost cried.

"It's just a flesh wound but it's going to hurt like a mother."

Karl was breathing heavily but was otherwise awake. There was a loud bubbling in the water behind them and Frank and David whipped their heads around. There was a lot of bubbling and a wooden leg floated to the surface of the water with the debris.

Karl gave a slight laugh and the others turned to look down at him. He had a slight smile on his face and he reached into his right pocket. He pulled out the sunstone that had powered the ship and said triumphantly, "He isn't going anywhere without any power."

"Karl, I hate the thought of moving you but we have to get out of here." David spoke quietly. Karl nodded and with David and Frank's help he managed to stand up.

He got up but stumbled. David and Frank steadied him. Karl put his arms over their shoulders and they wrapped their arms around his back.

Together the trio went deeper into the tunnels to try and find a way out. To them, whether they got out again or not didn't matter. They were a family again. They were together.