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Sasori stared his opponent down and tried to make sense of the situation. He was in the midst of fighting against the strangely perseverant pink-haired Konoha kunoichi and his grandmother, Chiyo. Sasori had Chiyo out for the count and struggling to stay alive on the ground. Currently, the girl, Sakura, was being impaled by a poison soaked sword. However, she was healing herself even though the pain must be agonizing as he gave a couple of twists to the hilt. In fact, she was even fighting him for control over the sword.

'So there's no point in trying to overpower her, huh?' Sasori thought to himself as he gave a few more fruitless tugs to his katana. 'All right, then...'

Sasori detached the upper part of his arm from his forearm to reveal a hidden blade and rushed at Sakura, his puppet joints making the tell-tale clicking noises that were usually a well-known signal of inevitable death.

"Die!" Sasori yelled, his eyes opened manically, his blade poised up high to stab the immobilized young girl in front of him. The girl was staring at him with wide, doe-like eyes. Her hands were still glued to the blade that Sasori had abandoned, the weapon was still impaling her through the abdomen, probably nicking one of her kidneys.

The clicking grew ominously louder until... Sasori felt his puppet body still and his eyes began to blink rapidly with shock as he heard the splashing of blood on the ground. He looked at the girl who was still standing a few feet away from him and he looked to his grandmother that was still panting on the floor.

"Wh-what?" Sasori managed to choke.

The forgotten puppets that were once his parents were standing next to him, staring lifelessly. Their swords impaling him through his one weak point, his heart. Sasori turned his head to look at his mother, her soft facial features and her long, brown hair. Then, to his father, with the hair that Sasori had inherited, although not his bulkiness.

Sasori looked down at his impaled heart, the blades dripping blood so dark, it looked as purple as his poison did.

"You left your guard down at the very end, Sasori," Chiyo coughed quietly to her grandson, her adversary.

"What?..." Sasori said, almost as if he didn't quite get what was going on.

Sasori looked at the supposedly destroyed puppets his grandmother had been using. It was only then that he noticed the complex looking seal that had been surrounding him. Sasori coughed and a trickle of his blood fell from his mouth. Sasori closed his eyes for a moment and contemplated his situation before letting himself do something... stupid before his end.

"I'll be dead soon, but before I go, I guess I'll do something pointless, too. Consider it a reward for defeating me," Sasori began to the shock of the two women before him. "You wanted to know about Orochimaru, didn't you?

"In ten days time, go to the Bridge of Heaven and Earth in the Village of Grass at noon."

"What's there?" Sakura demanded, after having gathered her wits, even though the shock had yet to truly wear off.

"I've got a spy working as one of Orochimaru's subordinates," Sasori explained, his voice growing fainter with each word that he spoke. "We were supposed to... rendezvous... there..."

Sakura continued to stare, waiting for more, until she realized that he was dead. She grimly committed the information that she had received to memory and looked to the Sand village elder that was still staring at the now deceased Akatsuki member.

Chiyo was still looking at the scene in a shocked silence, her only grandchild was lying dead upon the ground next to his parents. The scene was almost as ironic as it was poetic. An image suddenly flashed before her eyes of when Sasori had been a small child, when she had first taught him how to create puppets.

His parents had been his first project and in the end, the result had been heartbreaking. Sasori being embraced by puppet parents that could never give him the love that he truly desired and the person that he had become because of that.

A part of her regretted having taught him the skill, but she knew that their fates had been set long ago. The gears had been working against them long before it had truly begun to affect all their lives and it would continue after this. Chiyo stared at the young girl in front of her and thought of her young teammate that was trying so hard to save someone who wasn't even a part of their village.

"It's over, Chiyo-baasama," Sakura smiled at her. "I knew you could do it."

Chiyo closed her weary eyes and released a fatigued sigh.

"No, I'm the one who should've been killed. Sasori saw through my last attack, but for some reason, he didn't try to dodge. He left himself open," she told her young companion.

"You don't think he..." Sakura began, her eyes wide with disbelief.

Sakura was trying to understand the enormity of what Chiyo was saying. How could have known all along what Chiyo was about to do? Why wouldn't he have blocked it? Her mind was spinning with the possibilities and she wondered if this was something she would just have to let go. After all, life seemed to exist to confuse everyone. It wasn't her place to try and figure out why he had done what he did. She just thanked whatever diety might be out there that he had told her what she had wanted to know before he died.

Chiyo didn't reply, but she knew what she had to do now. What would be best for the future of her village and for everyone that lived there. Her only hope was that Sasori was in a better place now. Maybe, if there was any justice in this world, Sasori would be with her beloved son and his wife. And, maybe, they would be in peace.

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