Harry Potter and the Little Pink Plus Sign

Summary – Ginny showed Harry the Muggle pregnancy test with a sigh. They hadn't been trying. And she was nervous on his reaction. Was this much too soon after the War? His face broke into a smile.

Authors Note – This is my first attempt at a Harry Potter Fanfiction. I'm a little scared.

Prologue: Dream a little Dream

I've had recurring nightmares that I was loved for who I am… and missed the opportunity to become a better man.

Harry Potter's dreams usually start out very normal and very happy. He dreams of his wedding. Or at least, it looks like his wedding but some of the facts are wrong. It is a beautiful summery day, with the sun setting and the grass a bright vibrant green beneath his feet.

In fact, Harry and Ginny got married in October. It was early enough in the fall time that the cold hasn't become nipping and the air was not yet frigid with frost. But it was late enough to the point that the trees were bright and beautiful oranges and reds. They were married on October 10.

In the dream the air smelled like fall. Crisp, fresh and a little like hay. Though it still looked like summer. Ginny was not in a wedding dress. Harry was in a tuxedo. They were dancing and laughing. At some points, Harry was the groom of the wedding. People congratulated him and they toasted to his happiness. Sometimes he grew very tired and weary. He felt annoyed with the party, and sat down. People avoided him and circled around somebody else. He was a guest at this point.

Hermione and Ron acted strange also. They didn't hug or express affection towards each other. Ron did not smile and Hermione was not wearing her Maid of Honor dress. That pale pink gown that Ginny had taken forever to decide on. In its place was a plum colored gown that lacked the extravagance of a bridesmaid's gown.

This was usually where the dream began to shift and become a nightmare.

A patronus interrupted the laughter and everyone panicked. Hermione grabbed his hand and they apparated. They landed in a graveyard, next to the rotting corpse of Cedric Diggory. There was a freshly dug up grave next to the head stone of Voldemort's father. It had not been covered up yet.

Harry was compelled to walk towards the grave. It was the same sight every time. He took slow steps toward the grave.

He looked down into the grave. It was a black, seemingly bottomless pit.

A pale white gnarled hand grasped onto his ankle and pulled in down into the grave. Somebody was screaming his name.

Harry awoke in a cold sweat and his hand automatically went to his forehead although his scar has not hurt in two years. Has it really been two whole years?

Ginny spoke softly into the night. "Bad dream?" She rolled over and was briefly illuminated by the full moon.

"I'm fine." Harry muttered.

He struggled to fall back asleep, only to relive the very same dream.

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