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I had some SamusxLink drabbles knocking around on my harddrive and figured it wouldn't hurt to post them. They're short and based off of a single-word prompt, somewhat romantic/humorous in nature. Ratings will vary by chapter and they are set in the Super Smash Bros Brawl world, where Samus and Link have an established relationship. Enjoy the read and feel free to post any prompts you may have. I'm open to suggestions! ^_^

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Title: Apple Kisses
Prompt: Apple
Pairing: SamusxLink
Words: 200?
Rating: K+
Warnings: None, really, unless you hate apples or something...

Samus stirred faintly from her nap, sensing the approach before she heard the footsteps. They were quiet and sure in their way, confirmation when she guessed correctly. A smile touched her lips, briefly as she opened her eyes, staring up into a golden halo of hair and a touch of green fabric.

"Link." She acknowledged.

He smiled, one of those brilliant, bittersweet smiles just for her and then held out his hand. A shiny red apple sat temptingly on his palm, polished to perfection.

Her eyebrows went up.

His smile stayed.

She shrugged.

He dropped to the ground beside her, beneath the tree and drew a knife from his belt. In a matter of seconds he'd sliced it and cored it, offering one half. She took it with a nod and nibbled a few experimental bites.

It was sweet.

She finished off the remaining piece, turning to thank him.

Soft, warm lips pressed gently to her own, drawing a speechless moment from the zero-suited figure. Samus opened her mouth and shut it as Link leapt to his feet and sprinted away, his grin contagious.

A soft smiled touched her face as she brushed her fingers against her lips. It was too well-planned. She knew him. She knew him well enough.

Her sneaky elf lover had been waiting for that moment.

With the smile lingering on her face, Samus settled back beneath the tree and closed her eyes.

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