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Title: Find Her Own
Prompt: Favorite
Pairing: SamusxLink
Words: 200?
Rating: K+
Warnings: None, really, unless you hate Samus being possessive or something...

"She wants you to what?" Samus stood, glowering down at the blond archer that stubbornly refused to meet her gaze. "Tell her no." She growled.

"I can't." Link repeated, slightly more exasperated than before.

"Why not?"

The elf muttered something beneath his breath.

Samus strained to hear it. "Wait, what?"

"…she asked me to do it, because I'm her favorite." He snapped; blue eyes flashing angrily.

Samus opened and shut her mouth for a moment, before she finally processed that thought. When she did, her chin upped a few degrees and her eyebrows made an odd little furrowed line to one point. "Fine, then." She said, stiffly. "She can say and demand it all she wants, but it's not happening."

"It isn't?"

The blonde beauty gave a rather unladylike snort. "Not on my watch." She reached out to yank her shorter lover close enough for more intimate contact. "Isn't." She tipped her head down to breathe in the woodsy, outdoorsy scent that seemed to always cling to Link. "You're my favorite." She whispered, possessively. "And that's why she can find her own bodyguard!"

Cuddled close to her chest, with those long, talented arms wrapped tightly around him, Link smirked.

He knew that.

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