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I was watching this show on TLC the other day called...erm...I forget. Heh. But it's about soldiers coming home from war and suprising loved ones. It's super cute, I love that show!


This idea popped into my head. So fluffy. Couldn't help but write it.

For reference, Danny, Tucker, and Jazz are all living together. Danny, Tucker, and Sam are all twenty-six (26) years old, while Jazz is twenty-eight (28).

I'd like to dedicate this to anyone who has loved ones overseas, or has had loved ones overseas. I apologize in advance for the vagueness of the army terms...I'm not exactly well-read when it comes to that stuff, but I admire every soldier's bravery very much.

If you recognize anything, it's more than likely not mine. Hehe.

Hot Chocolate Suprises (Chapter One)

July 24, 2011

"God, I'm getting so sick of people TALKING TO ME!" Tucker shouted indignantly, chucking his PDA across the living room of the house he shared with Danny and Jazz. He immediately launched himself off the couch he had been louging on to retreive it as Danny laughed from the cushions beside the place Tucker had been sitting.

"Tuck, I think your brain has finally broken," Danny chuckled. Tucker scowled at him as he dropped back onto the couch, cradling the PDA like a new-born. "Who's even talking to you, anyways?"

"Oh, you know. People."

"No one's talking to you."

"Not true. Valerie's talking to me."

"That's a first."

"Shut up, Fenton,"

Danny rolled his eyes and grinned. About half an hour before, Tucker had downed an entire can of Red Bull in less than a minute, and was now jittery and hyper. He continuously fidgeted on the couch, shifting his weight and crossing his legs repeatedly.

"DUDE! You're giving me motion sickness!" Danny shouted, leaning away from Tucker to the far end of the couch. "Will you quit moving?"

"I'm just waiting for Sam's email!" Tucker shouted back. "I'm nervous, she's late today..."

Danny straightened up. Sam had been gone for nearly two years now; their now-twenty-six-year-old best friend had enlisted in the army directly after high school, deciding she wanted to pursue her love of helping people even further. It had been shocking, hearing the news; Danny had gone completely bezerk on Sam. He hated the thought of her being somewhere in the open where people were actually shooting at her, attempting to kill her; he had made sure she understood that perfectly. Nevermind that the ghosts that stalked him had taken their fair share of shots at her, that was different. After all, Danny wouldn't be there in Iraq to protect her the way he could when she was safely beside him in Amity Park. Sam had been deployed to Iraq exactly one year and 11 months ago, and was returning home in exactly three week's time. Danny felt his heart flutter excitedly at the thought. He missed Sam more than anything in the world, and had let her know repeatedly.

Their relationship had changed drastically since she left; they openly admitted that they missed each other dearly, all via email, of course. Sam would often tell Danny that she couldn't wait to hug him, while Danny admitted that he couldn't wait to take her flying when she returned. Sam had been his favorite flying partner; for some reason, her company was so much better than Tucker's when Danny soared over their sleepy town.

She had made it a point to send both Danny and Tucker an email immediately after waking up in the morning, which was right around the time Jazz and the boys were going to sleep.

"Ah! Got it!" Tucker shouted triumphantly. "'Dear Tuck,

"'Today already looks like it's going to be insanely busy. Citizens are going nuts, I've got an armored truck I have to be a guard on, and I still haven't started packing. UGH. God, I miss you and Danny. Jazz too. Heck, I'm even starting to miss the Box Ghost. ...I know, right? I've been so lonely the last few months; Trish, my best friend here, was killed in combat, as you know. I still can't get over it. Gah. Anyways, enough about me. How have you been? I know you send me pictures every five minutes of everything, but that doesn't tell me how you are. So? Answer my question, danggit.' She is pushy," Tucker rolled his eyes, and continued reading. "'I miss you Tuck! T-minus 20 days and counting! Lots of love, Sam.'"

"She's lonely?" Danny asked quietly, pulling the PDA out of Tucker's hands to read it himself. The words seemed to be stabbing him in the very eyeballs; 'I've been so lonely...'

"I have an idea!" Tucker said suddenly, yanking his PDA out of Danny's grasp. He exited out of his email, pulling up the video camera application on his phone and flipping it over so that the camera was facing him. He pressed the record button. "Hi Sam!" He wiggled his fingers at the camera. "You said you were lonely so here I am, being the amazing person that I obviously am, sending you a video of myself to make you feel less lonely! I mean, I totally understand why you're lonely, since you haven't seen this -" He gestured to his face, "- awesomeness in person in two years, but you know what, that's all about to end."

"I'm here too!" Danny said, elbowing his way into the shot and smiling at the small camera. "Hey, Sam!"

"Get out of the way, she wants to see me, duh," Tucker shot a blinding grin at the camera.

"In case you were wondering, yes, he did just have a Red Bull," Danny said, rolling his eyes at the camera and smiling.

"Moving on, I miss you too Sammy-kins!" Tucker said loudly, before widening his eyes. A look of pure terror washed over his face. "Oh my God, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" He shoved the camera into Danny's hands and took off running, sprinting like a mad man into the kitchen. Danny redirected the camera to follow Tucker's progress; while the shot lingered on the now-empty doorframe to the kitchen, a distinct crash resounded in the kitchen, followed quickly by Jazz's screech of "TUCKER!"

"I'm dead! I'm dead! I'm dead!" Tucker shouted, sprinting out of the kitchen and around the back of the couch. He disappeared into the family room as Jazz emerged from the kitchen, covered in what appeared to be ectoplasm. The green goo was dripping from her limbs as she rounded the back of the couch. She paused when she saw that Danny was holding a camera.

"Are you taking a video?" She demanded.

"It's for Sam!"

"Oh. In that case," She leaned in close to the camera and whispered: "Sam, please come home soon. I'm going insane. Help me control these morons!" She straightened, smiled, and screamed "TUCKER! YOU'RE SO DEAD!"

Danny turned the camera back to himself as Jazz took off toward his best friend's muffled cries of terror. "So things are pretty normal around here," Danny said, chuckling at this own joke. "As you can see, Jazz is still trying to psychoanalyze us every five seconds, Tucker's still drowning himself in meat and Red Bull, and I..." Danny paused, glancing at the camera, before dropping his gaze to his lap. "I miss you. Holy crap, Sam, I miss you so much. I know I say that every time I email you, but...man. I mean, now more than ever," Danny gazed up at the camera, completely unaware that Tucker had crept back into the room and was currently behind the couch, his red beret-clad head poking up in the camera shot just beside Danny's, his eyes darting back and forth between the side of Danny's head and the camera.

"So now, you tell her you love her and you blow her a kiss!" Tucker said suddenly, laughing when Danny jumped and dropped the camera.

"God, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Danny shouted, bending to retrieve the PDA.

"Nah, not before you lovebirds are reunited!"


"Twenty bucks says that as soon as Sam hears me say that, she says the exact same thing at the exact same time." Tucker seized the camera and held it in front of his face. "So, Sam, email back. I need to know. I need twenty bucks. Reply ASAP. 'Kay, thanks, love you snookems, BYE!" Tucker stopped the recording and burst into a fit of hyper laughing. "Oh man, she's gonna kill me when she sees me!"

"I'm not far from killing you now," Danny commented as Tucker vaulted over the back of the couch. He dropped into the seat beside Danny and began fiddling with his PDA, sending the video to Sam.

"Whatevs," Tucker said, not taking his eyes off of the screen. "Sent!"

The two boys sat there for a while, arguing about what television show to watch (well, I say arguing. It was actually more like Danny politely asking Tucker if they could watch The Office while Tucker loudly insisted on watching Girls Gone Wild, enforcing his choice in shows by sitting on the remote), before Tucker's PDA lit up and beeped, signaling that he had recieved a new email.

"It's Sam! Man, that was fast," Tucker said, pulling the email up. His eyes darted across the screen; he was silent for a split-second before bursting into laughter again.

Danny grabbed the PDA while Tucker was distracted. There were only six small words written across the screen:

Danny, you owe Tucker twenty bucks...

"Damn it," Danny growled, fishing a $20 bill out of his wallet.

"I can't believe we literally haven't seen Sam in two years," Tucker said suddenly, grabbing the bill and shoving into his own wallet. Danny stared at him; he knew it was Tucker's habit of coming off of an extreme hyper high by suddenly thrusting the conversation onto a serious topic, but this...this was annoying. Danny had been thinking that every five minutes since the moment the plane took off.

"I know. It's weird, no phone calls, no videos, not even a picture," Danny sighed. Sam was in a very secretive portion of the army; they weren't even sure what she specifically did while she was there, just very general jobs such as "guarding a truck" or "patrolling an important part of the city." She was not allowed to speak on the phone with anyone, except once around Christmas when she was allowed to call her parents, but even that was brief. It was a little more than maddening, not knowing how much danger she was in. "Just emails,"

"Yeah, well. It'll be nice to see her again,"


They were silent for a while, each lost in their own train of thought. Danny, of course, was considering just how much his love for the girl had deepened in her absence; the term, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" could not have fit him more appropriately.

Tucker, however, was grinning slyly, watching his best friend out of the corner of his eye. His bout of "hyperness" had been legitimate for the first ten minutes, but it had quickly turned into a distraction for Danny. You see, Tucker was planning something: something extremely important for the halfa beside him on the couch. And it was absolutely essential that the boy with jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes had no idea what was going on.

He had gotten Jazz in on it as well, telling her about his plan two nights before. She had squealed with excitement, literally jumped up and down and clapped her hands. "Oh, he'll love you for this, Tucker!" She'd said of Danny. She had agreed to be drenched in ectoplasm, all part of the distraction for her little brother. Speaking of which, it was about time for her roll in the suprise to start...

"Danny! Will you come here? I can't get this ectoplasm out of my hair!" Jazz's voice rang rather convincingly from the other side of the house.

"Aw, Jazz! Do I have to?" Danny whined; the couch was so warm, so comfortable...

"I'll make hot chocolate!"

Danny sighed and stood, following her voice out of the room.

Tucker sprang to his feet immediately and raced to the door. He flung the door open, stepping out onto the porch as quietly as possible. He could hear Danny and Jazz's voice drifting from the bathroom - he only had a matter of minutes, seconds, before Danny would return, but Tucker seemed to be unable to find whatever it was he was seraching for in the dark chill of that November night...

"There you are!" Tucker whispered happily as a pale figure emerged from the bushes. The girl was covered from head to toe in camouflaged clothing, save the sand-colored boots on her feet and the black hat atop her head. Her raven hair was caught in a messy bun where her head and neck converged; her violet eyes were glittering with excitement as she bounded up the stairs and hugged Tucker tightly.

"You're sure he has no idea I'm here?" Sam asked as she leaned away from Tucker.

"He's completely clueless, as usual. This is the second secret I've been able to keep from him!" Tucker said happily as he ushered his best friend inside.

"What's the first?" Sam asked quietly as Tucker closed the door behind them.

"That you're totally in love with him," He shrugged, sliding onto the couch and grinning up at her. "Now, get to the kitchen! He'll be back in here any minute!"

Sam did as she was told, but not without scowling at Tucker's comment. She retreated into the kitchen, pulling her hat off of her head and twisting it nervously in her hands. She heard the sounds of people coming down the hallway, and had to stop herself from running back into the living room when she heard Danny's voice.

"Jazz, you're such a baby," he was teasing. "You've got the most tender, sensitive head I've ever seen in my life,"

"Whatever," Jazz muttered. Sam heard light footsteps coming toward her; she backed further out of the view of the living room, grinning widely when Jazz walked in. It was the second time she'd seen Danny's older sister; the first being, of course, when she had gotten off her plane at the airport two days earlier. That had been the first time she'd seen Tucker as well. She smiled even harder as Jazz hugged her tightly, remembering the plan that had formed in her mind upon hearing that she would be released from Iraq early.

She'd emailed Tucker immediately, of course. She wanted to suprise Danny, since she had not stopped thinking about him since she had gotten to Iraq. Reading his emails nearly put her to tears every morning, but they gave her the strength to make it through her hellish days. Tucker had run with it immediately, coming up with an extremely elaborate plan involving faking a serious injury on the battlefield and 'postponing' her homecoming by another month with the reason that she was suffering from a life-threatening coma, but Sam had shot it down immediately. She knew Danny wouldn't appreciate being messed with like that, being the over-protective hero he was; that would probably have sent him rocketing across the Atlantic, Iraq-bound. So instead, they went with a simple plan that involved Danny's favorite drink: hot chocolate.

"You boys want hot chocolate?" Jazz called after she released Sam, winking playfully at her. Sam grinned in response, her face already hurting from the amount of smiling she had been doing.

"Yeah! Need any help?" Danny's voice rang.

"Uh, no! I got it, thanks!" Jazz said quickly. The four mugs were already made. Jazz grabbed all four, two in each hand, and walked back into the living room. Sam heard the clinking noise of four mugs hitting the wooden coffee table before the couch, before a small 'oof!' as the girl fell into an armchair beside the couch.

"Jazz?" Danny said slowly.


"Why did you make four mugs?"

"Oh, I made four? Gosh, silly me. I was thinking about how exciting it's going to be to have Sam back...I guess I made her a mug!"

Danny laughed.

"Well, I'd hate for this to go to waste..." Jazz said thoughtfully as Danny's laughter died down.

Sam took a deep breath, bit her lip, and called, "I'll take it! I'm freezing,"

She emerged from the kitchen, her amethyst eyes resting on Danny's shocked face. Suddenly, their surroundings disappeared, melted away until it was just Danny and Sam. Danny stood slowly, his eyes never leaving Sam's. She was so different, and yet, she was the same. Her hair was swept back into a bun, her bangs falling lightly across her forehead. Her face was just as pale, although freckles had taken residence across her cheekbones. She was nibbling on her lower lip, a smile turning the corners of her mouth upward. She looked heavenly, like an camouflaged angel standing in his living room.

Her hat slipped from her grasp and sank to the floor as the gazed at Danny. The intensity with which he stared at her made her blush.

He practically crawled over the table in his haste to reach her. He flung his arms around her, crushing her against his chest. He heard heaving sobs, realizing with a shock that they were his own. He tangled his hands in her hair, freeing the midnight-black locks from the bun and allowing them to settle, the tips stopping just below her shoulder blades. He rested his chin on top of her head and allowed the tears that had built in his eyes to drip into her hair while he revelled in the familiar scent of her shampoo.

"S-Sam?" He choked, desperately attempting to stop his sobbing. He heard a muffled sniffle against his chest.

"Hi, Danny," She whispered, snaking her arms around his waist and crushing herself closer. He marvled at how perfectly they fit together, ignoring the small voice in the back of his head that jibed at him for thinking such a cliche thought.

"But...how? How are you here?" He asked, pulling her away from his chest to stare into her eyes, which were swimming with tears. "You weren't supposed to be here for three more weeks!"

"I know," She murmured. "I got released early. I wanted to suprise you, so Tucker and Jazz helped me..."

Danny glanced over his shoulders, realizing that Tucker and Jazz had quietly snuck out of the room while Danny had been distracted. He'd have to thank them later. Right then, he was a little more than distracted by the girl smiling up at him in his arms.

"I love you so much, Sam. Please, don't ever leave me again," Danny whispered, cupping her cheek in his hand and catching a few stray tears as they fell down her face.

"I won't. I promise. I love you too, Dan," Sam smiled nervously up at him.

Of course, with her looking so beautiful, her wide, innocent eyes gazing up at him like a new-born deer, Danny couldn't resist capturing her lips with his in a gentle kiss. He felt her stiffen for an instant in shock, before she melted against him, her hands winding around his neck. They stood like that, embracing each other, before there was a quiet 'aw!' followed quickly by a 'sh!' from somewhere to Danny's right.

Danny broke the kiss, staring dreamily down at Sam, before whipping his head toward the source of the noise. Tucker and Jazz were crouched down in the doorway, watching Danny and Sam. "Take a picture, it'll last longer," It was childish, but he couldn't help it; he was giddy with excitement.

"Oh, trust me. I've got plenty of pictures." Tucker brandished the PDA in his hand with an evil grin.

Danny rolled his eyes and led Sam to the couch. He dropped heavily into the cushions, dragging her down on top of him. She giggled and kicked her boots off, snuggling into his chest and closing her eyes. Jazz and Tucker joined them, Tucker tossing a blanket over the couple. Jazz handed Danny his hot chocolate with a grin. Danny took it gratefully, taking a deep gulp and gazing down at Sam, who was already asleep against his chest, peaceful smile on her lips. The jetlag had been horrible to her sleeping pattern.

"Remind me to drink hot chocolate more often," Danny murmured to Jazz, wrapping his arms tighter around the sleeping girl. Jazz smiled at the protectiveness in her brother's eyes as he watched Sam sleep.

"Will do, little brother. Will do."

Okay, I kind of love Tucker being hyper. I definitely came up with the idea of him being like that after watching my best friend act that way after drinking Red Bull. Guys, remind me to give her Red Bull more often...that was just hilarious!

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