Taylor Camp. That's my name. I live in an apartment in Manhattan. I'm 20 years old. I want to be on Broadway or be a film director. Just like a lot of people in this town.

"Come in,

"Come in,

"Come into my world,

"I've got to show, show, show you."

A few months ago, I got a new neighbor, of sorts. Well, actually, he lives in the apartment directly above mine.

"Come into my bed,

"I've got to know, know, know you.

"I have dreams of Orca whales and owls,

"But I wake up in fear."

I clearly remember the day I met him.

"You will never be my,

"You will never be my fool,

"Will never be my fool."

Well, first I should explain why I want to follow a career on stage or on screen. It's my inspiration, my fascination: I'm obsessed with Norman Bates.

"Floaters in my eyes,

"Wake up in the hotel room.

"Cigarettes and lies,

"I am a child, it's too soon."

In the course of those few months, I never expected to come in contact with a major part of what shaped my teen years. Not in such a major way.

"I have dreams of Orca whales and owls,

"But I wake up in fear.

"You will never be my –

"You will never be my dear,

"You will never be my dear, dear friend,

"My dear, dear friend."