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This war is not an ordinary war. It is the war of the entire Empire. Not only to eliminate the danger hanging over our heads, but to aid all people groaning under the yoke of the Federation scum- Imperial Penal Battalion Commissar

Chapter 3 Operation Cloud burst

West Vasel Banks 1 hour after the first battle of Operation Cloud Burst

As the men and women of squad seven recuperated and gained their energy before heading off in to securing the bridge they took shelter in their enemy Camp of operation Cezary wondered the halls of the building. 'What a drag, what does Welkin want me in the command center for' thought Cezary with a deep sigh as he stood in front of the door. Yawning a bit he walks in to see a radio room filled with the squad leaders and such.

"Cezary good to see you made it" said Catharine warmly. Cezary just scoffed and stared at her with a bored expression. "You called Welkin?" said Cezary with his hands in his pockets and his shoulder slumped.

"Well yes, ummm you wouldn't happen to know how to speak old Imperial? Not that I think you're a spy, but your father was an immigrant from the heartlands, you know pick up a bit of th-" asked Welkin looking at Cezary. Cezary glared at Welkin intensely as if his blood boiled before interrupting, "I know how to speak old Imp, everyone in Liore knows it but I am pretty fluent, and by the chatter on the box it seems they getting ready for something big" said Cezary his voice as cocky and lethargic as always.

"Ahh good? Can you translate what they are saying?" asked Alicia from behind Welkin. Shrugging he walked up to the machine and grabbed the recorder book by the shelf, as he sat he became alarmed when he put the com-piece on his head.

"West bank outpost come in, we need an update on your status against the Gaillian's, comrade do you copy?" said an imperial operator on the other end using the old language. "This is west bank command, we have repelled the rabble" replied Cezary flipping through the owner's log book for the recent code. "Welkin have someone look through the personal file for this outpost for recently added troops sent here" said Cezary knowing the man on the other side of the line will ask who this is. "We have a Specialist Vladimir Leip recently added" said Largo.

"Comrade please say the code after me; Let the Gallian" said the enemy. "Pigs burn as we dance" replied Cezary. "As we dance on their remains; Confirmation on the code who am I speaking to?" asked the imperial operator. "Specialist Vladimir Leip comrade" said Cezary back. "Where's Hansel? Pushing the load on the new member?" asked the operator. "Well kind of, see we captured a few "Pigs" killed the men and let say Hansel getting first wack at the female of his choice hehe, hope he leaves the Dark Hair for me" replied Cezary in disgust as he heard laughing on the other end.

"Calling in for a report but it seems victory is ours; Hey don't be so optimistic for Commander Victor got a thing for impaling dark hairs if you know what I mean, also commands decided to leave your garrison alone at camp so no need to send men to aid in operation crosswalk" said the man with a sadistic glee to his voice. "Operation Crosswalk? Sorry I wasn't briefed on it" said Cezary. "It's the final push to the capitol were crossing the bridge in four hours" said the operator. "Thanks comrade I will tell the commander the news, over and out comrade" said Cezary not even bothering to hear what the man on the other line.

"Looks like the Imps will push hard on the bridge in four hours, but on the bright side the dumb fucks still think they have this outpost" said Cezary giving the short version of the conversation.

Vasel Bridge Battleground

The battle for the bridge commenced as squad seven made it to the enemy main headquarters. In the back ground the only thing heard was distant heavy and small arms fire from cannons to sub machine guns. The men and women of squad seven were given their orders and prepared for a hard battle they reached the outside perimeter that was unguarded due to most of the garrison being sent on the push towards Randgriz. "See that rubble pile about four-six hundred feet ahead, I need our two best shots in that rubble from what I can tell the enemy has turned the bridge control area as their main Camp, I need you to suppress all in the vicinity for when the enemy notice we have attacked" order Welkin. "On it" said Catherine "Wulfstan and Regard grab all the ammo you can and secure the mound" ordered Catherine with a friendly smile.

"No can do ma'am I think my knee is busted it's been weird since we marched over here" said Cezary faking his injury while ignoring Marina's death glare. "Well ok Cezary, if you're hurt I won't ask much of you, would you kindly climb this watch tower and supply sniper support then" asked Catherine without skipping a beat seeing through Cezary's lie.

Looking at the tower Cezary body shook with fear before gulping loudly "On second thought I will just go with Wulfstan then" said Cezary in a frightened voice. 'Is this woman mad? I would take on a battalion before I climb anything, fucking hate this' thought Cezary walking towards Knute.

"Cezary what can I do for you?" asked Knute going over a lockbox he found in a ruined building he "scouted". "Ammo, a grenade or two, and artillery barrage if you got one to spare….. If not another pack of smokes" said Cezary absolutely serious about the barrage. "Well sorry can't help you with the barrage but everything else I got and that would be fifteen ducats per grenade and five for the smokes" said Knute going in his stash of ill gotten goods.

"You going to bleed me dry aint'cha, well if the imps don't get me your prices will" said Cezary joking handing Knute a thirty-five ducat banknotes getting the things he asked for. "Cezary www-wait here, you might need this" said Kevin running up to Cezary holding out a combat knife. "Thanks Kev? But wont you need the knife more then I?" said Cezary holding the blade in its sheath. "It's ummm nn-no problem Cc-cezary, it's a spare" said Kevin shyly rubbing his head awkwardly.

Nadine stood around with the others of attacking group two who were tasked with ensuring the enemy forward operating camp was clear of remnants and tanks parked, before helping on the push towards securing the enemy main Camp. 'I wonder what kind of girls Cezary is into? Wait why did I just think of that? Must be Freesia joke messing with me' thought Nadine blushing heavily while holding her cheeks with both her hands.

"Now Nadine we wouldn't be having odd thoughts of a certain blue eyed, silver haired sniper now would we" whispered Freesia with Jann, Aika, Vyse, Alex, Ted, Melville, Montley, and Lynn close to an area only getting a raised eye brow from Lynn and odd look from Aika as the boys just talked excitedly about how they will win. Both Theold and Rosina looked annoyed at having two Darcsen members in the assault squad.

"What no nothing like that" said Nadine facing reddening even more. "Ahh don't worry but, he will be leaving to pursue a side mission for Welkin better see him off" said Freesia leaving to chat with Aika and Lynn. Nadine walked away towards the tank.

Meeting up with Marina he shouldered his rifle and prepared to move towards the rubble ahead of them. As he took a few steps forward he was stopped by an out of breath Nadine shouting, "Mister Cezary thank you and comeback safe" she said holding out a few small capsules of ragaide, a slight blush formed on her face as she stared at his blue eyes. He looked at Nadine with a confused expression not knowing why she thanked him, before accepting the ragaide capsules. "Whatever" was his reply walking away.

'What an odd woman even for a dark hair, wonder what she talking about' were his thought.

Vasel Bridge Sniper Mission

As the two slid against the wall by the tank and tower by East Third Street Cezary scanned the area signaling Marina it was clear. Marina ran swiftly towards the other side holding up against the wall before signaling Cezary to do the same. He briefly saw both Catherine and Oscar climb the ladder to the watch tower. 'Dumb asses are going to get sniped in a spot so obvious, oh well better them then me' thought Cezary doing the same as Marina.

He peeped into a small hole of a burnt out building seeing a clear view into the other building connected to it. "Looks like we can cross into this apartment building straight into the store on the other side undetected, must be our lucky day or should we thank the fucking imps for always looking to blow shit up" said Cezary looking at Marina with a calm smirk. "Agreed" was all she said to her partner.

Cezary crouched down and clasped his hands in front of him; Marina just put one foot on and was lifted up into the building. Marina scanned the area before announcing clear, Cezary tossed his pack over into the hole, then backed up ran and jumped picking himself up and into the building. Nodding to each other the two walked into the building rifles poised and ready to snap off a shot if they have to. They made it past the apartment building with no problem besides needing to tread carefully in case the floor collapsed; they made it into the back of a store which must have been a clothing store before the war.

As they walked slowly and quietly across the back they heard two pairs of heavy footsteps, the two quickly took shelter in the shadows behind objects in separate locations. "What are we doing here again Jurg?" asked one shock trooper walking in with his gun on his shoulder. "Well Kurt the komrade Kaptain orderz vas to search teh buildings for remnants of enemies" said the shock trooper named Jurg with a heavy accent showing old imp was his main language and Europan his secondary. "Are we really going to do that buddy?" asked Kurt. "Teh hell with teh Kaptain orderz, letz find a place to rest, but first I have to pizz" said Jurg passing both snipers with his partner. Close by you can hear the sound of a splash against a wall.

Looking at Marina he nodded towards the two knowing they would have to take care of them, if they didn't want a bullet in the back. Marina pulled out a dangerously wicked looking hunting knife, while Cezary pulled out his Shock Trooper Mk 9 Combat Knife that Kevin gave him from his left shoulder. The pair crept silently towards the two unaware shock troopers. As they got close enough Marina gestured for Cezary to kill Kurt while she handled Jurg.

Cezary quickly stepped behind the man covering his mouth and plunging the combat knife in his back. As the man slowly died in Cezary hands he tried to fight causing a small ruckus making Jurg turn around. As he turned Marina thrust her knife under the Jurg's face armor and into his skull. She glares at the grand as the dead man managed to piss on her left foot "disgusting bug" was all she murmured. "Should have went for the throat, its more humane" said Marina looking as Cezary kill still jerked about. "I'll try to remember that next time" said coldly Cezary finishing man off. The two quickly hid the bodies in a supply closet before leaving.

The two resumed walking into the shop again making it to the entrance the looked out seeing the two men were the only ones put on sentry duty they estimated their objective was a hundred meters or less safely covered by what seemed strong walls of a building missing half its front. They made a dash towards the cover ensuring to take care of being seen and resumed their walk towards the rubble. Making it to the high pile they quickly climbed it setting up a nest as soon as they made it to the top.

They managed to make it as comfortably as they could ensure they picked a location that kept them best hidden. They then took out a dull grey tarp to help hide their presence. The two began doing some reconnaissance scanning the area as Cezary sat up with his rifle on the remnants of a windowsill and Marina lying down. "I count five infantry, three scouts, two troopers, and a few tank jockeys playing grab ass" said Cezary. "I count two engineers working on a tank and two lancers standing guard with a scout and shock trooper guarding the command center" said Marina.

"Wonder what else is in there? How many more troops in that base?" asked Cezary. 'I am as fucked as a whore in a bar back home if the imps find us…. Maybe was better off just climbing the fucking tower' thought Cezary sighing in defeat of his circumstance.

The Start of the Battle for Vasel Bridge

The assault group began moving waiting at the spear head of the advance Nadine the only engineer, Freesia, Aika, Ted, Melville, Montley were the five scouts assigned to the group with Freesia leading with Aika and Nadine were part of her fire team, while Montley was in control of a fire team with the other two scouts. Lynn had both Alex and Vyse leading the shock troopers, and the lancer team being led by Jann stood at the ready to charge the imperials forward operating Camp.

They waited for Catherine to give the go ahead. With the two snipers on the watch tower they aimed down range and spotted a sniper team overlooking the area in a broken down building second floor. "Oscar down range maybe nine hundred meters away take aim at the one on the right window" said Catherine. "Sure thing Cathy I see him" replied Oscar smiling. Then in a synchronized action both snipers fired taken out the pair of enemies, Catherine's was a clean headshot, while Oscars ended up missing his target head but hitting the man in the throat. "You're good to go assault group.

The group began making its way down East Third Street encountering a makeshift tank depot on their route luckily for them all four tanks parked were not manned and the crews were standing frozen in shock like the other six ground troopers who were suppose to defend the position. The scouts and shock troopers of the assault group opened up with a barrage of fire downing four of the six troopers almost instantly. The other two manage to take cover by a low wall at the end of the makeshift depot.

"Lynn concentrate your team on those two troopers, while we and the lancers handle the tanks" shouted Freesia directing the others without lancers to fire at the closest tanks by exploding the ragnite fuel tanks with their rifles. "Honeys time to do our part aim at the furthest, now attack sweeties" said Jann enthusiastically firing his lancer at the furthest tank hitting the ammo compartment destroying it completely.

As the scouts and Nadine emptied their clips into the canisters of ragnite fuel destroying both tanks in a beautiful display of blue explosions, she saw two men running towards the last tank while Theold and Rosina were still aiming and Jann too busy reloading his lance. "No you won't" shouted Nadine putting a fresh clip in her Gallian before unleashing rounds. The tanker opening the driver hatch took a shot to the chest falling off the tank and onto the ground while the gunner took two to the shoulders before he managed to get in the gunner compartment.

"Guys get down" shouted Lynn after Vyse rushed the two imperials getting close enough to throw a cooked grenade killing both men. The tank turret swiveled towards the scouts as they took cover firing its main gun barely missing Ted, overshooting him by a hairs breath. Theold and Rosina both let off their lances in tandem killing the last tank. "Guys it seems the skirmish got the FOC shaking make it fast before they call in the disturbance" shouted Oscar over the com.

As they moved up East Fourth Street towards Randgriz Boulevard from the right side of East Fourth they saw a scout. For his part the enemy scout tried to run away gutting gunned down by Alex as he sprayed a clip into the man's back who screamed in pain. The group heard the sound of the main attacking force moving behind them who will simply drive by the FOC on the left of East Fourth as their assault group captured it.

For her part Nadine felt pumped full of adrenaline as they rushed up the street finely seeing a set of sand bags forming a protective barrier around the FOC. 'I can't fail the squad come on Nadine push harder' thought Nadine. Lynn team without pause jumped over the bags with Ted's group close in behind. She heard gunfire as she made the jump turning she saw two men run out the tent with pistols letting out a spray with the rest the men were gunned down without a chance. Lynn led the rest of the shock troopers into the tent to ensure it was cleared out. As she looked to her left she saw the rest of squad seven with the edelweiss and the lancers from her group begin their assault on the enemy main base.

Cezary and Marina position

"So we will start with the lancers and pick off anyone who leaves the base, but make officers and NCO's a priority" said Cezary. "I agree with this, but it would be better if I was alone" said Marina in a cold tone, Cezary for his part kept silent but shot the woman an annoyed look. The two snipers heard the sounds of the skirmish begin to start. "Looks like time to get started" said Cezary aiming at a lancer. "So the hunt begins" she said. The two fired killing the lancers instantly, for their part the imperials reacted quickly and took cover except for the lieutenant who came out of the building only to take a bullet to his skull from Marina she murmured "sweet dreams". 'This chick must be insane, but hell of a shot if I've ever seen one'.

As the two snipers continued to fire and suppress the enemy troops and tank crewmen from reaching their tanks. As the enemy got more coordinated they began firing into the rubble after the a rushing shock trooper shouted their location before his death. Firing with all they had Marina and Cezary could not stop the tank crew from entering a medium imperial tank and deal with the troopers suppressing their position. The main gun of the edelweiss could be heard taking out a pile of sandbags hiding a few troops as it roared forward. From Cezary perspective the battle seem to only last seconds but knew it must have taken minutes maybe even an hour. As the rest of squad seven made light work of the enemy infantry and the only tank that was able to be manned was destroyed by the combined effort of sqaud seven lancers firing together in a all out barrage of rockets. An imperial walked out in a great black overcoat and officer cap came out the building.

The man firing his pistol at the edelweiss in defiance of his inevitable defeat shouted curses and derogatory words, which brought a smile to Cezary. "So long dumb ass" were Cezary words as he pulled his trigger causing the high ranking officer head to rip open at the side. "See what'ch you get when you don't give up?" he asked no one in particular. Sighting down his sights he saw most of the shock troopers entered the building while the rest secured the area. All the engineers were being lead by Isara towards the bridge controls.

As the two snipers left their nest they met up with the rest at the entrance of the Vasel Bridge just in time to see it begin to draw. "Wow, really gotta feel bad for the poor bastards on the bridge" said Cezary whistling as men and machine fell to their deaths into the lake. 'Really happy I am not a on their side right about now'

After Operation Cloud Burst

All the men and women of squad seven secured any imperial who survived the battle for Vasel, most who managed to make it safely back before the bridge was drawn either surrendered immediately or after a small fight in which either the offenders were wounded or dead. They waited and quickly made the enemy HQ theirs. Cezary for his part was too tired to do much of anything that would start problems so was on his best behaviour. As he walked he saw an imperial ZM SG 2 sniper rifle up against a corner. Deciding to take it and get acquainted with it he carried it off to an empty area but not before he saw a reporter talking to Welkin.

As he laid down prone he began to adjust the sights, pulling the trigger he frowned as it missed his intended spot miserably, "what a piece of shit" he said aloud to himself. Trying again he got better results but to him it was unsatisfactory causing the frown to stay placed. On his third attempt he heard a sound coming from some rubble nearby making him stop he got up and walked towards the sound cautiously. As he walked inside rifle shoulder ready to fire but all he saw was Nadine sitting down looking at a ditch with charred remains. He was going to walk away but was seen by her. "Hey you what are you doing out here?" he asked unsure, but knew what the ditch signified. Nadine looked up with sad eyes not sure what to say.

"Why?" she asked holding a charred up remains of a doll. He looked everywhere but the Darcsen woman, not knowing why he felt a bit ashamed. "Why? What the war, death, strife, pain, suffering, or atrocities? Take your pick" said Cezary trying to sound calm knowing even the sight before made him sick. 'Man those imps sure are animals' thought Cezary.

"Why would they do this to innocent people?" asked Nadine now surer of herself. "Well could chalk it up to this being human nature, but it's because the Imps in command are mostly sick fucks" said Cezary shrugging his shoulders, earning a look for the woman. "But truth is most Imps in command are nobles with a superiority complex bigger than the empire" finished Cezary not noticing the irony of his words. Making the mistake of finally looking at Nadine his insides twisted.

"I see but this feeling of wrongness after every battle, this feeling of what if the person I killed had a son or was a son…." Nadine was cut off by Cezary. "Look I ain't a philosophical type but pa once said, wars don't ennoble men, it turns them into dogs, poisons the soul, and makes them monsters" said Cezary closing his eyes for a second. "But if you want my opinion you got two choices remember this ditch and use it to fuel yourself to keep going, or look at things like I do" he finished.

"And what would that be?" asked Nadine feeling a bit better. "Fuck'em, I am only going to keep shooting till they stop shooting; that's how I view things" said Cezary coldly looking at the sky. Then he suddenly felt warmth around him, small petite arms circling around him, and an odd smell of gunpowder, sweat, and some sweet scent he hasn't smelt before. "Thank you Cezary, this means allot" she said hugging a bit tighter. Before he could react and push her off harshly, she let go and smiled with a slight blush. Before he could shout derogatory words he stopped at the sound of someone approaching. "Something coming this way get ready" said Cezary, Nadine snapped to attention and grabbed her gun following Cezary.

The two jumped out at the person aiming at the person. "Whoah there you two did I interrupt? I am Irene Ellet a war correspondent with GBS radio. Care to give a gal an interview? But if you're busy I understand" said Ellet with a sly smile as both looked shocked and confused. "But what a scoop I should name the piece "Love at War" what you think" she finished looking at the two expectantly.

"WERE NOT A COUPLE" shouted both Nadine and Cezary. The two looked at each other and then Nadine blushed, and Cezary looked away with an annoyed scowl. 'What in god name is going on' thought Cezary. 'Oh dear she think were a couple, what if she thinks me and him were doing things or having sex….. Oh dear I should stop' thought Nadine shake the thoughts from her mind.

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