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Chapter One

The Man From The Fireplace

It was a normal day for us.

We were all sitting in the living room, enjoying the days before we would have to go back to school. There were still several weeks before the summer holidays were over, but you know what they say; time flies when you're looking forward to something unpleasant. Especially when you're immortal.

Emmett was, as usual, being his childish self. He was playing Grand Theft Auto on his X-box against Jasper, and Jasper was winning by a rather long way. Suffice to say there was a lot of swearing and yelling on Emmett's part.

Alice and Rosalie were cheering the boys on, laughing as Emmett decided that all was lost, dropped his controller and tackled Jasper to the ground with his bare hands.

Nessie and Jake were playing a game of poker in the corner. Emmett had wanted to teach Ness how to play poker for years, but she hadn't wanted to, saying that Emmett and his gambling tendencies were 'silly.'

I don't think Rose had ever been prouder than in that moment.

Lately, however, Ness had decided that she wanted to be able to play so that she could bet against Emmett – although, as her main motivation was so she could humiliate her Uncle, no one had any objections.

Esme was going over a couple of plans for a house she wanted to build, while Carlisle was skimming over a book on some brand-new medical theory about something-or-other. I had yet to take medical school, and so medical speech was like gibberish to me, despite the new powers of understanding that being a vampire had given me.

Edward and I were merely curled up together on an armchair, enjoying each other's presence.

Yeah, it was a normal day for us.

Until Alice gasped, her eyes blank as she received a vision, and Edward froze underneath me.

"What?" asked Emmett, looking up from where he and Jasper were still rolling around on the floor. "What did you see?"

"That's amazing," whispered Edward. "I didn't even know they existed!"


"Carlisle," said Alice, "We're going to be having a visitor tomorrow morning, so we can't go to school. He's… different."

"Different how?" growled Emmett, now seriously annoyed for being left out of the loop. I couldn't blame him.

"He's magical," said Edward, the same time as Alice said;

"He's a wizard."

"A wizard?" asked Rosalie. "But that's-"

"Don't say impossible," said Jake, rolling his eyes. "In case you haven't noticed, we kind of live in the impossible."

"Shut up mutt," growled Rose, "Nobody asked you."

"Rose!" said Esme. "He's a part of this family too!"

"Yeah, well I don't see-"

"Calm down, please!" said Carlisle, glancing at Jasper. He nodded, and a wave of peacefulness filled the room. "Why don't we let Alice tell us what is happening?"

With a huff, Rose sat back down on the sofa, then everyone turned their gaze to Alice.

"Well," she said, "I'll try and explain the best I can, but I didn't see much. What I saw was that there is some sort of war going on in England, between good wizards and an evil one, only most of the wizards don't believe the evil one has 'returned', which means he was probably gone for some time. So, the ones that do believe and want to fight have formed a group called the 'Order of the Phoenix.' Also, there is a boy – he's fourteen at the moment – who the evil wizard wants to kill. I think he almost did a couple of weeks ago. That's when he came back. This boy, he's important somehow, though I'm not sure why. The Order are trying to protect him… a man from the Order is going to come to the house tomorrow to try and convince us to help."

"What." Stated Rosalie.

"Why does he want our help?" I asked. "How does he even know about us if all of this is happening so far away? Does he even know about us?"

"He met Carlisle a few decades ago," said Edward, "Before I was changed. I recognize the face in your head, Alice, Carlisle thought of him once."

"Who?" asked Carlisle, intrigued.

"Do you know a man called Professor Dumbledore?"

Carlisle froze.



"I only met him once, long ago… he seemed to know what I was. I was out hunting one day, in Scotland. An old man was in the forest. He told me not to hunt there, and then disappeared. A few days later, I saw him again, but this time in a village I stumbled across. It was a strange place; there was no sign of cars or electricity… One person saw me and shot a streak of light at me, but it didn't do anything, That person ran away, and I didn't bother to follow. The man I saw in the forest, who told me his name was Dumbledore, was curious about that for some reason. We chatted for a bit, and then left. I didn't think anything of it after that."

"So, you think this is the man that will be visiting us?" asked Jasper.

"I think so," nodded Edward.

"But why does he want our help?" I asked again. "Surely, if they really are wizards, they don't need help from a bunch of vampires?"

"The streak of light," whispered Alice.

"I'm sorry, what?" asked Jacob as politely as he could.

"The streak of light that man sent at you, Carlisle, what of that was magic? You said you couldn't feel it – what of magic doesn't affect us? If that is the case, we could win this war for them in a matter of seconds!"

Everyone was stunned into silence for a second.

"I still don't think we should go," said Rose. "I don't want to leave here. Why should we leave America to go and help a group of wizards on the other side of the ocean?"

"People are dying, Rose!" said Alice.

"People die every day."

"Rosalie!" cried Esme.

"Wow, Blondie, I knew you were cold, but that cold?" Muttered Jake, but of course we all heard him.

"Stop," said a small voice. I looked over to my daughter.

It had been several years since her birth, and she'd stopped aging about ten years ago. She had the physical appearance of a eighteen year old – which was rather amusing, considering she looked older than her own father – and we had allowed her and Jake to be together the moment she was fully grown, after much begging and compromising.

At the sound of her voice, everyone did as she asked – stopped arguing and turned to look at her.

"I don't like it when you talk like this, Aunt Rosie," she said. "We should be wanting to help these people! From what it sounds like, this boy is in grave danger. Didn't you hear what Aunt Alice said? Magic may not affect us! We can test that out when we get there, and if it is any danger to us, we can come back here. We can help this boy! I don't know about you, but I'm getting bored living like this all the time, and I'm only seventeen! Emmett, weren't you saying only the other day that you wished there was more excitement in our lives, like when Mom was still human? And Rose, didn't you agree with him? Jazz, you said you actually enjoyed it when the newborns were here – don't deny it – I know you hate the violence, but from what Alice said, this man deserves it! It'll give you time to strategize again? Come on guys, you know this will be good for us!"

And then, Nessie said something that changed everybody's mood on the subject.

"And you never know. We might get to learn how to use magic ourselves if we agree to help."

And just like that, we were going.


"Five minutes."

We were still in the living room, staring at the fireplace. I thought Alice was a little mad when she explained how the man would be arriving, but I have learnt not to bet against Alice. She always gets her way.

"Four minutes."

It was four minutes to nine in the morning. Apparently, the man that was coming liked to be punctual and arrive exactly on the hour.

We were in almost the same positions as we had been the previous night – Edward and I together on the armchair, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice on the love seat, Esme and Carlisle on chairs. The only difference was that Renesmee was on another armchair, and Jake was on the floor.

"Three minutes."

"We know, Alice!" said Emmett. "We can count!"

"Well, I'm sorry, I just like to feel useful!" she snapped back. "I can see when he arrives because all he has to do is step out of the fireplace, but after that, Jacob must end up joining the conversation because I can't see a thing!"

Alice had become rather good at seeing around Jacob, but when he was directly involved there was no way to help her see.

"Two minutes," muttered Emmett before Alice could. She glared at him.

"So, what does he want again?" asked Jake.

"He's going to ask us to help protect that boy," said Edward.

"What's his name?" I asked suddenly.


"No, I mean the boy."

"I don't know," said Edward. "You'll have to ask him." He jerked his head towards the fireplace.

"One minute," sang Alice, jumping away as Emmett swatted at her with his large hand.

"Alice, I swear if you-"

"Thirty seconds!"


"Leave Alice alone!" scowled Jasper.


"Or what?"


"Or I'll grab you by the-"

"Ten, nine, eight,"

"Alice, please stop!"

"Five, four, three, two-"

Emmett lunged across the room, reaching for Alice as she stopped her countdown and jumped out of the way. Jasper hopped up and grabbed Emmett, who was running towards Alice again, and they ended up, once again, rolling around on the floor.

This had all lasted less that a second.

I jumped up and went towards them, trying to pull them apart before the visitor arrived, hoping against hope that Alice was a couple of seconds early, but, as I mentioned before, the chance of Alice being wrong was-

"Well, what do we have here?"

- highly unlikely.

All of us froze and looked back towards the fireplace we had all been watching up until a couple of seconds ago.

Standing in front of it was the single most strangest man I'd ever seen, and I'd seen some pretty strange people.

He was wearing what could only be described robes, in a color of deep purple. He wore a pointed hat in the same shade, and half moon spectacles shone over his twinkling blue eyes. He also had a rather long, white beard.

However, no matter how strange he looked to us, I figured the scene he had stumbled across was probably more strange to him – it's not everyday you see three teenage vampires standing in front of you with expressions of shock and guilt etched across their faces, each frozen in position, looking like they were attacking each other, with a fourth trying to separate them.

Then, predictably, Jacob began to laugh.

The sound was so sudden, however, that all of our heads whipped around to him. He was literally rolling around on the floor, holding his stomach.

"Well, that's not something you see everyday," he said after a couple of seconds, finally regaining his composure.

I growled at him, then made my way back to Edward. Jasper and Emmett stood up sheepishly, followed by a glaring Alice.

The strange man – Professor Dumbledore – broke the silence.

"Am I safe to assume that my visit came as a surprise?"

"No, it didn't," said Carlisle, getting to his feet and walking towards the professor. "I'm afraid the children simply had a bit of a disagreement seconds before you made your entrance. I'm Carlisle, by the way," he held out his hand, "Carlisle Cullen."

"Nice to meet you, Dr. Cullen. I'm not sure if you remember, but a few decades ago-"

"I do remember," said Carlisle, "I have a good memory."

The rest of us snickered.

"Then you remember what I am?"

"Yes. And you remember what I am?"

"Indeed. Although, it would seem your family had grown rather a lot since we first met."

"Yes," said Carlisle, then he began to introduce us, pointing to each of us as he went along. "This is Edward and his Bella, Alice and her mate Jasper, Emmett and Rose, Renesmee – Bella and Edward's daughter – and my wife Esme. Then this is Jacob Black, he's a werewolf."

"Really?" asked Dumbledore, curiosity blazing in his eyes. "But I thought the full moon was only a few nights ago – how is it that you look so well?"

"I do not need the full moon to transform, sir," said Jake. "I can control myself."

"Not like that," said Edward suddenly, looking at Dumbledore. The old professor seemed slightly taken aback. "Not like those… Animagi, did you call them? Jake's condition is genetic, he was born with it, and it is hard for him to control himself when he is upset."

"Hey!" said Jake. "I've gotten better!"

"Interesting…" muttered Dumbledore, looking carefully at Edward. "Very interesting. And I take it you are skilled in Legilimency?"

"He's skilled in what?" I asked. "Legilimency, what is that?"

"I'm not," said Edward simply. Then he turned to me. "It is when wizards can look into people's minds."

"But, isn't that what you do?" I asked, confused.

"No, it isn't. I read a person's mind; Legilimency is more basic, and it's more forced, if that makes sense. And while I read everything, there is a way to fight Legilimency, and you can make the person read only what they want you to. I see everything; a Legilimens sees only that which is at the forefront of the mind, or what they force the victim to see."

"Oh," I said.

"So, you're a mind reader," said Dumbledore. "What about the rest of you?"

Jake opened his mouth to speak, but Carlisle silenced him with a look.

"Why is it that you are here?" asked Rosalie in a cold tone.

Dumbledore looked at her searchingly, almost as of he were x-raying her with his piercing eyes, then started to tell us what was going on.

He said pretty much what Alice told us; that there was an evil wizard named Voldemort, and that he was trying to take over the world. The only person who had a chance at stopping him was Harry Potter. He also explained Harry Potter's story, about his parents, and about his previous years at Dumbledore's school, Hogwarts.

"What I want to ask of you," said Dumbledore, "Is merely help. I do not expect you to risk your lives for us, but this could effect you too. Voldemort is recruiting dark creatures such as giants, dementors and werewolves – real werewolves," he added, seeing the look on Jake's face, "- and it is only a matter of time before he looks for vampires. Most of the vampires in our world are different from you, however."

"They were fake," said Edward. The look on his face told me he was looking into Dumbledore's mind. "The vampires you have seen, they were not really vampires. Just wizards pretending and drinking blood."

"Be that as it may," continued Dumbledore, "It would still affect everyone if Voldemort were to take over. All I ask is that you come to my school and watch over Harry Potter, and keep an eye out for all the happenings there. I need people to mingle with the students, but I can't ask a student to do it, and have no one in the order that could pass as a student and not be recognized. You could, and technically you're old enough to be in the order, as you're all over seventeen. Both physically and chronologically, I believe."

We all nodded at him.

"Hang on a second," said Rose. Her tone was cold, but Jasper was looking at her in confusion. "Are you saying we will have to go back to school?"

"If you agree to help, yes. It is your choice, of course."

"This Hogwarts school?"


"A school of magic?"

Now I understood Jasper's confusion as I heard the excitement leaking into Rose's words. She was not often excited.


"Can we learn how?"

"I should think so. You are, after all, magical beings. You should be able to use magic, and to fit in at the school you will have to."

"Right, are we going to put this to a vote?" she asked, looking at Carlisle. He nodded.

"Okay, everyone who wants to go…"

Everyone raised there hand, with Renesmee raising her the highest; she seemed to be jumping up and down on her seat with excitement, and Alice was not much better.

"Brilliant," said Dumbledore. "We shall leave immediately.

"Now hang on a minute," said Alice, crossing her arms. Dumbledore looked at her with amusement on his face. "We can't leave now. I haven't packed! We have to go shopping; I need to buy more clothes for wherever we're going! I have to get Bella a whole new wardrobe, and Jacob! If you think you're going to go to another country and represent our family without owning a shirt you are really thinking-"

"Alice," interrupted Edward.


"Do you know where we're going?"

Alice frowned and looked into the future to see their destination. Then, everyone was forced to cover their ears to protect their hearing as a high-pitched squeal ran through the house.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Lets go, let's go let's go!"

"Why the sudden change in attitude?" winced Jake, rubbing his temples.

"London!" Alice squealed. "Oxford Street, here I come!"

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