Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto at all.

It's a really short one shot, but I hope you enjoy... Keep in mind it is AU.


There were many things in this life that I loved. He was one of them. Too bad everything I had with him... It wasn't real.

Every emotion we shared. Every night he held me in his arms. Every time his fingers went through my blond hair. Every time he said my name.

We had always been friends... And then we were more. He was all I needed and I was all he had. We were together. We had love. We had each other.

And then they ruined it... They ruined it all! All of the perfection... And I was defeated.

Now I lay here... Broken and lost without him.

My silver haired love... So, I was alone all this time? You always told me that you'd be there for me, that I would always have you...

Now I'm in this world alone with doctor's who know my whole life's story... I shouldn't be alone, love, I really shouldn't. You should have never left me.

These tears stain my face now, and you're not there to wipe them away like before. They have me questioning you, my love.

Were you ever real?

Or has my whole life been these four white walls?

Has it all been fiction?


This was inspired by the song Fiction by the Kpop group B2ST/BEAST. It is teenage Tsunade and imaginary Jiraiya. Sorry if the characters were vague, my writing gets like that sometimes.