I was in love, in love with them both

I realize that now,

One was the dark dream of my night,

The other was the sunshine that kept me mellow.

If only they could see me now,

See how it has ripped me apart,

But I know it won't right the wrongs,

The pain I caused them both & the hurt.

I loved the way she brought out the best in me,

The ones I needed in the darkness and yonder,

She tickled me with her charm and wit,

So endearing was her ripples of laughter.

She helped me through my darkest days,

When I needed someone to hold on to,

She broke me into pieces & more

Knowing it would make me feel blue.

Who am I talking about?

Am so confused

They both still own so much of me

It makes me feel bemused.

The darkness and light go hand in hand

One the mirror of another

I loved them both, I still do

I can't still see my life without one or the other.