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"A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we're pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we're safe in our own paradise...When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life."

Richard Bach (American author)

"Uncle Peter I need your help!" Derek sat on the bed and faced his uncle. Since he'd been fighting his way back into life and getting better every day they both talked a lot.

Peter Hale nodded to his nephew.

"See, there's this...person." Derek ground out, choosing his words carefully. "And they're an annoying, talkative, hyper, loyal, over friendly person and I have the urge to rip the throat of said person every time I see them...But I also want to protect this person with my life, because a world without the person wouldn't be the same…"

Peter Hale started to laugh.

"What?" Derek was confused, and his uncle had the nerve to laugh at him.

"It's not funny!" he snarled.

"No, hahahaha it's not for you…but for me it is!" Peter Hale wished away some happy tears. "You have to marry that girl!" Peter laughed some more.

"WHAT?" Derek rose from the bed.

"YOU have to marry her…because she's your other half. Your soul mate so to speak. It is rare for us to find someone that special, and many of us stay alone for their whole life. But you…you found it at such a young age…." Peter shook his head, happy for his nephew.

Derek's heart beats faster and he begun to sweat. "But…"

"There is no but. See, that girl will give you everything in return. She is the person you don't hold back with. You can morph during the act and you won't hurt her. She will give you children and your need to protect her is getting so strong and if she ever dies you won't be the same. You can't live in a world without that person."

Derek was speechless. He took a deep breath: "We may have a little problem then…" he slowly said.

"That would be…?"

"This person is male." Derek sat back on the bed.

"Oh, well."

"So no children, obviously." Derek told him.

"I wouldn't say that. See….our soul mates are bound to give us what we need or want…"

"Huh?" Derek's eyes widened.

"Don't ask me! I've never met my soul mate, and I've never heard of a male soul mate to a male werewolf." Peter Hale shrugged. "Make the best out of it..."


Derek climbed through the open window of Stile Stilinski's room, Without permission of course, and without looking at the guy on the bed. He took one breath and rushed: "So you are my soul mate…my other half we are bound to have kids and a world with…."

The person on the bed gasped.

"If you ever suggest something like that again I am going to kick your ass. I am not bound to do anything with you especially not having your children."

Derek whirled around.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he snarled at Scott.

"Waiting for Stiles! And you…?" Scott closed his mouth , his mind racing and then he started to laugh.

"You are not here for me…hahahaha you are here for Stiles….!"

"Shut your mouth!" Derek roared.

"Who is here for me?" Stiles entered his room. Two bottles of water in his hands.

"Derek! What are you doing here? Something happened?" he asked his heart starting to race.

"Oh yeah Derek…explain Stiles why you are here…" Scott laughed even harder now.

Derek glared at Scott but the teen doesn't care. "Stiles…. Derek wants to tell you something… "

Stiles faced Derek who blushed furiously and rose an eyebrow. "Whatever it is -..it wasn't me."

"It's complicated…" Derek begun.

"Complicated my ass!" Scott mumbled.

"Would you just get out?" Derek snapped at him.

"Ahhhh come on…" Scott started but backed away when Derek's eyes flashed and his fangs started to grow.

"I'm out! You're on your own Stiles. Good luck!" With that, Scott climbed through the window.

"Scott wait… don't leave me alone with….damn it!" Stiles tried to stop Scott but the wolf was gone.

Slowly Stiles turned around. "Would you…put them back?" He mentioned his fangs and Derek clapped his mouth shut already morphing back into fully human.


"So I talked to my uncle…" Derek started. "Told him about that person I wanna kill and protect at the same time…"Derek took a deep breath.


"He said the person is my other half. My soul mate…you know… bound to be with me for our entire life…"

"Sounds good Dude! Maybe you finally get some action." Stiles joked.

Derek's eyes bored into his and Stiles gulped.

"Why do I have the feeling I am about to loose my virginity?" He stuttered.

"Because it's you…you are my soul mate!"

"Nahhhh I'll pass! Stiles waved his hand around.

"You can't." Derek said miserable.

"Why the hell not? Don't I get one out of jail card?"

"No." Derek rushed forward, gripped Stiles's neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

Stiles gripped Derek's biceps to shove him off and his mouth opened to protest but Derek shoved his tongue inside and licked his mouth.

Stiles moaned. His grip hardened on Derek's arms. No longer shoving but pulling the older man against him. Stars exploded behind his eyelids and the need to breathe became priority.

Stiles gasped when Derek moved his mouth down his neck and nibbled on the sensitive skin.

Jolts of pleasure shot through his body.

"Derek…" he whispered.

Derek growled and moved them backwards. Stiles legs hit the bed and Derek pushed him onto the mattress, running his hands everywhere on his body.

"You are mine…" Derek whispered.

"Yours…" Stiles agreed automatically, shuddering when Derek lifted his shirt above his arms and over his head. His tongue licked his nipple and his teeth scratching slowly the skin around it.

"Damn…don't stop…" Stiles groaned when Derek licked his way south.

"I am going to make you mine, mark you and bound our souls for eternity…"

"That's a freaking long time…" Stiles gasped as Derek kissed his belly button.

"I think about you since the incident at the clinic and every time I wanted to talk to you …you freaked and were gone… I wanted to say thank you for saving my life and sticking with me…"

"You talk to much given that you hardly talk at all…" Stiles snorted.

"I have to make sure you are okay with this…" Derek said. His fingers played with the waistband of Stiles pants.

"I am half naked here…" Stiles laughed. "I am more than okay with it, Derek."

"No...I mean the whole soul mate thing…" Derek slowly dragged the waistband down and his tongue licked the skin.

"Ohhh uhhh yeah…totally okay with... it..." Stiles gasped.

"Stiles! I mean it. Are you okay with it? I don't want you to freak out later!" Derek sat back on his heels and watched Stiles.

"Derek Hale…I've had the hots for you for weeks. Now Take. What. Is. Yours." he said sweetly.

Derek snapped his mouth shut and growled lowly, mulling over what Stiles said.

"That is so hot!" Stiles grinned.

Derek dashed forward and pinned the younger teen to the bed. His eyes changing and teeth showing. He carefully licked Stiles throat, down to his nipples over to the belly button. Trailing his fingers into the waistband of his pants and shorts he slowly dragged them down. Stiles cock sprang free and Derek watched it bounce with hooded eyes.

He licked the tip of it and moved his tongue over the slit…giving just a little pressure, and Stiles groaned thrusting his hips to seek more friction.

Derek's tongue licked the underside of his cock to the base.

"H…h…holy…" Stiles whimpered. Derek grinned. He grabbed a small tube out of his pocket and opened it. He moved his lips to Stiles and kissed the younger teen with such a passion before he whispered…"Relax" and he slowly pushed one lube coated finger through the tight ring of muscles.

Stiles gasped at the unknown contact. He tried to wiggle free but Derek was having none of that.

He slowly bent down and put his mouth back on Stiles cock. He swirled his tongue around the tip- His finger constantly working his way inside.

When he felt Stiles relax again and seeking more friction he sucked the cock inside and let the tip hit his throat. Stiles hips snapped up and his breath ragged.

"Ohhh ohhh yeah…" Stiles put one of his hands in Derek's hair and gently nudge him deeper.

"F..feels so good… Derek…." Derek made eye contact as he pushed another finger through the tight hole.

He let Stiles adjust to the feeling and then started to wriggle them and open the younger teen some more.

Stiles was pushing his hips up and down. Seeking friction in Derek's mouth and on Derek's fingers.

Derek bent his finger a little to the left and Stiles groaned.

"Do…do it again…now!" the human demanded.

"Pushy little bottom…" Derek let go of Stiles cock, grinned and did as he was told plus adding another finger.

"I…I need to…I need to cum…" Stiles groaned.

"Not yet." Derek stopped moving his fingers and pinned him to the bed with his other hand.

"I want to be inside you…." Derek pulled his fingers out and Stiles whimpered at the loss. He lifted his shirt over his head and Stiles gaped at him.

Derek dragged his pants and shorts down, freeing his own cock. He crawled back onto Stiles and nudged him to turn around.

"No…I want to see your face…" Stiles demanded.

Derek slowly lubed his cock , watching Stiles spread his legs. He took hold of one leg and laid it over his shoulder. "Relax," he breathed again and then he moved forward, his cock pressing trough the tight ring of muscles.

Stiles gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Derek was more built than him and three fingers were not even close to the size.

"Relax….shhh Stiles…look at me…" Derek stopped moving, hovering over Stiles.

Stiles opened his eyes and was greeted with a beautiful pair of green ones. Derek moved his lips to Stiles ear. "Relax and tell me if it hurts to much…we'll stop. Okay?"

Stiles decided to take matters in his own hands. He put his hands on Derek's hips and impaled himself on his cock. Derek's heart stopped beating for a second. "Stiles…" he growled.

"Don't move…give me a second…." Stiles breath was ragged and he tried to adjust to the feeling.

"Then stop moving." Derek gritted his teeth.

"Mmmhhmmm but it feels so nice…" Stiles gripped Derek's arms and pulled him down. "Start moving…" he ordered.

Derek slowly pulled out and pushed back in. Stiles hand gripped the headboard to steady himself. "Faster…I want…ffffaster…"

"You're so tight…!" Derek gripped Stiles other leg and bent it, so that he could push ball deep into him.

From that angle he hit a spot that made Stiles groan in pleasure.

With every hit to the special point Stiles was getting more and more aroused. He wanted to climax and reached for his cock but Derek swatted his hands away. He gripped his cock and dragged his hand slowly up and down.

"Ohh d…don't teaseeeeeeee!" the younger panted

Derek moved faster and faster and soon heat pooled through Stiles veins into his stomach and exploded into a giant orgasm.

Cum splashed onto his stomach and painted it. Derek was groaning and growling, the feeling of the young man's climax sending him over the edge. He shoved his dick deep inside the tight hole and stopped moving. Feeling the wolf morph, he climaxed.

They both breathed heavily. Derek pulled out and Stiles winced at the loss and the feeling of being filled. Derek willed his fangs to snap back but the stimulus was too high.

"You've changed…" Stiles whispered

"Sorry…." Derek coloured and tried to hide his head into Stiles shoulders.

"Don't be. It was pretty good actually…." He took hold of Derek's head and kisses his lips. "Show me…"

Derek opened his mouth and showed Stiles his teeth…his eyes flashed from maximum excitement.

Stiles licked over the teeth and Derek growled. "You are trying to kill me…" Derek laughed kissing Stiles.

"Not yet." Stiles grinned…..

Next day

"So how much did you hit him yesterday?" Scott asked laughing.

"Hit him?" Stiles wondered.

"Derek? Didn't he talk to you?"

"Yeah… But there wasn't any hitting involved, of that kind." Stiles grinned, clapped his best friend on the shoulder and winked, laughing when he saw Scott's eyes widen in shock. "But that's a good idea. I'll talk to Derek about it."

It is the longest I've written so far…

It was written as a one shot but I already have another idea…involving Scott's fabulous idea. What do you think?