Romance in Rosewood

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After fourth period Aria went looking for Emily, she finally found her by the gym locker room. "Hey you!" Emily called out towards Aria.

"Hey Em"

"Feeling any better? You look a little better."

"Yeah a little, school has taken my mind off of…You know, and the fact that its Friday helped too. I'm excited about tomorrow what about you?"

"Yeah totally! I don't even know what to wear!"

"Hanna will probably make us go shopping with her tomorrow during the day anyway so no big deal. I have a huge favor to ask you Em, I have to go drop Mike's keys off at his pickup game, would you mind driving me since my cars at the mechanics? I feel bad about asking but…"

"I'd love too, but I can't. I have conditioning today remember? But here just take my car. I'm sure I'll be done by the time you're back and we can go grab lunch, sound good?" Emily replied taking her keys from out of her gym bag and throwing them at Aria.

Jeez what is this throw keys at Aria day? Aria thought to herself. "Thanks Em! Lunch is on me!" Aria said with a wink as she left to the student parking lot.

Aria got into Emily's car and began driving towards the park. As she got closer and closer, she began calling Mike on his cell. She pulled into the parking lot and continued trying to get a hold of her younger brother. "What did this kid forget his phone at home too?" Aria said with a scoff after the 5th time of him not answering. She got out of the car and began walking finally she decided to just leave him a voicemail and try and find him herself.

"Mike, still me wondering where you are…" She began looking around the courts and noticing all the shirtless guys playing basketball today. "Okay I'm at the park trying to give you your keys so pick up!" Aria hung up, extremely annoyed at her brother's incompetence. She began to look around the courts. She saw a lot of shirtless boys clad in basketball shorts jumping around all sweaty, and she instantly wished she had picked out a more attractive outfit for today.

She looked towards the benches and there he was, Mike was sitting right there. She power walked over there calling his name to which she guessed he was ignoring. She walked up to him in a huff, only it wasn't him. "Oh Sorry!" She replied with a nervous chuckle brushing some hair out of her face while some other sweaty basketball player was sitting there looking at her like she was crazy, and he CLEARLY was not Mike. She was starting to get angry, after the past couple of days she had, she didn't need to put up with this annoyance.

Just then she noticed some sexy, tall, Muscley, shirtless guy walk by in a pair of gray basketball shorts holding a basketball. Then she noticed who it was, none other than Jason DiLaurentis. Wow He looks good! She began to blush and turned away pretending not to see him, even though she was pretty sure he saw her. Okay now I REALLY wish I had dressed better.

As she turned she saw someone she recognized, one of Mikes old friends, Louis. She Ran up to him and shouted his name. "LOUIS! Hey do you know where I can find Mike?"

Louis began to shake his head, "Got me"

"But he usually plays here though, right?"

Again he shook his head, "Not for the last couple of months, no."

"No, no, no he usually plays pick up here almost every day after school" Aria said shaking her head in disbelief.

"So do we," he said gesturing at his team mates, "and I haven't seen him. Sorry." Then he rudely left to go back to his game.

Aria was confused and stunned. Where else could Mike be? Could he be in trouble? Could A have gotten to him? Wait, Louis said he hadn't seen Mike in about a month, where has Mike been spending his time instead of going to the park? Annoyance and anger quickly faded as a cold surging pang of fear and worry took over as all of these thoughts ran through Aria's mind. Just then, she felt a thump against her foot pulling her away from her thoughts.

She looked down and discovered a basketball rolling away, after bouncing off her leg. She picked the ball up and looked around trying to find who it belonged to. She looked around and saw who the ball's owner was, Jason DiLaurentis, and he was coming towards her. Just great Aria thought as Jason approached.

Aria looked him up and down When had he gotten so damn hot? Aria thought to herself as he stopped in front of her. "Hey" she said softly, nervous by their first encounter since the other day.

"Hey" Jason said as he reached out to grab the ball from Aria's grasp.

Aria tucked back her bangs, "You haven't seen my brother have you?"

"No, sorry." Aria took notice of the way he looked her up and down seemingly pleased with what he saw. "What, did he give you the slip?"

Aria looked into his eyes and nodded, a fake smile plastered onto her face "Something like that" she said. However, Jason could tell there was more to the story, he could sense how fragile Aria was.

"I was always lying about where I was when I was his age." He offered. "I don't remember a lot about that time actually. Most of what I do remember, I wish I could forget. Ya know?" Jason looked down seemingly ashamed about his past actions. Aria looked down too, slightly embarrassed because she too remembered those nights when Jason would wander around Ali's house drunk and/or high. She remembered how troubled and broken he had seemed once upon a time. Nevertheless, the tid bit of Jason's past did make Aria feel a little bit better; it reassured her that although her brother might be acting strange, things could be worse. "You know what I do remember? Your pink hair."

This caught Aria off guard, "Really?" she asked astonished, and slightly taken aback.

"I thought it was cool." Jason replied nonchalantly and almost…bashfully? His green eyes smoldered as they looked into Aria's hazel ones.

"Really?" Aria repeated, still in shock over his remembrance of something that felt like it was a million years ago. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looking to the side trying to camouflage the obvious blush creeping onto her face. She chuckled in disbelief.

"Really." Jason confirmed, "I mean you- you always did the unexpected. As opposed to me, which I also thought was cool." Aria gave Jason a slight smile, shocked at his admission. "Oh and Aria, if you need a ride while you're car's in the shop, don't hesitate to give me a call." Jason said with an honest smile.

"Thanks Jason, maybe I'll take you up on that." she said biting her lip. Aria thought it was sweet, really sweet.

"Well Uhh..." Jason said with a smile, gesturing back towards the courts.

He began walking back to his game. Aria smiled to herself, she allowed herself one quick glance at Jason as he walked away Gosh, what a cute butt! Then Jason turned back, as if he had heard her comment. But then he surprised her yet again "Hey, I miss that pink hair." He yelled back at her, she smiled at him, a sweet genuine smile. He smiled back, looking down and allowing his hair to fall into his face before continuing back to his game.

Aria could barely hide the beaming smile that had remained plastered on her face. She was blushing a probable scarlet red as she walked back towards Emily's car. All the worry about her brother was gone, and it was replaced by feelings; feelings that stirred in the pit of her stomach, like butterflies in a garden of freshly bloomed flowers. She remembered back when she had a huge crush on Jason, he was always Ali's hot older brother, but he had always had this quality she liked, that she couldn't put a finger on.

He had always been drop dead gorgeous, and it could have been anything from his guarded bruiting exterior, to his quiet and mysterious demeanor that made him stand out to her. Something had always attracted her to Jason DiLaurentis, but she could never put her finger on it. Now those feelings were coming back, and maybe just maybe they had a new place in her life.

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