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Chapter 1 - Oh, shit!

"Really, man?" Jasper asked as he took a swig from his beer. "Didn't Dianne try that shit on you?" He chuckled when I narrowed my eyes in annoyance, detesting that he had to remind me of Dianne. She was one of those girls who would flirt with me shamelessly, without any regard for her self-respect. In her quest for some romantic attention from me, she would do anything even if it made her look stupid. She had once thought that stripping naked in front of me would get me interested in her. She was delusional and I shuddered just thinking about it. I hated girls like that.

"Don't remind me," I told him, slapping him on the chest. He grinned, tipping his beer in a toast. He then turned his head, clearly scanning the now crowded bar. I knew he was looking for his girl.

I raised the glass of tonic water to my lips and allowed my eyes to roam the room. There were a lot of people inside this very small bar. It was one of the popular hangouts among the college students. Since it was the weekend before the start of the school year, it seemed a lot of students had already arrived early for the semester.

I saw some of the members of my fraternity wave at me and gave them a slight nod in acknowledgement. Most of them appeared to be having fun messing with some girls who weren't their girlfriends, ogling the drunken girls gyrating near them.

I was smirking at their antics when my eyes landed on a girl who appeared to be searching for something or someone. From where I was sitting, I could see that she was almost frantic. She wasn't even aware that most of the men had their eyes on her. I really wasn't sure if the dim lights of the bar were fucking with my sight, but she was pretty. Really pretty.

I felt someone punch me on my arm and I pulled my gaze away from the girl I was now ogling.

"Ed, my man," Emmett said, as he unceremoniously plopped himself beside me. "Why the fuck are you drinking…that?" he frowned, pointing to the glass of tonic water I was holding. He was confused as to why I had a non-alcoholic drink in my hand.

"I'm the designated driver," I replied and took a sip of the water. "Besides I have a fucking headache. I don't want to wake up tomorrow and have a massive hangover on top of it," I told him, trying not to be irritated with the look of shock on his face.

"You're such a fucking pussy…that's what you are," he said, chuckling as he bumped his shoulders to mine. "Don't really quite understand why you're the big man on campus." He whined, shaking his head in puzzlement. "I'm more suited to that part." He took a drink of his beer and winked at me.

"Asshole," I retorted.


"Dammit," I hissed as I tried to maneuver the car along the slippery road. The rain was pouring down hard and I was having difficulty seeing through to the roads.

Jasper just chuckled beside me as he lit a cigarette. "Oh, no you don't," I said, and quickly grabbed the stick and chucked it out the window.

"What the fuck, man?" he asked, irritated.

"You know I don't like it when somebody smokes and the windows are all closed," I informed him, shrugging my shoulders at him he scowled.

"Damn, dude, you smoke inside this car!" he whined, clearly still pissed off with the discarded cigarette.

"Yes, but only when I can open the windows," I answered back.

"But the fucking rain..."

I cut him off with "…this is my car."

He huffed and I grinned.

"You should have hitched a ride with your girl," I told him.

"Ali has to meet up with her cousin. I already told you this, man. Stop whining like a girl, it doesn't look good on you," he snapped. "My car will be ready in a week, and I don't have to worry about riding with your sorry ass."

I gave him the finger and he laughed. I looked back at the road, concentrating on not ramming us into something. It was still so hard to see, and I eventually decided I would stop at the next block. It would be safer to drive when the rain dwindled down.

The rain was coming down so hard it was practically all I could hear as it pounded against the roof of the car. Jasper increased the volume of the music to compete with the downpour outside, and started singing along with the music. The red light turned to green, and I pressed the gas pedal. It was only a few seconds after I moved past the traffic light when I heard the loud crunching sound of metal just before the car started spinning around.

Automatically, I slammed the brakes but it seemed it was useless against the force of the impact. Everything was a blur. I could feel my world spinning and I couldn't do anything about it. I heard somebody scream. Jasper.

After what seemed like forever, the spinning and the sound of tires screeching halted. I turned my head frantically to check on Jasper. He was heaving and his eyes were wide with fear but he seemed okay. I moved, and felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I might have hit it on something earlier. I reached my hand to touch Jasper's arm, and I winced.

"Are you okay, man?" I asked, rubbing my shoulder to try and dispel some of the pain. My heart was hammering inside my chest and I could hear the loud thumping in my ears. Jasper was nodding his head furiously, as if it was the only thing he could do.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and slowly made my way out of the car. It was still pouring so furiously I had difficulty focusing. The rain was running down my face, but I tried to ignore it. I wanted to make sense of what just fucking happened.

I turned around and wished I hadn't gotten out of the car. The scene before me was not pretty. Another car was smashed on the front of my car. Another one was flipped over a couple of feet away. It looked horrible. The situation looked so bad, I was afraid somebody might have gotten hurt badly.

"Holy Fuck!"

I staggered towards the car that was in front of me. The feeling of guilt was threatening to overwhelm me, even though I knew I didn't cause this.


There was a girl slumped against the front seat of her car. Her face was bloodied. She wasn't moving and I instantly feared she was dead. I quickly opened the door, checking immediately for any signs that she was breathing. I placed my hand on her back, feeling her breathe in and out. She was still alive. I sighed in relief, feeling her soft breaths.

Jasper was shouting somewhere. I was about to turn around when I felt the girl move. I held her hand, and she tightened her grip on mine.

"Edward, shit man!" Jasper shouted. He was holding his hair, looking panicked.

"J, fucking call 911!" Luckily, the rain was now dwindling down to a drizzle and Jasper could see my impatience. He ran back to our car to do as I instructed.

"Hold on there, Miss," I said to the girl, ignoring the throbbing in my shoulder. The pain was becoming unbearable, and I tried not to scream. The girl had it worse than me, so the least I could do was comfort her. She looked unconscious, but her hand had a tight grip on mine. "Help is coming."

I didn't know how long I sat there with her, but I was relieved when I finally heard the ambulance sirens in the distance. All too suddenly, there was a commotion of police officers, paramedics, and a crowd of people milling around. I only let go of the girl's hand when the medics basically had to push me away.

I was still a bit disoriented, still concerned for the safety of the girl. I stared at the ambulance that she was put in until it was out of sight. A medic had to literally pull me away from where I was standing to attend to some of my bruises and cuts.


Once I had my shoulder checked and bandaged, the doctor placed my arm in a sling to prevent my shoulder from incurring more damage. I walked out of the treatment room and found Alice pacing back and forth in the lobby, looking frantic. Jasper barely had a scratch on him, and I was wondering if she didn't know that yet.

"Alice?" I asked her, concerned. I was the first one attended to by the doctors because I had more injuries than Jasper. He was still in the emergency room, being treated. Worry was etched on her face and I feel like shit once again. "Jasper's okay. Don't worry."

"Yes, I know. I'm not worried...no, no...I'm worried about him but not anymore. I talked to a nurse and she informed me about you guys," she babbled, her nervousness causing her to talk fast.

"Then why are you still so agitated?" I asked confused. She still had this scared look in her eyes.

"My cousin's here," she whispered, clearly trying hard not to cry. "She was driving one of the three cars."

I frowned. Shit!

"Is she alright?" I asked. My heart was racing; the guilt and the anger at what had happened slowly crept through me. I thought of the people involved in the crash, and I couldn't help but think that I could have done something more and prevented the whole incident. I was informed earlier that the third car, the one that was flipped over, was the cause of the crash. The driver was drunk and basically ran a red light. He hit the other car in front of us on its rear end while we were hit at the front portion of the vehicle. I knew it wasn't my fault, but I couldn't help feeling guilty about what had happened. Someone was fucking hurt.

"I dunno," she replied. She was wringing her hands together, and I wanted to comfort her. That was not possible because of the sling on my arm. "She sustained some head injuries…they're minor, I hope."

The girl I was holding hands with earlier was Alice's cousin. I hoped she was okay. I didn't want to think she might die or something like that. It wasn't right.

The appearance of a middle-aged doctor with dark hair interrupted our conversation. He informed us he needed to talk to Alice privately regarding her cousin's health. I wondered why she had no parents here in the hospital. I left the two of them together to talk about what they needed to talk about.

The nurse at the station informed me that my parents were on their way to the hospital. I turned just in time to see the doctor leave a crying Alice. She looked so distraught, I was afraid she would faint. I went and tried to comfort her.

It seemed that her cousin was still unconscious. She was not in critical condition anymore, but they still had to observe how she was doing for the next couple of days.

After a few minutes of crying, Alice stood up and started walking towards the narrow hallway. She had this determined look in her eyes that kind of scared me. Really, she did. With that look of hers, she was a force to be reckoned with. We were trying to sneak around to find a way into Alice's cousin's room when a nurse stopped us. We weren't allowed in this specific area of the hospital.

Alice frantically explained that she had a cousin named Isabella Swan and she needed to see her. The nurse looked apprehensive at first, but seemed to have relaxed a bit upon hearing that Alice was a family member of the patient. She then turned towards me, and I could see the glint of appreciation as she quickly skimmed her eyes over my face. I gave her my smile, the one that seemed to have a weird effect on girls and women alike. Her eyes twinkled in response and I knew my smile worked, just like it always did.

The nurse was still smiling, but she was clearly waiting for an explanation as to why I was also with Alice. Before I could even utter a word, I heard Alice speak.

"He's the boyfriend. Please…please…just this once." Alice begged, her eyes shining with a new set of tears. The nurse with 'Christine' on her nametag turned towards Alice with a tight smile. "He really needs to know whether she is okay or not. He really loves her, you know," Alice insisted.

She was quite convincing because Christine turned to look at me with pity and awe in her eyes, and gave me a smile as she nodded in affirmation.

I really wanted to see Alice's cousin and was so grateful Christine permitted us to do just that.


A week after the accident, Jasper, Alice and I were visiting Isabella in the hospital. I was kind of feeling sorry for the girl since she was the one who got it worse than anyone from the car crash. The drunk driver only had a few small bruises and a mild concussion. Alice's cousin, however, had just woken up yesterday after five days of being unconscious. She was suffering from some kind of memory loss. That was the reason why we were here. We wanted to check on her, maybe give her some moral support, help her in anyway we could.

I never got to see Isabella the last time I was here. I had felt it was an invasion of privacy to go inside the room of someone I didn't know, so I had told Alice I would just wait for her outside Isabella's room.

Alice mentioned she had just transferred from Arizona, and was going to start her junior year here at UW.

We all entered Isabella's room quietly. I could see a girl sitting propped up on her bed, her head turned sideways while she talked to Christine.

"Bella!" Alice shouted and basically lunged herself to the poor girl's body. I heard a grunt from Isabella.

"Oops, sorry," Alice said, pulling away reluctantly, seeing that she was squeezing her cousin too tightly.

It was then when Alice finally removed her arms around Isabella that I saw who she was. She was the girl I was ogling at the bar. Even with all the bruises on her face, she was still so beautiful.

Alice tucked Isabella's hair behind her ear, and I could see her profile more clearly. She had perfect skin, and she was too pretty to look away from.

Her smile, even though it wasn't directed towards me, made me warm inside. I didn't know why.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Alice said. "Mom and Dad just went to the hotel for awhile, but they'll be back to check on you."

Isabella just nodded, and her eyes darted toward Jasper and me. She looked confused, and her forehead furrowed.

"Who are they, Ali?" she asked softly, biting her lower lip between her teeth as her eyes darted from Jasper and me.

"Remember Jasper? I told you about him." Alice started, going to Jasper to pull him forward. She gave him a smile and he came forward to shake her hand.

"This, Bella…" Christine interrupted Alice's introductions. I was so surprised when she started holding my arm and pushing me forward towards her… "is your boyfriend. The one I've been telling you about."

Isabella's eyes widened as Alice's mouth gaped open.

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