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Chapter 5 – T Guitar

Bella was about to insert the key when the door was suddenly flung open. I was so surprised I almost tumbled backwards. It was a good thing Bella was holding me, or I would've made a fool of myself.

"Bella honey, you're here," Alice chirped. She followed us in, ignoring me.

"Hi, Ali," Bella said, eyeing Alice from head to toe. Alice twirled, showing off her party dress. It was short, and I wondered if Jasper would approve of his girlfriend wearing a dress where everyone would see her behind when she bent over.

"What do you think? Do I look pretty?" Alice asked, giving Bella a smug look.

"Of course you do." Bella answered, getting the books from my hand and putting them on top of the kitchen counter. I stayed quiet, not really knowing what to do. I sat on the chair, and continued to observe this little exchange between Alice and Bella.

"Mike's having a party. I know Edward knows about this…" Alice said, before turning to face me, "…don't you, Edward?"

I had been busy watching Bella; it had taken me a moment to understand what Alice was saying.

"Yes," I stuttered. The look Alice gave me said she caught me focusing on Bella. I felt stupid, but I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of knowing she did that. "But I don't think Bella wants to go to a party just yet," I said.

Bella smiled in gratitude, and I winked, showing her I had her back.

"Oh, is that so?" Alice mocked, her lips curving into a smile.

I tried to avert my eyes, knowing what she was trying to understand why I was the one speaking for Bella. "Yes. She just bought all these books…" I pointed to the counter where the books were laid, "…and wanted to start reading tonight. Isn't that right, babe?" The 'babe' slipped from my tongue before I realized, and I was mortified. I had just confirmed to Alice that…that…well, I really didn't know what, but it was something I knew she would hound me about when she got the chance.

"Yes, that's right," I heard Bella say, making Alice's smile wider.

"Well, if your boyfriend says you won't be going, dear cousin, I think I'll be on my way now," Alice said, enunciating the word boyfriend. Before I could say something, she kissed Bella on the cheek and nodded at me before she exited their apartment. I was too stunned to speak. Was I obvious? Clearly Alice was catching on and seemed to have no problem with my attraction to her cousin. Well, she damn better accept it. It was her fault I was in this mess now.

"Edward, c'mon," Bella said, interrupting my thoughts. I followed behind her, bringing her purchases from earlier along into her bedroom.

Her room was pristine and beautiful in its simplicity, just like her. I put her purchased books on her study table, intending to leave quickly.

"I'll just wait out here, Bella," I said. I was getting increasingly uncomfortable as the seconds passed. This was her private sanctuary and my being here was an intrusion, whether I wanted to admit it or not.

She raised her eyebrow in question, clearly puzzled as to why her boyfriend was willing to leave her alone in her bedroom to wait outside. I stayed silent, not knowing what to do or how to explain.

However much I felt I was intruding, I stayed rooted to my spot as if I belonged there. Bella was staring at me, her eyes suddenly twinkling with mischief. She stepped forward and grabbed my hand, pulling me to sit on the edge of her bed.

As the seconds passed, my nervousness ebbed away. She seemed to like me inside her space; her easy demeanor said it all. She even took a few minutes to log into her computer, making me think she had forgotten all about me. The glances she gave me, however, told me otherwise. It all seemed easy and uncomplicated with her. She would just smile and I felt like I belonged with her.

She stood up and crouched down to search for something inside her closet. She had a very nice butt hidden in her tight jeans, and my eyes lingered there. I was so busy ogling her ass I didn't see she had already turned, and was holding something in her hand - a guitar. She beamed at me, looking like she had just won the lottery. I smiled, not really knowing what she was so happy about. Maybe she wanted to play the instrument with me.

She stood in front of me, saying nothing, just holding the guitar. The smile on her face suddenly turned shy, making me realize she was trying to give me the guitar. I was surprised. Maybe I read her expression wrong.

"What is this?" I asked, confused. She pushed the guitar closer to me, making me see the guitar was new. "Bella?"

She looked embarrassed all of a sudden, and I had a sneaky feeling why that was. "I saw this and I thought of you. It was on sale so I bought it."

I was shocked. Why would she buy this for me? I stared at her, and the hurt that I could suddenly see reflected in her eyes made me want to slap my head. She thought I was rejecting her gift. I gave her a smile, and slowly reached for the guitar. The smile she gave me in return took my breath away. I wanted so badly to kiss her, but we were in her room, and that was not a good idea. Once I started kissing her, I knew I would not be able to stop; and that was very dangerous especially since we were on a bed.

I distracted myself by checking out the instrument. It was a Taylor guitar, an expensive brand, and it would have cost her a lot of money, even if it was on sale.

"I…I…I don't know what to say," I said softly, getting a bit choked up. As I held the guitar, I couldn't help but be amazed at how wonderful Bella really was, and if I had any doubts I needed to rectify this charade I was in, this kind gesture would have erased it.

"You don't like it?" Her voice was timid, and her face was flushed. She started to reach for the guitar, and I could see the disappointment in her eyes.

"No, I like it," I said with an exaggerated conviction, wanting her to believe me. "I like it a lot." I gave her a grin and she smiled, lighting up her face and making my heart swell with pride. "I didn't know you knew I played guitar."

"Well, Jasper mentioned it one time…and I kinda felt I needed something to give you since I couldn't even give you the memories of the last three months since we started dating. I wanted to do this."

She left me speechless. Her selflessness knew no bounds, and she was fast becoming someone I couldn't stay away from. She was addictive, and I was hooked.

"Babe?" Her sweet voice startled me from my thoughts. I might have been staring at her for a few minutes, because she was giving me this funny smile, like she knew I had gone somewhere to daydream.

"Thank you." I couldn't help the smug smile from forming on my lips, loving the endearment she had called me. By now, my heart was racing, ready to leap out of my chest.

I looked at her lovely face, and wondered how I could ever make it up to her-this lie I had told her. She was too beautiful a person for us to continue with this charade. As soon as I could find Alice, I would inform her of my plan to tell Bella everything.

With that resolve in mind, I was able to hope that somehow things between Bella and I would be fine.

Winking, I patted the bed beside me in invitation. She giggled, and complied. The sweet scent of lavender and jasmine flooded my nostrils, making me suddenly dizzy with lust for her. I closed my eyes, trying to control my raging hormones; in the hope I would not attack and ravage her. The urge to do just that was so great, especially now that we were sitting on a bed, a bed that was hers - where she would sleep maybe scantily clad, or even naked. Shit! I needed to stop thinking about her and this bed. It wasn't doing any good to my already hardening cock.

I needed to resist the temptation. So instead of thinking of inappropriate things I would love to do to Bella, I forced myself to think of a song appropriate for Bella. My mind was muddled with lustful thoughts that I came up blank. Not wanting to appear like I was confused, I strummed and adjusted the strings until I was contented with the sound of each note. I was about to tell Bella a story from my earlier days in a band when I felt her hand on my knee. My heart felt like it stopped for a minute before it resumed to life full throttle. I knew it was just an innocent gesture, one that I was making a big deal out of, but I could feel my skin burn from her touch, even through the layer of clothing covering me.

I turned, intending to tease her but stopped when I saw her looking at me, her eyes dark with lust. My heart was pounding so loud against my chest; it was all I could hear. I tried to fight the urge to give into my own desires that were slowly burning inside me, but when she bit her lip I knew for sure I was a goner. The control I had earlier slipped away, and I couldn't fight it any longer. I quickly placed the instrument aside, and pulled Bella on my lap.

This time, I had every intention of making out with her. She seemed to like that idea, too; never protesting what was about to happen. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised. It was natural to her to make out with me, since I was supposed to be her boyfriend. That thought soured my mood a little, just a tiny bit, if I was being truthful with myself. I didn't want to think about our situation right now. All I wanted was to have her lips pressed against mine; nothing else mattered to me at that moment. Overthinking what was about to happen would screw this moment for me, so instead I went with my gut feeling and just kissed her. Tongue and teeth mingled together, frantically conveying how much we both wanted each other.

I tugged her lower lip, sucking and nipping, loving the moans I elicited from her. I could feel her grinding against me, and I froze. My erection was not small, and I was sure by now she could feel me.

"Edward?" she asked, her eyes searching mine.

"We're not supposed to do this," I whispered hoarsely, closing my eyes and trying to will away my boner.

"We're not?" she asked, surprised. She stopped touching me, and just sat there breathing heavily and staring at me. She frowned before she asked, "Haven't we done this before?"

"I…I…We…," I stuttered, not really knowing what to say. I sighed and placed my hands on her hips. She was so soft, and it was the only safe place I could hold her without fueling my desire. "No. We haven't."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh, oh," she said dryly. She raised her eyes to mine again, and blushed. I reached to caress her cheeks, loving the color on her.

"Do you want to be with me like that?" she asked softly. Her eyes lowered for a second, as if she was suddenly ashamed, before returning to hold my gaze. Her question took me by surprise, and I was speechless. I just stared at her, memorizing every feature on her lovely face, as I thought of what I wanted. I wanted her, but I was scared she would hate me when she learned the truth.

She bit her lip again, a nervous habit of hers. It was then I realized I hadn't answered her question. I pulled her head, smashing her mouth to mine, wanting to let her know I wanted her. If she knew how fucking much, I knew she would be scared. I slowly pulled away, not wanting to overwhelm her. I leaned my head against her forehead, loving this closeness. Her breath mingled with mine, as I gave her a smirk.

"Did that answer your question, beautiful?"

She smiled shyly, and hid her face on my neck. I could feel her warm breath prickling my skin and goosebumps broke out all over me. This was getting dangerously close to seduction, even though I knew she didn't have any idea how sexy I thought she was.

I ran my hand through her hair, relishing on the softness between my fingers. Her hands started trailing down, and I sucked in a long, deep breath. She had a definite destination in mind, and from the path her hand was moving, I was sure it would land on my crotch.

Once her hand was on my erection, she whispered softly, "I want you, babe. Please."

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