Jace watch from the shadows planning her next move. This 20 something year old man was out for a early morning run behind the local middle school. His body was bulky and muscular as if he was a one of those self centered jerks that thought his body was a fucken temple. His adrenaline was pumping and he had headphones blaring into his empty skull. Jace planed this to be quick and painless, she knew his blood would taste funcky from all the muscle enhancers this man poisoned himself with, but he'd be a easy kill, and she wouldn't get caught. She withdrew a razor sharp blade from her bag, the moonlight shone off the steel. She smiled, the thought of blood, and all the innocent people she had killed with it. Jace caught her reflection in the blade, the sadistic looking girl with a hungry look to kill. She froze. What has she become? Her hungry smile faded, she closed her eyes wishing it wasn't her. This girl in the reflection had the same short raven black hair as Jace, the same blueish gray eyes, but it couldn't really be what she was turning into. Could it? Jace opened her eyes, it was her. She dropped the blade in her hand to her side and looked at the man she was about to kill. She needed blood to stay healthy, this guys probably a perverted bastard to all that know him, she'd be doing them a favor. But what about his family, they'd miss him, he probably raises his parents hell. She didn't know what she was thinking, one thought would be to kill him then the next she'd feel guilty. She's killed plenty of people before, why is this so hard now, was it her reflection in the blade showing her the real monster she was becoming? A slayer is suppose to be human with only the essence of a vampire, so why is she just like one of those 'leaches' she was raised to kill? Did she somehow get more vampire DNA, is she different from other slayers? The man rounded the track and passed Jace completely unaware of his possible killer 10 feet away from him.. Before Jace realized, she was in a full sprint towards the man. She jumped on his back bringing him to the ground with a snapping sound of his wrist, he screamed in pain but Jace only laughed. She found it enjoyable to cause pain to a fellow human. Wait, was she still human? She slit his throat and he went still, quite, he was dead. She lowered her lips to the gash and drank. Her hunger was quenched but she was not satisfied. She grabbed the knife and stabbed all over his body, she riped out his guts and flung them onto the track. Jace had lost control, but what exactly was controlling her? She cut out the man's still warm heart and stabbed it till it couldn't be recognizable as a organ, just a weird formed and stabbed hunk of muscle. She licked the blade clean and laughed, she was drenched in blood, her odd craving ended and she looked at her blade satisfied. Her reflection, well the sadistic reflection of her looked back at her. She dropped the blade to the ground and backed away in disbelief. This wasn't her. Ya she could be cruel and dark at times but this couldn't really be her. Could it? Jace grabbed her bag and sprinted into the woods. She had to leave. She had a job to do. What was she going to do? What is she becomingg? What is she going to do about her job? What is she?

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