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Move That Ass (Get On the Floor) – The Page Brothers

'Time to move,' Kate said as the team got up to follow her.

She ignored his comment of 'sexy' as she broke down the door. There's a twelve gauge shot gun lying on the floor. From behind the counter someone lets off a round. Kate swears and Rick well he nearly wets himself as he hits the ground.

It was time to take command, she was getting this bitch he had no choice. 'Don't be alarmed Mr Anderson, if you don't shoot there won't be a problem.'

But before she could blink the suspect had moved halfway out the open window, with only his ass still showing. When the barrel of his gun snuck around the window pane she turned to Castle 'get on the floor!'

Rick moved quickly and so did she. Only she moved to catch the ass who was trying to get down the two floors to the ground. He'd already committed a violent assault and stole millions in diamonds and pearls. That's not to mention the prostitution ring he ran and the double homicide of his two partners.

She could hear the sirens of the back-up approaching but there wasn't time to wait. It didn't worry her, the guy was a bank robbing drop out who could barely run a meter. He may be armed to a T but when they'd meet she'd be sure to get him without making either bleed.

She hit the street with her gun poised, she'll be doing the bargaining. A car backfires behind her, alerting Mike too early. His brain may be fried but he's got enough time to draw on her. She goes straight for the big guns, throwing a deal on the floor.

He looks down the clear alleyway into a bustling New York, with only the distant sounds of a party filling the alley. In a snap decision Anderson made a move, pushing the guy beside him 'move you ass,' right as Beckett yelled 'get on the floor!'

Short one but it was stuck in my head last night and I couldn't sleep so you guys got it... Hope you enjoyed it anyway.