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It hasn't failed yet.

Warning: Angst and other things I haven't really planned yet.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Imagine that this is all in black and white, except the only visible colours to us is red, gold and any varying shades of those to colours. Characters can see in colour if one says something's brown it is but just imagine that to you it's a shade of gray. The reason for this, I have recently re-fallen in love with old early 1970's black and white detective movies. (Yes I'm eccentric)

Haou's Pov

I stood on the top of the tallest building in Pandora city, my black leather clothes helped merge me in with the night sky. The wind whipped around me but the chill barely touched my bare skin the only chill that really got to me anymore was from my own soul. I heard sirens blaring in the distance, screams from all around. A mother crying as the father of her child abused her, guns going off in the back alleys, innocent people being mugged, a gang in a battle, a convenience store being robbed with the tender a college student who needs money with a gun to their head, prostitutes on the corner, people getting high and drunk. Disgusting. Filthy. Trash that somehow manage to still call themselves human. I knew my brother would be out there trying to help where he could, out of the two of us he was the real hero. Judai had managed among all the death to see a light that was no longer in my eye sight anymore. I lost faith in mankind too long ago and with that went the want to help them.

Jehu's Pov.

The neighbourhood where I lived in was probably one of the better ones in the city but that's not much to say really in Pandora city. Personally I thought whoever named it did a damn good job, this city was nothing but sins and there was only a flicker of hope that I was surprised hadn't completely disappeared yet. That hope was in the form of two super heroes, one with beautiful gold eyes and the other brown. There were wanted signs everywhere, offering shit loads of money for their lives.

I shook my head pissed off; they didn't know what they were doing. I hurried home knocking on the door in a secret code so they'd know not to blow off my head when I entered and made sure to lock the door behind me using the deadlock. "Johan, I'm home and I brought dinner."

We didn't bother setting the table, it was just him and I now our father left when we were young and our mother died a year ago, suicide. Luckily I was old enough to take custody of my younger brother and I was sure that at the time that's what she was waiting for. I heard him scoff at whatever was on the tv and looked around the corner to see him watching the news.

Sitting down beside Johan I gave him his food. "What's happened?" I asked.

"They're saying that Haou's dead," He replied while chewing.

"That's bullshit."

He smiled, "That's what I was thinking. If he was really dead they would have shown us a body or something. They're just trying to spread bullshit propaganda again."

"Language," I warned, taking remote off him I flicked the tv off, not wanting to hear about anymore of that crap.

Johan raised his eyebrows at me but didn't argue back. "They're also going on about the possible rampage Judai will go on when he finds out but everyone who's still sane in this city knows that Judai would never do that."

My brother had been saved by Judai a couple years ago and I was pretty sure he had developed a crush on the masked hero. That was about the time I stopped listening to the news as well and started listening to the few who said good things about the heroes. I had even kept a few articles from an underground newspaper group about the two of them. I was pretty sure that the people who started that were dead now and from their writing they weren't much older than Johan was.

I looked up at the clock, 10:30pm. "Do all your homework?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied, I peered at him closely making sure that he was telling me the truth.

"Good, now once you have finished eating go brush your teeth and go to bed," I ordered.

He nodded his head, "What about tiding up?"

"I'll take care of it all, you have school tomorrow," I stated taking my plate to the kitchen and began doing the dishes. Before I finished he came in with his own plate and gave it to me. I felt a smile grace my lips and said, "Good dreams."

I sighed as he walked off to bed. Johan was a good kid but he tried a little too hard to not be a burden on me. Sometimes I wished that I could give him more, he was a smart and had gotten a scholarship to the top high school in the city. Johan was no burden on me so I did all I could to make sure life wasn't too much of a burden on him.

After cleaning up and doing what little I could to make the place look nicer I checked up on my brother who was already fast asleep. I quietly went in and patted his head lightly; he was one of the few people who gave me hope for the future.

Soon I too went to bed, sitting up I brought out a drawing board that was hidden under the bed and continued drawing my comic book with all the real life actions of Haou and Judai not slanted by the media to make them look like villains but to make them into the heroes they truly were.

I had finished a page before I deemed it time to go to sleep, hiding the comic and my drawing gear once more I lay down. If others learnt well it didn't real matter, I had a worse secret than just drawings, death wasn't something I feared anymore.

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