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Haou's Pov

I had decided to go and find out who he was and keep an eye on him. For some reason he seemed familiar and then I remembered; a boy with almost the same teal hair and appearance went to Judai's school and if I was right, was one of Judai's friends. Being the nice big brother I decided to go and pick the both of them up at school today, Judai never had friends come home for certain reasons but I knew that he would appreciate it. So now I was waiting for my little brother and his friend in a simple black car, it was a luxury and Judai and I weren't poor, our parents had looked after us well even after death. When the bell rung and they ran out the gates I stepped out of my car and walked over to them, Judai's eyes held onto mine, a questioning gaze in them. "Hello," I greeted holding out my hand to his tealette friend who took it without any reservations. I didn't have to search far in his mind to find out that the man I was looking for was his brother Jehu and that he was this boy's only way home. Not letting go I invited him to our house using compulsion to make him say yes. As we drove off I felt Judai's eyes on my and in the mirror I gave him a look to show that I would explain everything later.

Jehu's POV

They had just left me sitting in the interrogation room for what felt like hours and I had a good hunch that what I felt was reality. The interrogation room was generic, the walls were plain grey brick and there as a metal table in the middle that was attached to the floor so it couldn't be used as a weapon, as were the chairs, there was a one was glass behind my interrogator and I knew that the people behind it would be looking out for if I had any tells to see if I was lying.

Well to my advantage I was very good at lying as well as poker.

I knew that my face was almost blank with a hint of annoyance, that wasn't feigned only because I had been waiting far too long and I should have picked my brother up from school hours ago. I hoped that he was fine.

Finally a guy walked in, his sexuality was questionable from appearance but I knew that he was a male by the name of Chronos.

"A Signor Andersen, pleasure to meet you, nye?" he said, taking a seat.

I raised my eyebrow as if to say 'really' but instead I replied, "I wish I could say the same… I don't even know if I'd want to meet you in, how shall I put it, better circumstances."

I loved pissing people off and this guy, he was easy prey.

The smile on his face wavered and was replaced by a seriously scowl. "Funny Andersen."

"Not really, I'm just very good at telling people the truth no matter if it's kind or not," I shrugged humbly.

"Good then telling me about the events in the Central Fold Plato should be easy for you." The smirk was back but really how did he expect anyone to take him seriously with purple lipstick?

"What's there to say," I shrugged, "an obviously somewhat mentally scarred kid came in with a bomb, I tried to talk her out of it, all of us were going to die and then Haou came in and saved all of our pitiful lives."

Chronos hummed in thought. "Then what was that moment at the end when everyone else left?"

People were dense, if I didn't have Johan I don't know what would have stopped me from becoming a mass murderer. "I thanked him for saving our lives."

"You thanked him?" Chronos asked as if it was unheard of.

"Yeah, you know the thing you do to show gratitude for someone doing something nice," I said sarcastically.

"I know what that means." I couldn't believe that my blatant sarcasm had washed over him. "I'm just wondering why on all that is good in the world…" 'Good in the world,' I thought, this guy must be in Lala-land. "… that anyone would thank either of them, nye?"

I scoffed, "Shows how much you care about you meaningless life. I may hold no sympathy for most people except the few I care about but I almost feel as if I should be sorry for you." Pity was one of the worse things a person could give another and I knew it.

"I wouldn't need it from you anyway Mr. Andersen," Chronos growled, "and for your own safety I'd watch what you say, nye."

Glaring at him I lent over the table. "Are you threatening me Chronos?"

He shook his head, "Only if you need it."

"I don' really care actually so long as no one touches Johan I'm fine but I think that you should heed your own words," I said wisely, "It's not a threat, just a humble suggestion."

Chornos' face screwed up in disdain, "You really think you're so smart don't you? But you're just a…"

I held up my finger and cut him off. "If all we're going to do is share pleasantries from now on can I go? I, unlike you, have someone very important waiting for me."

"Very fine," he sighed, "you may go but remember to act appropriately from now on, we wouldn't want something like this to occur again, now would we?"

Grinning I replied, "Well not with you, next time I'd appreciate a person who didn't look like a creepy clown who did their make up in one of those distortion mirrors."

I got up and left before he kept me any longer, I really needed to get back to Johan and as much as I knew that I should regret saying those simple words of gratitude I knew I never was, why feel bad for doing the right thing?