Ginny, Lavender, and Parvati looked at the greenhouse. It was supposed to be time for class, but the building was full of magic rather than students, and Neville was standing at the door, singing... "We're closed for renovation, for spiffing up and grooming, 'cuz new students are flocking, and interest has been booming, we need refrigeration in our new, improved display, so we're closed for renovation, today!" He then turned and reentered the greenhouse, where Mrs. Sprout was busy talking into a two-way mirror.

"Yes, indeed, this is the class you heard about in the student paper. Yes, the Luna Two is on display exclusively here!" Luna exited the basement, a few rows of potted plants hovering behind her. Neville and her resumed their work, now singing together.

"We're closed for decoration, 'cuz fortunate has been smiling, so now we're due for painting, new plumbing, and re-tiling, we'll make a first-class greenhouse for our little class, and then, tomorrow we'll be open again!" Professor Sprout put down the two-way mirror and looked down at Neville, who was attempting to cast a cleaning charm at the floor.

"Aren't you finished yet?

"I'm doing my best, but all these band-aids make it kinda hard."

"Oh, Neville, you've been getting hurt so much lately," said Luna.

"Er, I know... seems like every time I try to cast Diffendo, I slip!" Neville, Luna, and Professor Sprout all began working and singing together...

"We're closed for renovation, for swabbing-down and brooming, 'cuz business has been thriving, since Luna Two's been blooming, the owls have not stopped flying with the new students who say:"

"I'd love it if you would teach me," sang Neville.

"I've got Thursday afternoons free," sang Luna.

"Can I sit in so I can see,"

"If I should take Herbology,"

"With my extended family," chimed in Professor Sprout.

"We promise that we won't get Ts," everyone sang together. "We're closed for renovations... today!"

"Neville," asked Professor Sprout, "Did you send that acceptance letter to Ron Weasley?"

"Ron Weasley?" asked Neville.

"Ron Weasley," said Luna, hoping to remind him.

"Ron Weasley... Er, I forgot."

"You forgot! How could you forget an order like that? The Weasleys are our most important demographic! A big, enormous family, and they all need more credits! I'm telling you, Longbottom, if we lose their interest over this... you are finished!" With that Professor Sprout exited the greenhouse, leaving Neville and Luna to work alone.

"You know, sometimes I think Professor Sprout's too hard on you," said Luna.

"Oh, I don't mind. After all, I owe her everything. She gave me a place to stand out back when I was just a first year. There were still bullies, but even if I was awful at everything else, at least they couldn't say I was bad at Herbology. She gave me plants to catalogue and floors to sweep and every other Sunday off...

"You know, I think you ought to raise your expecations, Neville. Now that we're getting successful, I mean. Why don't you start with a new uniform? No offense, but what with all the interviews and photo sessions, a big, important experimental botanist has to look the part."

"I'm awful at keeping things nice, Luna. I don't even know how to tell if a uniform's self-cleaning or not."

"Well, I could help you pick things out..."

"You could?"


"You'd go shopping with me?"


"You'd be seen with me in a public place? Like a department store?"



"I can't tonight. I've got a date. But I'd like to go with you another time."

"Sure, I'll... pencil you in..."

"I'll bet you've got a lot of dates, now?"

"Not dates, exactly... but a lot of the other herbology students have been calling - asking me to tutor them. Imagine me, a tutor. I'm only in my third year."

"That doesn't matter. You have life experience."

"Some experience. I don't even know what it's like to apparate."

"Me neither."

"Or eat a fancy dinner at the Three Broomsticks."

"Me neither."

"Or fly on a broom."

"Oh, it's no big deal. And besides, it's dangerous."

"It is?"

"Extremely dangerous. ...gee, I'd better go fix my face. My date'll be here any minute!"