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My Happily Ever After

A kiss on her shoulder caused Bay's eyes to flutter open letting the lights blind her for a moment before her vision adjusted. Hands stroked her bared arms caressing her with their touch. She could feel his breath as his face buried in the crook of her neck. Glancing over her shoulder their lips connected in a spark that made her mind empty of all thoughts. His hand entangled in her hair pulling her body closer to his. She rotated to face him now lying on her back her arms wrapped around him.

As they slowly pulled apart her brown eyes staring into his sparkling blue as he looked at her with nothing but pure love. Her heart stopped in that moment.

"Good morning my love," Emmett signed his eyes trailing over her body.

Good morning my Husband," she signed back.

As he leaned in for another kiss it was interrupted by a body slamming onto their bed crushing their chests and forcing the wind out of them.

"Mom, Mom, Mom, get up!" the little boy signed quickly before grabbing her arm and pulling Bay up into a sitting position.

"Hold on one moment. Go pick out what you want to wear and I'll be there in a minute," Bay instructed him.

With a quick nod he took off out of the room just as quickly as he came. Bay fell back onto the bed. Emmett laughed silently beside her causing Bay to punch him on the arm playfully.

"He's his mother's son," Emmett commented.

Bay's eyebrow rose. "How about you get him ready this morning?"

Emmett continued to laugh. "Alright, I'm going."

Emmett tossed the covers off his body before stepping onto the cool hard floor. Getting up he stopped turning back to his beautiful wife. Leaning over he gave her a quick peck on the lips before heading into the other room where Bay could hear drawers slamming.

Bay stared up at the ceiling smiling she asked no one in particular, "How did I ever get so lucky?"

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