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When I met her, I never knew she would change my life so quickly. When we talk, she always seems like such a foolish, immature girl. I never knew she would be the one to teach me something else about life, other than hardwork and being serious. She opened up something else inside of me. She brought a new side of me out.

Hikari changed me. And it started that day at the dock.

I crossed my arms and tapped my foot. "Father, why do I need to meet the new farmer now? She'll walk around town introducing herself, anyways," I said, annoyed.

"Oh, Gilligan," my short, rotund father started. "You're just like your mother. She was impatient, as well."

"My name is Gill," I gritted through my teeth. One more name like 'Gilly' or 'Gilligan' and I'll stuff him up the chimney again.

"Of course, Gilly," he said, obviously not hearing what I said. I was about to pick him up and throw him off when he ran further onto the dock. "Oh, look! Pascal's here with our new resident!"

As soon as the ship docked, a girl about my age ran off. She was a head shorter than me. Her short red-brown hair had a cowlick like my own head. If you looked closely, I think you could see the word 'excitement' written in her bright brown eyes. She was quite skinny, she didn't look like farming material.

She looked around, amazed at what she saw. Then she looked over at us, smiled softly, and bowed.

"Hello. Um, you must be the mayor, right? I'm Hikari," she said, looking at me.

I stared at her. "No, I am not the mayor. What part of me makes you think so?" I demanded. I actually liked that someone thought I was the mayor, but this girl wasn't about to know that.

She raised her eyebrows. "Oh, I'm sorry. It just the way you dress and your fancy hair..." she trailed off. "I'm sorry."

Beside me, my father chuckled. "My Gilly has plenty of time until he is mayor. But of course, he has to find a wife to support him first."

I looked at him. He had a mischievous glint in his eye. "You never told me that before!"

"Well, that is because I never thought any females on this island were good enough for you...until today when we met you future wife a few minutes ago!"

"WHAT?" I yelled. "I don't even know her and you are probably planning our wedding already!"

"N-no, I'm not..."

That Hikari girl just stared at us. "Well, this is a pretty interesting island so far. I'm sure glad I didn't go to Forget-Me-Not-Valley." She giggled and I rolled my eyes.

"Of course it is! Mayor Thomas cannot run such a great place like this! Now, my son will show you around Castanet," my father said.

"You are the mayor. Why don't you do it?"

"Because this will give you some alone time." He winked and I glared at him. "And besides, you'll have to do this when you become mayor. Hikari, I will have your luggage sent to your house, alright?" She just nodded in response.

I sighed and started walking. "Follow me."

I took her around the whole island. We had to take time for her to introduce herself and talk. She seemed to really hit it off with Kathy. They practically became best friends then and there.

When Luke saw her, he got so distracted that he walked into a tree. Then he blushed when Hikari walked over to check on him. I felt jealous for some reason. But I didn't know why. I barely knew her. And I would never have feelings for someone like her. I already like someone, anyways.

"And to end this tour, your house," I concluded, after hours of running around. It was now 6:00 pm. "Good day."

"Wait! Do you know where Angela is?" Hikari asked, stopping me from walking away.

"How do you know Angela?"

"She's my older sister. Well, half-sister. We're from the same dad. Didn't you know? Hasn't she been talking about me coming?"

"No. Well, we don't talk much."

"It's probably 'cause-" I shot her a glare. "...nevermind."

How could I not know they were sisters? Of course, they are nothing alike. Angela is sweet and kind of cute. Hikari is, well, not. But then again, they only have one mutual parent. But I thought Angela would be talking about her sister. I guess not. And I also wondered where she was when we were walking around.

"Does this mean I'm going to live seperately from my sissy?" Hikari asked. She is so immature. I gave her a curt nod then started to walk away again.

"WAIT! Thanks for showing me around, Gilly."

"...Please don't be my father and stop calling me that," I snapped.

"'Kay, Gilligan! See ya tomorrow!"

I could already tell that girl was going to be a handful.

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