Chapter 2

Freeloader has cat ears

Somewhere deep in the solar system in space, we come upon a ship. In the ship were the Catian crew members.

"My, my..." One of them said, she had blue hair that was tide in twin tails and wore a blue uniform.

"What's wrong Chika?" One of the crew members asked worried.

She turned to her and said "That idiot, Elis, last time I checked, she kept taking out our food supplies. And not only that, she went to Earth too..."

"What?" The Catian said shocked "Well, if she doesn't return immediately..."

"Hasn't already been a week...?" Chika spoke "Right now, I wonder how she manged the situation herself? Or she might be dead from starvation!"

"Well, it's Elis we're talking about. I'm sure she'll be fine!" She said "Since she posses the spacial ability."

Then Chika began to think "I wonder what the food of Earth is like?"

"Me too..."


Back on Earth, Julie and Ben began to talk to Elis about her planet.

"You said you're an alien?" Julie asked still shocked by what she said, Elis nodded.

"Yup! I'm a bit surprised at the beginning," Elis said with a smile "I had no idea that they were other species that looked just like us in existence. The council was in a long fight, so for three years we hah been on an outer planet on a standstill."

"What kind of plaint has cat people?" Julie asked a little confused. But then suddenly Elis bell ranged and a cat flew out of it.

"W-What the!" Ben and Julie both yelled shocked, Elis began to speak.

"What's wrong, Roelofs?" Elis asked the floating cat worriedly.

"Erm, yes...this is an emergency!" The cat named Roelofs yelled "It's about our ship, it's been discovered!"

"Eh? But wasn't camouflaged though?" Elis asked shocked.

"Affirmative. However, it wasn't an active camouflage..." Roelofs said worriedly.

"This is bad..." Ben said worried "Who knows what could happen..."

Then suddenly, Gwen and Kevin came into the house "They just found the ship, it was all over the news!"

"Oh boy..." Ben said with a sigh. they went into the living room and turned on the TV and it shown the ship in the woods of Bellwood.

"That's your ship?" Kevin asked a little shocked.

"Oh dear, It is!" Elis said a little worried "It's in trouble, huh..."

"What do we do now?" Ben said trying to think of a plan.

"I'll be worried if I can't return, I guess I have no choice." Elis said "Reactivation system...Activate Programs A's Code 24."

"Understood! I will activate Programs A's Code 24!" Roelofs said.

"Next is E's Code 11!" Elis spoke again. Then the teens turned to look at the T.V. to see the ship take off with everyone screaming in the processes.

"What the!" Ben and Kevin both yelled shocked at what they were seeing.

"How did you?" Gwen was about to ask, but Elis beat her to it.

"Our technology is very advanced on our planet." Elis said with a smile.

"That's pretty cool!" Ben said excitedly.

"Nerd alert..." Kevin said under a cough, but Gwen hit him on the shoulder "OW!"

"We better find it before any one gets tries to destory it!" Julie said as she was holding Ship in her arms. The team nodded in agreement.


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