The roar of the crowd was deafening as the four contestants gathered before the opening as Albus Dumbledore stepped up to say a few words. The contestants however weren't listening to the old man or his speech. They were a mite too busy sizing each other up and waiting for the signal to start. They didn't have to wait long since someone fired the signal prematurely, earning a dark look from the headmaster as the four contestants ran off.

Four went into the maze that night. Each of them competing for the honor of being the first to claim the wizard cup. However two fell prey to the traps. And the other two upon reaching the cup were transported away.

But things wouldn't end there.

No. What happened next would be a horror beyond words.

As soon as Harry's feet touched the ground in the cemetary- He staggered forward and fell onto an old grave belonging to someone who's last name was Riddle. He pushed himself upright on the grave and looked around as Cedric came walking up. His gold colored robes were ragged and smudged with dirt and smeared with blood from where Cedric must have wiped his bleeding cheek on one of his robe sleeves.

"Where are we?" Cedric asked in an aghast tone as he looked around.

Harry looked around the grounds, or rather what he could see of them. The place that they were in was a cemetary, of that he couldn't doubt. But it was difficult to see many of the headstones and such due to the thick white mist that was rising up from the ground. Covering everything it touched like a veil.

Harry could make out vague shadows moving around with in the mist a good sixty or so feet away. The faint blur of shadows swirling with in the rising mist and taking shadowy human like form.

Something is terribly wrong here. Harry thought as he bounded to his feet and backed up a few steps, his heart thudding in his chest. "Cedric we need to leave." He said in a hushed tone. The older teen looked down at him with a puzzled frown and was about to ask him what was wrong when harry felt his scar start to burn. The sensation was so sudden and painful and unexpected that Harry screamed and doubled over holding his head.

He heard Cedric speaking, felt his hands on his shoulders trying to pull him upright so that he could see what was wrong. Harry tried to push him away, tried to tell him to run away.

To leave him and save himself.

His heart pounded with fear and dread as a snake like voice slithered at first through his head then through the gray grim atmosphere, promising pain. Promising retrobution. Promising him and Cedric their deaths...


Angry dark green eyes peered through the crystal ball in front of them as a sigh of frustration was wrung from pale pink lips.

Hell and damnation, what the devil was her counter part doing to himself now? The pain in the idetical scar on her forehead had been partially driving her to distraction. Causing her to mess up all her much needed to be- re learned lessons in spell casting and self defense magicks.

She leaned forward until her chin was resting on her desk and glared at the murky image of her counter part as his friend Cedric was struck down and he was dragged kicking and screaming up to the grave of Tom Riddle's father and pinned in place with a cyth against his neck.

She made a huffing sound. Stupid boy. She thought in irritation as she pushed back in her chair and stood up.

She knew that the boy in the image was three years her junior as far as the flow of time in his world went, and she knew that certain events had to transpire before he would be able to reap the benifits of his struggles. But this-

This was just ridiculous!

At this rate, Harry would either be dead or driven utterly insane before his fight with the dark lord ended. And that was something that she couldn't allow to happen. It would throw the balance of good and evil off kilter and the mutiple universes in existance would merge and everyone and every thing would be destroyed!

Her office door opened as she walked over to her cabinet and started to go through it. "Lily are you here?" Neville's voice called out as he stepped into her office. Lily Almanthia Jewl Potter stopped going through her things and leaned back a little bit so that she could look at her friend.

"Haven't I told you to knock when entering my office." It wasn't so much a question as it was a casual observation. Neville looked at her and grinned while tugging on one of his ears nervously.

"Sorry. Still adjusting to having you as the headmaster of the school. By the way, what are you doing in the cabinet? Are you looking for your wand again?"

"No. I'm looking for my phlosophers stone. My vials of dragon fire, I think nine of them should do. My five vials of phoenix tears. My basilisk poison-" Lily stopped talking and patted down her robe and made another frustrated sound. Where the hell was her wand? "Neville."

"Yes ma'am."

"Help me find my wand. I don't have time to waste."

"Yes ma'am!"