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[Frankie's 3 here :3]

Frankie played with his blocks in the living room as Luna and Neville watched. He was in love with blocks; always a favorite of his. Luna then got off the couch and decided it was flashcard time. She grabbed her Quibbler Edition Creature Flash Cards and began to test her son. He beamed as he yelled "Nargles," "Warckspurts," and "Cupid Flings!" He was very good with his creatures.

"Very good, love," Luna smiled as she gathered him into her lap. "Now, one thing, sweetheart."

"Yes," he inquired.

"Your distant cousin, Abelia, is coming over today."

His eyes widened as he beamed and began to bounce up and down. He never really had anyone over. The only people that ever came over were either Uncle Seamus, the Potters, or the Weasleys, and they were never over often, anyway. So having someone new visit was a big deal for him. As if on cue, there was a shy knock on the door. Frankie rushed to the door with Neville walking behind him.

"I've got it!" Frankie hollered excitedly as he jumped at the doorknob. He kept trying to grasp it, but failed each time. Not long after, Neville snickered, lifted him into his arms, and opened up the door. Frankie then pouted at him and crossed his arms. "I could have done that."

"Oh really," his father snickered out his question.

"Yes, really," Frankie huffed, but got over it quickly on account of seeing his distant cousin. "Hi!"

There was a little girl in the arms of her father that was right across from him. She had short, blonde hair and pale green eyes. In all honesty, she looked a bit like Luna. She beamed and waved excitedly at her new friend.

"Hello!" she returned the greeting. "What's your name?"

"I'm Frankie Longbottom," he replied gleefully. "Is your name Abelia?"

"Yep!" she confirmed. "I'm Abelia Bonnet."

Frankie and Abelia were let down to the floor and played things like tag and talked about nargles and more of Luna's creatures. The more they played, the more Frankie felt like he finally had a sister. Meanwhile, the adults were speaking with one another.

"So, are the kids…?" Malcolm, Abelia's father, paused as he thought over what he was going to say next, "second cousins?"

"I believe so," Sol, Luna's cousin, replied, "aren't they?"

"Yeah, I think," Neville stated before raising a quizzical brow at his wife. "Care to explain, Luna?"

"Well, here's how it works," she began with a grin, "my mother, Audraena Lovegood, had a brother named Abram Dreammore. Abram was Sol's father. When Sol married Malcolm, they had Abelia. My mom had me, so Sol and I are cousins. Then I married Neville and we had Frankie. So, yes, that makes them second cousins."

After more hours of fun and games, the two children were settled on the floor, each carrying small bags under their eyes. Abelia would lethargically raise a hand and push Frankie before saying monotonously "You're it," and Frankie would do exactly the same. Luna and Sol took notice of this and picked each of them up with giggles. Luna suggested they put the two in Frankie's bed, which Sol agreed with. As they placed the two in the bed (each at opposite ends), they leaned over and smiled gently.

"They're so cute," they said in unison before giggling softly.

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