Service was low tonight.A simple song could fix that.

Mystia Lorelei loved to sing. She was a night sparrow who's songs cause blindness and confusion.

When she wanted to attract customers,she sang and sang until some foolish human came out of curiosity and then got struck with her blindness.

They would then run to her stand, she would make them some fried lamprey,then remove their blindness,so that they thought that the lamprey healed their blindness,told others,and she gained more service.

Spreading her wings to their full extend and growing her deadly talons, she began to sing.

~What cherry blossom would refuse the call of spring? what cherry blossom would ignore spring's allure?~

A rustle in the bushes.

Yes! Foolish human.

~Oh cherry blossom,bear your beauty to the world. Don't ignore the call of the mighty force of spring!~

The human emerged into the path.A female with more beauty than Mystia.

"How dare she have more beauty than me! This earns you an extra dose of night blindness", Mystia thought.

Mystia gathered up power,then released several black orbs towards the female.

When the orbs hit the female's eyes,she then began to run towards Mystia's stand,hearing her sing and following the sound.

"Ma'am please calm down! What seems to be the matter?", Mystia said

"I could see one minute,but now I can't!", the woman said.

"Well have some fried lamprey! It cures all illnesses",Mystia quickly got the necassary ingredients and tools,calming the woman down at the same time.

The woman began to eat the lamprey as soon as Mystia finished preparing it. Mystia retracted her wings,made her hair cover her ears, retracting her talons,as well as the blindness,making sure to appear as human as possible.

"Thanks be to the gods! I can see again!", the female looked at Mystia.

"I will tell all who I meet to eat your delicious food, if they ever cross paths with you!", the woman said.

"Well thank you very much! It was a pleasure serving you!", Mystia lied.

As the woman was going back, Mystia sang a single low note, summoning a dose of confusion to fling towards the woman.

The woman went back to her village with a ringing in her ears that would never go away.

Mystia got through cleaning the dishes,and set out back home to Gensokyo. It was another fine day as a night sparrow,even if she was a lesser yokai.

Thanks for reading,this is my first story on here