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(If you're wondering, this is the Tsuna version of my 'Ghost of a Past Love' series. There are actually 3 versions: one is the Tsuna version –this one-, second is Yamamoto version –where Asari is the ghost looking for Giotto-, and the last is the 8027 version- wherein Yamamoto and Tsuna reawaken the feelings of their two ancestors through the ring and they are confused of the feelings the rings brought. Unsure if its their own feelings or someone else's)

Full Summary: Tsuna was transfer student, who was constantly being accompanied by a ghost named Giotto. Tsuna meets Yamamoto who turns out to be the incarnation of Asari, the person Giotto has been looking for. Tsuna does his best to fulfill Giotto's wishes on becoming close with Asari once more but what happens when he falls in love with Yamamoto too?

The Ghost of a Past Love

Chapter 1- The Meeting

"Ah! Going to school after such a long time feels refreshing!" Yamamoto Takeshi said as he stretched his arms. He looked up at Namimori High and grinned.

"It's good to be back!" He shouted as he entered the school in high spirits. But then he stopped when he felt someone staring at him and so he looked at a dark alley with suspicious eyes. When he saw nothing he just shrugged it off.

"Must be my imagination." He said to himself as he walked towards his classroom. He failed to notice a shadow appear just as he looked away. Said shadow had a spiky hair and was wearing a nami-chuu uniform.

"I finally found you… Asari." Came a soft voice from the shadow. His face was half hidden by the darkness as he smiled.

"Welcome back Yamamoto-san!" Many girls called out as Yamamoto opened the door to his new classroom.

"Yoh!" Yamamoto said grinning as he greeted Class 2-A. Many boys approached him wanting to talk to him about his last game while girls fawned around him trying to get his attention.

"Settle down everybody." The teacher called out when he entered the classroom. He gave a nod at Yamamoto as the said teen returned it with a grin.

"Good job on the last game Yamamoto." The teacher said winking at the baseball star who laughed it off as everyone cheered. When the whole class (and Yamamoto) was finally settled the teacher cleared his throat to catch everyone's attention.

"Okay, as you all know it's the new semester." The teacher said as he looked at everyone with stern eyes. "And a new semester usually means new students. So-"

However, the teacher was interrupted when a sudden voice was heard outside.

"Stop it Giotto-san!" Came a voice from behind the closed sliding door. Everyone's eyes were automatically drawn to said door.

"I know, I know… He's in there! I get it!" Came the same voice again. "You don't have to tell me you know! I already know what you want me to do!"

The teacher frowned at the interruption while Yamamoto blinked curiously.

There was a sigh from the other end. Everyone leaned in closer as they tried to hear what came next… but then everyone froze when the girly voice suddenly turned into a monotone one. "I understand…" Came the voice.

Everyone sat their gapping wondering why that voice sent chills down their spines.

"A-anyway…" The teacher said as he wiped his sweat. "Let me introduce you all too a new student that has recently moved in to Namimori."

Everyone turned at the door as the teacher shouted "You may come in now!"

The door opened and everyone held their breaths as the transfer student entered.

A boy with brown spiky hair entered the class a worn out look in his face as he walked to the center of the class.

"My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi." He said as he sighed. He looked at all the curious faces his way but then his gaze stopped at a certain someone.

Yamamoto Takeshi blinked as he met the brown eyes of the transfer student. Tsunayoshi looked at him for a few moments and he seemed to blush as he gave Yamamoto a small smile. Said baseball idol couldn't help but smile back at the new and bizarre student.

"Okay, take the seat next to Yamamoto, Sawada-san" The teacher said. "Yamamoto, raise your hand."

The baseball fanatic automatically raised his hand as Tsuna made his way to his seat. As he passed by Yamamoto's seat, Tsuna smirked as his hands accidentally came in contact with Yamamoto's. A gesture the baseball idol did not miss.

Yamamoto looked at Tsuna curiously as the brunet sat down beside him, but Tsuna (who seemed to have gone back to normal) was too busy looking out of the window in embarrassment to notice.

Tsuna sighed, it was snack time and he was still on his seat as he thought back to what really happened during the morning.


First of all, outside the classroom…

Tsuna was standing nervously outside of Class 2-A, eying the sign worriedly as he played with his tie in discomfort.

You'll do fine.

Tsuna frowned when he heard that voice. He looked at his side and sure enough, Giotto Vongola a ghost that has long been haunting him appeared beside him. Giotto gave Tsuna an encouraging smile as he floated beside Tsuna giving the boy chills.

"Stop it Giotto-san!" Tsuna said nervously as the ghost placed a hand on his shoulder.

What? I'm just giving you some courage. Giotto said still smiling as he retracted his hand. After all, our target is…

"I know, I know… He's in there! I get it!" Tsuna said tiredly. He gave Giotto a side-way glance.

Giotto looked back at him with knowing eyes. Should I tell you what to do? Will that make you feel less nervous?

Tsuna blushed as he looked away at the ghost. "You don't have to tell me you know! I already know what you want me to do!"

Oh really? Giotto said amused but then he and Tsuna fell into an awkward silence. Tsuna gave Giotto another side-way glance. He could see the lonely and longing look in the blonde's face, and he couldn't help but sigh at that. He looked at Giotto with a determined face. Noticing this, Giotto turned to him in curiosity.


"I understand…" Tsuna said in a serious tone he rarely used. Tsuna saw Giotto's eyes widen before a soft and appreciating smile lit up the ghost's face.

Thank you… Giotto said contently. Tsuna looked at Giotto sadly but then he snapped out of it when he heard a "You may come in now!" from the other side of the door.

Tsuna took a deep breath as he slid open the door. He walked tiredly to the center of the class and faced his classmates with a worn out look in his face.

"My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi." He said as he sighed. He looked at the faces around the room trying to see where that person sat.

There he is… He felt Giotto's cold hand on his shoulder again and he looked at where the ghost was pointing at. Tsuna stared at the baseball idol with probing eyes as said baseball star stared at him back.

Don't just look at him, smile! He heard Giotto whisper at his ear. Tsuna couldn't help but blush in embarrassment. A ghost teaching him etiquette! How ridiculous! However the brunet still gave Yamamoto a small smile despite the ridicule.

"Okay, take the seat next to Yamamoto, Sawada-san" He heard the teacher said. "Yamamoto, raise your hand."

Tsuna watched as Yamamoto raise his hand and he automatically made his way to the vacant seat. But then Tsuna felt his mind go blank when a numb feeling entered his body. He felt Giotto overtake his body as he walked towards his seat. He could feel his hand brush against Yamamoto and he could feel the smirk that formed at his lips as he did this.

Tsuna couldn't help but blush in embarrassment on the inside as Giotto did this. Why, oh why did that ghost have to use his body to get to Yamamoto?

When Tsuna sat down he felt Giotto leave his body and the brunet not knowing what to do just looked out of the window.


Tsuna sighed for the umpteenth that day as he placed a hand underneath his chin.

"You know I wouldn't be shocked if Yamamoto thought of me as a sadist now…" Tsuna said under his breath to the ghost beside him. Giotto couldn't help but smile as he patted the brunette's brown locks.

Don't worry, I know Asari. Whether past, present, or future… He would never think badly of anyone like that. Giotto said comfortingly to the brunet. Tsuna closed his eyes as he let the cold air (called Giotto's hand) pat his head.

"Uhm… hey Sawada?" Came an uncertain voice. Tsuna opened one eye and looked up. He almost jumped out of his skin when he saw that it was Yamamoto.

"A-ah! Yamamoto-san!" Tsuna said surprised as he opened both eyes, giving the other teen his full attention. "What is it? Is there something you need?"

Tsuna could hear Giotto chuckle beside him and he had to hold himself back to nudging the ghost beside him. Although, that action would probably just go through him, anyway. Tsuna thought bitterly.

"Well it's nothing really." Yamamoto said giving Tsuna a smile. "I just wanted to introduce myself properly seeing as we're going to be seat mates from now on."

"Oh…" Tsuna said blinking. "O-okay."

Yamamoto extended a hand to him as he smiled. "I'm Yamamoto Takeshi. Nice to meet you."

Tsuna nodded as he extended his hand. "Sawada Tsunayoshi." But then Tsuna shivered when he felt Giotto place a hand on his cheek.

Tell him to call you Tsuna. Giotto said to his ear.

"Is there something wrong Sawada?" Yamamoto asked as he let go of Tsuna's hand.

"U-uh, no. It's nothing." Tsuna said but then he added something quickly when he felt the room temperature drop. "Y-you don't have to call me Sawada. Just Tsuna is fine." He said smiling awkwardly.

Yamamoto blinked before he gave Tsuna a wide smile. "Okay then Tsuna. If that's so, then you can just call me Yamamoto."

Tsuna nodded at the baseball star.

Ask him about himself. Giotto said to Tsuna. The brunet frowned but did what the ghost said.

"S-so Yamamoto-san, from what I hear you play baseball?" Tsuna said striking up conversation as the black-haired sat down on his seat.

"Well, yeah." Yamamoto said laughing. "Baseball is basically my life."

Tsuna raised an eyebrow at that odd statement and at the same time he gave Giotto a sideward stare. He saw Giotto had a thoughtful and wistful expression on his face.

"What about you?" Yamamoto suddenly asked. The brunet looked at him eyes wide, at being caught off guard.

"U-uhm well, there's nothing interesting about me at all!" Tsuna said raising his hands shakily. "I don't play any sport because I'm really clumsy you see…" Tsuna said as he scratched his cheek sheepishly.

Yamamoto tilted his head at the side slightly (an action Tsuna found cute although he would vehemently deny it). "I see, but I didn't mean that. I was asking you about your life basically. Like where did you live before you came here?"

"O-oh." Tsuna said laughing. "Well, I used to live in Sicily, Italy."

Yamamoto's eyes widened. "Really? Why did you come to Japan then?"

At this question Tsuna gave Giotto another sideway-glance before he answered. "I had something important to take care of…"

"Oh? Like what?" Yamamoto asked. At these words Giotto shifted closer to the black-haired teen and reached out tentative fingers at the person before him. Tsuna saw this gesture and his eyes couldn't help but turn sad as he answered.

"Just the usual things..." Tsuna said his eyes flashing at Yamamoto sadly. "For the usual person…"

"I see…" Yamamoto said not really getting it.

Asari… Giotto said his eyes closing as he retracted his hand and floated near Tsuna instead. The two collapsed into an awkward silence which was soon broken by the sound of the bell ringing.

"Okay! Snack time is over. I want everyone back in their seats!" The teacher said as he entered the room. Tsuna's eyes widened when he saw Giotto go towards the door and out of the classroom.

Giotto-san… Tsuna thought with a slight frown.

Tsuna stepped out of the classroom as he looked around for the blonde ghost. He walked to the nearest door and opened it.

"Giotto-san?" He called out through the empty classroom but no one answered. Tsuna frowned as he closed the door.

"Hey what are you doing?" Came a voice behind Tsuna suddenly making him jump.

"HIIIIIIEE! Gomenasai!" Tsuna said bowing deeply at the person whom he thought was a teacher. The owner of the voice chuckled.

"Maa… maa…It's just me Tsuna." Tsuna looked up and sure enough, it was just Yamamoto. The brunet let out a sigh of relief.

"Don't scare me like that." He said disapprovingly while Yamamoto laughed.

"I'm sorry." He said with an irresistible smile. "What were you doing anyway? Are you looking for someone?"

Tsuna was about to open his mouth and reply but then he shook his head. "Never mind… you probably haven't seen him anyway."

"Hm?" Yamamoto said.

"Nothing." Tsuna said as he waved at Yamamoto. "I'll talk to you later okay?" With that said Tsuna ran off with Yamamoto staring at him curiously.

Kuh… I don't know how to act around him without Giotto-san. Tsuna thought blushing as he ran faster. When I'm next to Yamamoto I somehow feel like I'm betraying Giotto-san's trust. Tsuna shook his head at the ridiculous thought.

Get yourself together Tsuna!

Giotto Vongola stared down at the fields a sad look in his eyes.

Baseball is basically my life.

Music is basically my life.

He sounds so much like you, Asari. Giotto thought. I'm happy that I could see you again but…

Giotto looked at his transparent hands and body. He closed his hand at it forms a fist. …but you can't see me, can you?

"Giotto-san?" Came a familiar voice. Giotto turned his head as the door to the rooftop opened. Tsuna stepped out from behind it while looking around. His eyes met Giotto's sky blue ones and he smiled. "There you are!"

Giotto smiled back at Tsuna feeling so much better now that the boy was here.

Wow, you must've missed me very much if you came here just to look for me. Giotto said as he smiled at the brunet. Tsuna blushed as he looked down.

"I got worried so…" Tsuna began awkwardly. Giotto walked towards Tsuna a smile still in his face.

Thank you. Giotto said as he smiled. Now let's go back down and look for Yamamoto. I can't give up just yet.

"A-ah, hai!" Tsuna said as Giotto passed him and went ahead. The blonde Vongola failed to see the look of confusion on Tsuna's face as he glided down the stairs.


"What was up with that herbivore?" Came a cold voice as a prefect on the rooftop glared at Tsuna's retreating back. "Why was he talking to himself?"

"Hibari! Hibari!" Came the chirpings of a yellow bird as it landed on 'Hibari's' head. The prefect, named Hibari Kyoya, yawned as he fell back and decided to sleep.

There he is. Giotto said as he pointed at Yamamoto who was talking with some friends. Tsuna clutched the lunchbox to his chest shaking slightly from nervousness.

Go, ask him to lunch. Giotto said firmly to the brunet who hesitated.

"But he's clearly going to have lunch with his friends!" Tsuna said as he shook his head. "I can't just go up to him and ask him to have lunch with me!"

"Ask who to have lunch with you?" Suddenly a voice said. Tsuna yelped when he met Yamamoto's amber eyes staring at him.

"Y-Yamamoto!" Tsuna said his legs shaking. Giotto couldn't help but sigh as he placed both hands on Tsuna's shoulder. Without any warning he overtook the brunet.

Yamamoto watched as Tsuna's face began to regain its color as he looked back at him.

"It was nothing Yamamoto." Giotto in Tsuna's body said with a small confident smile. "I was just wondering if I could join you for lunch."

Yamamoto blinked before a smile formed on his face. "Of course you can! But I don't eat lunch with my baseball mates though." Yamamoto said pointing at the people he was talking to earlier. "I eat lunch on the roof top. They eat lunch with their girlfriends."

"I see." Giotto said. "I don't mind."

"Okay then!" Yamamoto said grinning. "Let's go!" And with that he placed an arm around Tsuna's shoulder and led him to the roof top.

In his mind, Tsuna watched as Giotto conversed with Yamamoto happily. The brunet couldn't help but frown inwardly as he saw Yamamoto's smiling face.

You're not talking to me you know… Tsuna wanted to say. You're talking with someone else…

Tsuna curled up in his mind as he hugged his legs to his chest. He felt so lonely in the recess of his own mind. Even when he closed his eyes he could still see Yamamoto's laughing face as he talked with Giotto.

It can't be helped; it is my body being used. Tsuna thought as he let the darkness in his mind cover him.

"So your father owns a sushi restaurant." Giotto in Tsuna's body said as he and Yamamoto sat down on the roof slowly opening their lunches.

"Yeah." Yamamoto said a light blush on his cheek as he smiled. "We make some really mean sushi you know." He said and Giotto laughed.

He smiled as Yamamoto unpacked his lunch. It was nice being with the other like this. Unable to help himself, Giotto extended Tsuna's hand and he placed the warm palm against Yamamoto's cheek. This got the baseball idol's attention and he automatically looked at Giotto.

"Tsuna?" He asked. Giotto looked at Yamamoto softly a small smile gracing his lips.

"I'm so happy I finally found you, Asari." Giotto whispered. Yamamoto's eyes widened as he felt a blush taint his cheeks.


Tsuna's eyes widened when he saw a blush on Yamamoto's face. A hand gripped the front of his shirt as he felt a strange sensation in his heart.

What the-? The brunet thought.

Giotto smiled at Yamamoto's reaction before he retracted his hand. He closed his eyes as he suddenly felt his ghost slowly leave Tsuna's body. He couldn't stay in the brunet's body very long seeing as he was just a ghost.

Tsuna regained consciousness of his own body and he blinked his eyes rapidly as he saw Yamamoto looking at him.

"A-arre?" Tsuna said looking around. I'm back?

"Tsuna are you okay?" Yamamoto asked worriedly at the brunet who seemed to be looking around in confusion.
"I-I'm fine." Tsuna said laughing awkwardly. "I just feel a little dizzy that's all."

"Maybe we should take you to the nurse's office?" Yamamoto offered.

"No, I'm fine! Really!" Tsuna said ignoring the strain in his body. This always happens anyway when Giotto-san takes over for a long period of time.

"Okay, if you're sure." Yamamoto said. He and Tsuna went back to eating.

Ask him more questions about himself. Giotto urged the brunet. Tsuna chewed his food silently thinking of what to say.

"Yamamoto I-" Tsuna began but Yamamoto cut him off.

"Let's talk about you this time." Yamamoto said knowing exactly what the brunet was about to say. Tsuna looked at his side uncertainly and Giotto urged him to do what Yamamoto says.

"O-okay." Tsuna said slowly. "W-what do you want to know?"

"Well, how did it feel to live in Italy?" Yamamoto asked with interest. Tsuna was about to open his mouth to answer but Giotto suddenly said something.

It was fun living in Italy with everyone. I had many friends I cared about there. All of us supported each other and helped each other the best way we can. Giotto said, and then he looked at Tsuna. Can you tell him that Tsunayoshi?

What Giotto said was exactly the opposite of Tsuna's life in Italy. He didn't have many friends aside from his grandpa and his guardians. He was always stuck in the mansion because he was the important heir of the family.

Tsuna looked at Giotto who was looking at him with expectation. Compared to him, Giotto had a lot of good memories in Italy with his friends. Giotto was the founder of Vongola and he had many friends that supported him as he fought for everyone's safety

"Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked when the brunet still didn't answer.

"O-oh, uhm it was very fun living in Italy." Tsuna said as a memory of him being kidnapped flashed in his mind. "I had many friends I cared about there." Another memory, this time he was all alone in his huge room staring out of the window. "All of us supported each other and helped each other the best way we can." The final memory was him standing alone as a group of kids ran away from him.


Tears formed at the corners of Tsuna's eyes as he thought back to his life in Italy. His father was always busy (He only sees him about only once every three years) and his mother had died a long time ago. All he had was his grandpa. But then Timoteo was a boss of a very important family and he always had to go somewhere because of his job. Everyone else in the mansion was afraid to approach him because he was after all the only heir remaining in the Vongola lineage.

One time, Tsuna did make friends with a servant but as it turns out, that certain servant was actually hired to kidnap him and hold him for ransom. Tsuna's first (and probably last friend) was a kidnapper. The betrayal was too much for him and so with unknown strength he fought off the servant/kidnapper and was able to rescue himself.

"Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked worriedly as he extended a hand to the brunet. Tsuna flinched when he felt warm fingers touch his cheek.

Tsunayoshi? Giotto also asked in concern. Tsuna couldn't help but recoil at their gazes.

"I'm fine." He said answering them both, as he looked away momentarily to hide his tears. "Just fine…"

"Are you sure?/Are you sure?" Giotto and Yamamoto asked at the same time. Tsuna laughed.

"Well, I'm not entirely peachy but I am fine." Tsuna said but when he saw the disbelieving looks on both sides, he added, "Really."

"O-okay then." Yamamoto said. "If you say so."

Tsuna gave them both a small smile but then he stood up. Yamamoto looked at him curiously. "I'm going to the rest room." He answered the unspoken question.

It seems like you need some time alone. Giotto said. I'll stay here.

"Ah." Tsuna answered quietly. He made his way to the door. However before he closed the door he looked over his shoulder and saw Giotto staring at Yamamoto as he ate. Tsuna looked down sadly as he slowly closed the door.

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