Holley Shiftwell walked down the hall and knocked on the grey wooden door and waited until she heard a muffle respond from the other side of the door. She opened the door and walked in and placed a file folder on a black desk.

"Just got these reports, Finn."

"Thank you, Miss. Shiftwell."

Finn McMissle took the folder and he looked at the papers that were inside. Holley waited patiently for Finn's respond.

"Well, looks like we got another mission."

Finn stood up from his chair and he straighten out his pale blue jacket and walked around his desk and stood in front of Holley.

"You ready?" Finn asked the black hair girl.

"I'm always ready, Finn." Holley smiled.

Finn smiled back and he grabbed is grey hat and walked out of his office with Holley behind him. With the folder still in his hands, he stared at the papers. He kept on reading them, his mind focused on the file.

"London?" Finn said, glancing at Holley.

"Yes, that's the location."

"Hmm...alright then. How many days do you suppose we are staying in London?"

"Well, it's all based of how long it takes us to complete the mission." Holley replied.

Finn gave out a deep sigh and nodded, looking forward. "Of course."

Holley raised an eyebrow and looked at Finn. "Is everything alright, Finn?"

"Yes." Finn looked back at Holley with a raised eyebrow. "Why you ask?"

"You have been acting...differently whenever we are on a mission. Is there something bugging you?"

"No. Everything is perfectly fine."

"You sure, Finn."

Finn flashed a smile at Holley and nodded again. "Yes, Holley. I will let you know if anything is wrong."

"Alright, Finn."

The two spies walked out of the building and Finn got in his car along with Holley on the passenger seat. Finn started his car and he pulled off the parking lot and drove onto the streets.

"Is Siddly waiting for us?" Finn asked.

"Yes. He had radioed me, saying that he is already at the airport, waiting for us."

"Good. Looks like everything is ready."

"Yes. Everything had already been set up."

"Good, good."

As the were driving to the airport, the sky had began to darken and grey clouds were blocking the sun. Finn and Holley took notice of the changed weather but they didn't mind and just kept their minds on the mission.


Once at the airport parking lot, Finn saw a brown hair man with a long black coat and a black hat. He and Holley stepped out of the car and Finn gave the man the car keys.

"Thank you, Ryan. I'll call you when I'm back from London."

"Understood." The brown haired spy smiled and he walked to Finn's car and started up the car and drove away.

"Let's go, Holley." Finn said, opening the door.

Holley nodded and she walked in with Finn and they walked up to a counter and then Finn placed his hand on his ear and he used the device he had and contacted Siddly.

"We're here, Siddly. Where should we meet you?" Finn asked with his eyes closed.

He waited for a moment and then he heard a man's voice on the other end. "Go to Gate E. I'll meet you two there."

"Copy that." Finn looked at Holley. "We got to go to Gate E."

"Hmm…ok…" Holley's green eyes looked around the airport building and then she saw Gate E. "I see Gate E."


Holley walked to Gate E with Finn and then they saw a black hair man with green sunglasses. They greeted each other.

"Hello, Finn and Holley. You ready?" Siddly asked the two spies.

"Yes. We are ready." Finn answered.

Siddly smiled and then he lead Finn and Holley out side to his jet and the three spies got in the white jet. Siddly sat in the driver seat with Finn and Holley in the back.

The jet's engine had been started and Holley could feel the jet move. She looked out the window and leaned back against the seat. Finn was sitting next to her, his eyes closed. The jet soon lifted up and started to fly in the air.


"Yes, Holley?"

Finn opened his eyes and glanced at Holley.

"I need to call Radiator Springs." Holley said, looking at the phone that was next to Finn.

"Oh, yes. Of course."

Finn passed Holley the phone and then she started to dial the number of the Cozy Motel. She waited a few minutes and then she heard a female's voice at the other end.

"Cozy Motel, this is Sally."

"Sally, it's me, Holley."

"Oh, hello, Holley. You called for Mater?"

"Yes. I want to talk to him, please?"

"Sure thing. I'll go get him."

"Thank you."

Holley then heard Mater's voice and she smiled. "Hello, Mater!"

"Hi, Holley! How are ya?"

"I'm fine. How about you?" Holley asked, happiness in her voice.

"I am fine too! I'm just here missin' ya!"

"Aw…well, you know that I miss you too."

"Awwww…you just made me go all soft inside."

Holley giggled and placed her hand on her mouth as she giggled. Finn looked at Holley as she talked on the phone and he then frowned and pulled out a picture from his jacket's pocket and he felt his heart just break when he saw the picture.

"I'm now going to London for a mission." Holley said.

"Ohh…yer on another mission?"


"Goin' with Finn?"

"Yes. I'm always with Finn."

When Finn heard Holley say his name, he looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

Holley looked at him and shook her head and then Finn smiled and looked back down at the picture he was holding in his hands.

"Awesome! How iz he?"

"Oh, he's-" Holley stopped when she saw Finn with his eye closed, frowning sadly. "Um…at this moment he's not looking so happy."

"Really? What's wrong?" Mater asked.

"I don't know. Wait." She held the phone away from her ear. "Finn? Would you like to speak with Mater?"

Finn hesitated but he then put the picture away in his pocket and nodded. "Sure." Finn grabbed the phone and answered, "Hello, Mater. Remember me?"

"Finn! Are ya alright?"

"Of course I am, Mater."

"You sure? Cuz Holley said ya look sad."

"It's nothing to worry about, Mater. I was just thinking."

"Thinking about wut?"

"Oh, about the mission. You know, the dangers do make me nervous."

"Alright then!"

"I'll talk to you some other time then, ok, Mater?"

"Sure thing, Finn!"

"Ok, bye."

Finn passed the phone back to Holley. Holley kept on talking to Mater for a little more and then she hanged up.

"Why did you lie to Mater?"

Finn looked at Holley and raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"Why did you lie to Mater? You're never nervous about the dangers."

"Miss, Shiftwell, I didn't lie to Mater."

"Finn, please, tell me what's going on. You been acting so differently and I want to know why."

"It's nothing."

"Please, if you tell me, then I can help you."

Finn sighed and closed his eye. "There is nothing wrong…"

"Alright, Finn." Holley sighed and she looked away.


It was around 10 at night and Holley was already asleep. Finn was still awake and he was looking out the window. His knee was bobbing up and down quickly. Looking over at Holley, he took off his jacket and placed it over Holley. He took off Holley's gears and he placed it on the small table. He then took off his own gears and placed it on another small table.

"Well, I better sleep so I will be able to begin the day in London." Finn said to himself.

He closed his eyes and slowly he drifted off to sleep.