Finn clutched onto his shirt as he gasped for air. He felt sweat starting to form on his forehead and the palms of his hands getting sweaty also.

"Alright, Holley, you got to give it your best." Chris encouraged, looking at Holley.

Holley gripped the bed cover and gritted her teeth. "Oh my- AHH!" She screamed.

"Come on. You have to push if you want your baby."

Emily rushed to her sister's side and held her hand. "Come on, sis, you can do it."

"No…too much pain…" Holley groaned, closing her eyes.

"Holley, please." Finn jumped in. "You can do it. I know you can."

Opening her eyes, she saw a glimpse of encouragement in Finn's eyes. Leaning up a bit, she sucked in a deep breath a push.

"Good! Head is out." Chris announced. "You're doing great. If you do just 2 more pushes, your baby is out."

"Hear that, sis? Your baby is almost here." Emily smiled.

"What? Two more? No. No more, damn it!" Holley frowned, biting her lip.

Finn grabbed Holley's hand and his other hand on Holley's cheek. "Holley, look at me."

Holley sighed deeply, looking at Finn. "W-what?" She panted.

"Come on. It's just two more. Before you know it, he's already here. Now, would you corporate?"

Holley could only glare at Finn, her sharp green eyes looking at him. "Fine…" She said through her gritted teeth.

Closing her eyes again, she pushed…and then another push…and then…a cry.

"Got him!" Chris smiled, grabbing hold of the baby.

Holley opened her eyes and gasped when she saw her baby boy, being laid on her stomach over a white blanket.

"M-my lord…Aaric, it's you." Holley panted, putting her hands on him.

Finn stood still, looking at his newborn son. Leaning over the bed, he reached out his hand and softly caressed Aaric's cheek with the back of his finger.

"Hey there, Aaric." Finn smiled. "I'm your dad."

Aaric opened his eyes and Finn saw that his son's eyes were green just like Holley's.

"Holley, he has your eyes!" Finn beamed, glancing up at Holley.

Holley could only giggle. "I see. He looks kind of like you, though." Holley looked at her son's face more. "I can see that he has your nose and forehead."

"Yeah." Finn breathed out, smiling. "He's just so perfect." Finn leaned his head against Holley's, looking down at Aaric.

"Born on June 24th, 2012 at 12:30 A.M." Emily said as she wrote the information down on a piece of paper. "Congratulation to you two."

"Thank you, Emily." Holley and Finn smiled.

"Well, your baby looks fine and healthy." Chris said as he took Aaric from Holley. "We'll just clean him up and then give him the medical treatment he needs now."

"Alright." Holley said, laying back down and closing her eyes.

Finn kissed Holley's forehead and chuckled. "Can't believe that I'm a dad."

"And I can't believe that I'm a mom."


"Why hello! Nice of you to all come!" Holley greeted her parents and Finn's parents.

"Hello, sweetie. How are you?" Kimberly asked, hugging Holley.

"Great. You ready to meet your grandson?"

"Of course!" Linda smiled.

"Follow me." Holley walked into the living room and she placed her hands on her hips. "Finn, look who's here."

Finn looked up and saw his parents and Holley's parents. "Hello. How are you?"

"Splendid!" James replied, crossing his arms around his chest. "How are you, son?"

"Oh, better than ever." Finn then stood up to show him holding a blue blanket close to his chest. "I'm guessing you want to meet Aaric, correct?"

"Yes." Kimberly smiled.

Finn walked up to them and then he leaned forward a bit and he brought down the blanket a bit to revel Aaric. "Here he is. Aaric McMissile."

"Oh my goodness! He's a beauty!" Kimberly gasped, her hand on her chest.

"Wow! He's very cute. Congratulation!" Michael cheered.

Holley walked up to her dad and hugged him. "Thank you, dad."

"Wish to carry him, Kimberly?" Finn asked.


Finn passed Aaric to Kimberly and leaned back against the arm of the sofa.

"Aw, look at you." Kimberly cooed. "You're so adorable!"

"He looks just like you, Finn." Linda laughed.

Finn chuckled and nodded his head. "Everybody says that."

James patted his son on the back with a grin. "I'm really proud of you, son."

"Thanks, dad."

Holley and Finn watched as their parents got to meet Aaric. Leaning against Finn, Holley looked up at him with a smile and Finn returned the same smile.


"But if you walk on the footsteps of a stranger? You'll learn things that you never knew you never knew." Holley sang, holding Aaric.

Finn looked up from his book and he lowered his glasses and smiled. He never knew how much of a mother Holley could be.

Falling asleep, Aaric let out a small yawn and closed his eyes. Holley walked over to the crib and set Aaric gently on the soft mattress and covered him with a blue blanket.

"Sweet dreams, my son." Holley smiled, stroking Aaric's cheek.

Holley then walked toward the bed and laid down next to her husband. Looking at him, she took off his glasses. Finn chuckled and rubbed his eyes.

"How was the book?"

"It was good. I'm already going into chapter 20." Finn replied, closing the book and placing it on the midnight table.

"Nice." Holley looked up at the ceiling and smiled. "It's so nice how we're already married and have a son…and have our own house here, in London, our hometown."

"Agree." Finn said, putting his glasses on the midnight table and then turning on his side to face Holley. "It's like a dream come true, if I reply correctly."

"You are talking correctly, Finn."

"Good…" Finn sighed. "You know, we must go to Radiator Springs again someday only this time, we'll go with Aaric."

"I'm good with that idea. Maybe when you come back from your next mission we can go and visit Radiator Springs."

Finn smiled and he stroked Holley's cheek. "I'll be missing you, my dear."

Holley sat up a bit with a small smile. "I'll be missing you too as you're off to your missions with a new partner."

"There's only one partner for me in the world." Finn smirked. "And it's you."

Holley wrapped her arms around Finn's neck, hugging him. "You're the best husband ever, Finn."

Finn laid back down onto the mattress with his arm around Holley's waist. "I know, sweetie…I know." Finn trailer off looking out the window.

"I'm a very lucky man…" Finn thought.


I hoped you enjoyed Awake and Alive ^^ Thank you for all the great reviews and thanks for reading :D Until next time!