Hey friends! My short absence has gotten to me, apparently. For I come now with more silliness!

A small muti-chap that is-as usual-completely random.

I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you find any errors-I rush, once again ;)

I disclaim all rights!

The sun was rising on Puente Antiguo, New Mexico.

Birds chirped and car engines rumbled to life in the early-morning light.

The warmth of the giant ball of fire in the sky chased away the dry chill of the desert night.

And the prince of Asgaard felt this warmth hit his skin from the location of Jane Foster's favorite rooftop.

Thor sat straight and stiff on the lawn chair, greeting the sun but not enjoying it as much as he should be. His brow was lowered, his hands drawn together, fingers laced in a way that reminded him of Loki's mannerisms.

He had been sitting in the cold for much of the night, his gaze darting from the stars above to the shining metal of Jane's dwelling below.

His teeth were grinding slowly together and the hairs on his skin were constantly standing at attention in reaction to the cool desert breezes. He had not moved from his position since he had sat in it. And even as the sun began to rise, and the welcoming warmth had his blood rushing and reawakening his frozen senses, the son of Odin still hesitated to rise.

He had been pondering his current situation with great care.

He had gone over the encounter at least three-dozen times in the past few hours.

He was still no closer to understanding what had happened.

Or what to do about it.

Considering this next stay on Earth would be much longer than the previous, Jane had found it necessary to find him new clothes. Considering his stature, it did not take long to buy every available piece of clothing that would fit him.

Apparently, the town of Puente Antiguo was officially out of 'Big and Tall' thanks to the prince of Asgaard.

Jane had not seemed to mind. And so neither did he. New funding from SHIELD guaranteed Jane enough money to compensate for such needed materials, and her beaming smile -as bright as the desert day- had lulled him into a false sense of security.

It was not until they had decided to also shop for her that the 'incident' occurred.

She had been trying on new blouses, adamant that a new wardrobe had been "a long time coming". At first, she did not ask him to comment on any of the item she tried, and merely stared at herself for a few brief moments in a mirror before grabbing another and leaving to change into it. And then she noticed him craning his head (perhaps in an ungentlemanly manner, now that he recalled it) to get a better look when she did so.

She had returned to the changing room to try the next one on….

And that's when it happened.

"Um…Thor? What do you think of this one?"

It was sleeveless, he noted. And simple- flowing away from her waistline with a small ruffle that seemed very appealing. But….

It was a deep hue of brown. And it did not…

Look good. It turned her brown eyes into pools of dark nothingness.

And so he'd told her so.

"It is not as charming as the others. It dulls you."

The moment the statement left his mouth, Thor saw Jane's demeanor change. Her smile faded, slowly at first, and then dropped completely. She did not respond to his comment, but simply shrugged her shoulders and left to change back into her original outfit.

Thor was concerned at her reaction.

And as the day continued, with the pair leaving the store, returning to the lab, meeting with SHIELD and making dinner later that night, he grew more and more fretful.

Jane had not spoken two words to him since he had commented on her blouse.

And he did not understand why.

It confounded him that she was suddenly so distant, so cold….

Colder than the air that drew bumps on his arms as he came to ponder his folly on the laboratory rooftop.

He had remained there out of respect.

Jane was obviously unhappy with him, and suddenly, the prospect of climbing into her bed with no invitation seemed disgustingly akin to blatant invasion on his part. She had fallen asleep long before he'd decided not to share the small bed with her. And although the previous nights of doing so had brought about nothing more than a few sudden passionate kisses and late night joke-telling, it was still more than he would have asked for from her.

And during his stay here on Earth, it was the only place he would ever want to lay his head.

The sun now blazed across the red sands and chased the shadows from the town below.

Thor ran a hand through his hair and made his way into the lab to retrieve Mjolnir.

He would fly in search of much-needed aide with this dilemma he had created for himself.