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By: Sombra112

I'm Sorry, What?

"I'm sorry, what?" Kagome shook her head, sure she had heard wrong.

The man across the desk shrugged and gave her a nothing-I-can-do half smile.

"No, that…that's impossible." Kagome tried to think past the sinking feeling growing in her stomach. "I've never-I mean I…That…"

"Calm down, babe." Hojo put his hand on top of hers.

"No. I'm not going to calm down." Kagome shook his hand off and looked at the poor guy. "You have to be wrong. Check it again."

"Kagome Higurashi. H-I-G-U-R-A-S-H-I. That's you, right?" he asked.

"Of course, but that can't be right." Kagome felt so helpless. "I think I would remember getting married."

"Sorry, ma'am." the guy shrugged. "Our records say you're already married. You can't get another license when you're already married."

Kagome took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and put her hands together like she was praying, for patience the guy was sure. Her diamond engagement ring sparkled on her finger.

"Kagome." Hojo took her hands in his. They were sitting in two different chairs in front of the guy's desk but Hojo had moved his closer to hers. "Relax, honey. Let's just figure out what happened."

"Okay." Kagome opened her eyes and smiled apologetically at the guy behind the desk. "I'm sorry. Please, explain."

The man wasn't all that troubled. Most people cussed him out, at least, when he gave them bad news. She was really cool about it, plus he was wondering how she was going to handle already being married.

"Uh…" he scrolled down the screen, "according to our records you've been married for…almost 25 years."

"Huh?" Kagome shook her head. "That is really impossible. I'm only 28. I would have had to be married at three!"

"Does it say to who?" Hojo asked, his smile kind.

Kagome loved Hojo dearly. He was the sweetest man alive. He was the old fashioned kind of sweet. He opened doors and pulled out chairs for her. On their first date he melted Kagome's heart when he had given her a jacket without hesitation when she was cold. After dating a few idiots who had no idea what 'courtesy' was, it was a great relief to date Hojo.

It didn't hurt that, with that old fashioned charm, he had the traditional good looks. His face wasn't strong, in fact it had a slightly feminine cast to it. And it was that slight beauty that made him so handsome. His brown-blonde hair was short and always well cared for. He was always well groomed, in fact.

Hojo was the perfect match for Kagome. His light looks contrasted with her darker looks. Her eyes had thick dark lashes and her long, black hair was slightly wavy, just enough to be sexy when she let it down. But she normally kept it up because Kagome was a respected business woman. She and Hojo, who was paid to help failing businesses, were perfect together.

He had asked her to marry him just last month and since they had set a date, they went to apply for the marriage license. However…

"Let me see." The man scrolled back up and looked at the name. "Takahashi. Inuyasha. Ring any bells?"

Kagome bit her lip in thought. "No. Not really. I mean…No…I…Ugh."

"It's okay, my love." Hojo kissed her cheek and she smiled at him. "This isn't so bad. An easy fix. A divorce? Right?" He asked the guy.

The man behind the desk nodded. This was actually pretty entertaining to him.

"What, exactly, do we have to do?" Kagome asked him. If she could just get it done and over with so she could start her life with Hojo she would be the happiest woman in the world.

"Uh, divorce." the man agreed with Hojo. "Get some divorce papers, find him, and get him to sign them. It's not like you have to worry about separating your stuff. He'll probably even want it too."

"Yeah." Kagome nodded. "Isn't there some kind of waiting period, though?"

"Six months to get them filed." the man smiled at her groan. "And another six weeks before you can apply for another license."

"See, all we have to do is wait a little. And track down this Inuyasha guy." Hojo said, trying to cheer her up. "And just think, this will be a hilarious story to tell the kids."

"I'm sure it will seem funnier in a few years." Kagome agreed as she slumped in her chair. "But right now it sucks."

"Sit up, love. You'll ruin your back." Hojo kissed her fingers.

Kagome straightened in her chair unhappily. "What information do you have about him?"

"The license just has the names." The guy shrugged. "You'll have to find him yourself."

"Alright, well let's go." Hojo stood and pulled her up with him. "We'll hire a private investigator if we have to."

"Sorry for the inconvenience." the man smiled.

"Thank you for your help." Hojo waved at him and led his fiancée away.

"Kagome Takahashi." Kagome said unhappily as they moved their way around the desks in the records building. "It sounds stupid."

"You're name is still Higurashi." Hojo nudged her side playfully, her hand still in his. "And, in about a year, it will be Kagome Imaki. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?"

Kagome smiled at him, he was so sweet. "Are you up to waiting a year?" Kagome asked sheepishly.

"I would wait forever for you if I had to." Hojo assured her and Kagome's heart fell for him again. Who could resist such charm?

"How about we get some ice cream?" he winked. "I think we deserve it after this bombshell."

Kagome laughed. "I have to go to work."

"Fine." Hojo bumped her playfully. "Leave me to tell your mother without backup."

Kagome laughed again, her morose already gone. Hojo was just so incredible. "I'm sure you'll be fine. She's been planning my wedding all my life, I'm a sure another year wont hurt her."

They walked out of the building and into the sunlight. All around them were people returning to work, their lunch break over. Kagome was just about to be a part of them.

"Have fun at work." Hojo kissed the side of her mouth. "I'll see you when you get home."

"Bye." Kagome waved at him as he turned and left. What other man would take this news so casually and even come up with the solution? So perfect and Kagome had him all to herself.

Never in her life had anyone cherished her like Hojo. They had moved in together but had yet to sleep together. Hojo said he wanted to wait and that anything worth getting was worth waiting for. He was kind and always looking out for her. An old fashioned gentleman that was never seen anymore and so longed for. And he was Kagome's.


"Hey, boss." Sango said as Kagome walked back into the foyer of her office.

She worked somewhere between the halfway point and top floor of a large office building in downtown Tokyo. Sango was her secretary and self-proclaimed therapist. "How did it go at the records place?"

"I'm married." Kagome said shortly as she walked past her and into her office.

"Wait…what?" Sango got up and followed her.

Kagome opened the bottom drawer of her desk and put her purse inside. "Yep. Married."

"Wait…" Sango blinked in confusion. "Just like that? I thought there would be a ceremony?"

"Not to Hojo." Kagome sat down and sat back in her comfy leather chair. Kagome was in charge of finance and accounting at Shikon Inc. As such, she got a pretty good sized office and a wall to ceiling window at her back.

"Ooh." Sango sat down in a chair across from Kagome. "Do tell. I'm curious."

Sango was an interesting personality. She was one of those girls that other girls all seemed to be jealous of. She had hips and sizeable breasts along with a small waist that required no upkeep. She ate whatever she wanted with no consequences. That alone was enough to hate her for but she was also dazzlingly pretty. Her hair was long and brown and, unlike Kagome, she had no shame about letting it down at the office. Probably because it looked like she was in a shampoo commercial. Most people wore dark, conservative suits. Sango had on a suit but it had a short skirt and was a pretty shade of red. She was probably the only person in the whole building who could get away with it.

She was easily hate-able if it wasn't for her charming personality. She wormed her way into the coldest hearts in the building.

Kagome started up her computer as she told her the story. Sango, unlike her, thought it was hilarious.

"That's awesome." she snickered. "How does a person even get married at three? Is that legal?"

"I have no idea." Kagome answered the first question. "I don't even know the guy."

Sango laughed and stood up. "That is so funny."

"So glad you're amused." Kagome glared without any real heat at her.

"I hope he's hot." Sango sat on her desk and played with the Newton's cradle that Kagome watched when she was in a funk.

"Why?" Kagome laughed as she pulled up the files she had been working on before her lunch break and the big news.

"Well, no point in accidentally being married to an ugly guy." Sango shrugged as the cradle clacked on the desk.

"I don't think I was even married." Kagome started typing. "I think someone stole my identity."

"Could happen." Sango agreed. "Well, I'll get back to work."

"Oh, do me a favor." Kagome looked up and smiled at her.

"Look up Takahashi?" Sango asked sweetly.

"Look up Takahashi." Kagome confirmed.

"You got it, boss." Sango waved and sauntered, for there was no other word for it, out of her office.


"Yo, Takahashi!"

Inuyasha looked up from his lunch. "Hey, boss." He waved to the round, balding guy with grease and oil all over his blue cover-alls.

"How long you plan on being on break?" he asked a dirty rag in his hand. In Inuyasha's experience, the boss always had a dirty rag in his hand.

"Until I'm done eating." Inuyasha held up the other half of his sandwich.

"Hurry up. You got cars to fix." his boss left the break room and went back into the garage.

Inuyasha worked as a mechanic in a popular garage. Popular because Inuyasha did such damn good work.

"Oh, Miroku you, too!" The boss yelled from the other room, the sound of power tools and motors half-obscuring the sound.

"Nah." Miroku said quietly.

Inuyasha was actually eating his lunch, Miroku was just slacking off. He was sitting backwards on the plastic picnic bench that served as the table in the break room.

Both of them had on the faded, blue cover-alls that were the uniform. The name 'Yukia's Garage' was emblazed in small letters over the right breast. Both of them had grease and oils stains just like the boss though neither had the belly that he did.

"Don't you have something to do?" Inuyasha asked before he took a bite.

"Nah." Miroku repeated lazily. "He won't fire me. He knows you'll go if I go."

"I don't like you that much. I need a job." Inuyasha smirked at him.

Miroku chuckled. He was a good looking man with a lady-killer smile. His black hair was kept in a tiny rat tail at the nape of his neck and his bottle blue eyes sparkled mischievously at most times.

Inuyasha was his opposite in many ways and yet, often, they were so similar they could be brothers. Miroku was skirt chasing and arrogant. Inuyasha was cold and arrogant. They both worked magic under the hood, but Miroku's magic was mostly smoke and mirrors were as Inuyasha was the real deal. They had many of the same interests and had been friends so long it was as if they could read each others thoughts and movements.

But in looks, they were opposite.

Inuyasha had flashing gold eyes to Miroku's blue. He had long silver hair that he refused to cut while Miroku's was long because he was just lazy. Inuyasha had long, sharp canines to Miroku's blunt teeth and, tipping his fingers, were a set of deadly sharp claws. Miroku's hands had multiple scars and scrapes from his job where as Inuyasha's were nearly perfect.

Because, unlike Miroku, Inuyasha was a demon.

Demons were the minority of humans, which was good because demons were enormously powerful. Inuyasha himself acted as the jack when it happened that the three at the garage were being used.

Inuyasha was very strong featured, he emitted a slight aura of power and arrogance. He looked like that 'bad boy' that so bedazzled young girls. At home he kept his long hair down but at work, for safety reasons, he braided it in one long plait down his back. He often looked careless and distant. In fact, he would probably be completely unapproachable to girls if it wasn't for one little detail.

The two triangular dog ears that were perched on his head. They were fuzzy and damnably cute. Often times Inuyasha got a girl solely on those ears. And, he could admit, he used them shamelessly. If they got him some action, he wasn't above using them. Besides, when rubbed right, they could be extremely…stimulating.

When rubbed right. When wrong, it could be very painful.

"Alright. Back to work." Inuyasha crumbled the plastic bag he had brought his lunch in and stood up. Miroku followed a second later.

"By the way, how was your weekend?" he asked as he and Inuyasha left the break room.

"Boring." Inuyasha shrugged as he returned to the Toyota that was having issues. The check engine light just wouldn't go out no matter what the owner did, which is where Inuyasha came in and worked his magic.

He wouldn't be working here long, if he had any luck. He had been saving up since he started work so he could leave this place and start his own garage. He already had a few people who said they wouldn't have anyone but him work on their engine and a few who promised to see how he did on his own. He had his eyes on a building and the ability to fix it up to how he needed. Miroku even promised to come work for him for super cheap until the business took off. Though he did say he expected one hell of a Christmas bonus.

"Oh, I finally got a hold of that guy who sells the tools." Miroku said as Inuyasha bent over the engine.

"Oh, yeah? Which guy?" he asked, his voice slightly muffled from being absorbed by the other sounds in the shop.

"The basic tools." Miroku continued as he leaned against the car. "Not the power tools. Anyway, he said he could give us a great deal for real cheap provided we remember him when the business takes off."

"Great." Inuyasha smirked in satisfaction. Not long now and he would have his own place.

"But we still have a few problems." Miroku leaned over the engine beside Inuyasha so the boss wouldn't chew him out.

"I'll deal with getting the power tools." Inuyasha promised. "I know some people. I'll make some calls."

"Great, but not what I was talking about."


"Business." Miroku rolled his eyes. "You're about as good as math as the average 3 year old. How are you going to run a business?"

"A calculator, coffee, and a lot of swearing." Inuyasha laughed.

"Funny, but not helpful." Miroku said dryly. "I say we get professional help with the actual running of the business."

"Negative." Inuyasha said before he could continue.

"Why?" Miroku groaned. "Our magic is under the hood-"


"Shut up. Point is, neither of us can run a business. I think we need help."

"No." Inuyasha straightened up and said to his friend, completely serious. "This is my business. I'm going to run it by myself."

"Then what am I here for?" Miroku sat up too.

"To nag my ear off." Inuyasha laughed. "You don't count. Friends don't count. I'm not going to get a separate company to work my books. If I do hire someone to do that, they're going to be my employee full time."

"And a friend?" Miroku asked sarcastically.

"You got it." Inuyasha shut the hood. "Now get this thing up on the lift."