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"Guilty!" a voice yelled making the entire courtroom jump in surprise. "Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"

"Sorry about that." Her Honor Shoheki sighed. "My collegue next door can get a bit overemotional. Now, what was I saying?"

"You're ruling, your honor." the baliff told her.

"Right." Shoheki remembered. "After revueing the case I have determined that there isn't enough evidence to-"

Her next words were drowned out by cries of complaint by Hojo and Bengoshi.

Naraku looked smug and Kagome and Inuyasha beamed in victory.

"Shiri! Mr. Imaki!" Shoheki looked offended. "Please. Possession is a very serious charge, if there isn't enough proof to back up your statement than I have no choice but to-"

"But you honor!" Hojo looked desperate. "He's a filthy half-breed! He doesn't have the same morals as us humans!"

There was a moment of silence as Naraku's smirk, if it was possible, widened and Bengoshi smacked his own head in frustraition.

"Mr. Imaki," Shiori Shoheki said calmly but coldly, "I am a filthy half-breed."

Inuyasha snorted in happiness as Naraku cursed himself for not mentioning Hojo's racism earlier.

Hojo looked shocked. "B-But you look so...so..."

"I wear contacts, Mr. Imaki." she told him, her artificial brown eyes flashing. "My eyes are actually red and my hair has always been white. I come from a long line of bat demons. In fact, my uncle is in court at the moment suing some company for racism. I don't appreciate comments like that in my courtroom.

"As I was saying, there isn't sufficient proof to back up a possession charge. That is my final ruling. Case dismissed."

She banged the gavel and Kagome and Inuyasha cheered.


"Happy Anniversery." Inuyasha whispered in Kagome's ear.

Kagome giggled. Twenty-six years and still going strong. How many marriages could boast that?

"You're not supposed to see me yet." Kagome turned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

The satin of her white gown twirling with her. The bodice was a bit low but Kagome felt beautiful. Probably because she wasn't showing yet. But that would come soon. Sango demanded that hers be a girl so that she and her baby boy could marry and they would really be family.

"Yeah, well, I couldn't wait." Inuyasha kissed her. "Besides, you've been my bride for a long time now. I don't think that tradition applies for renewing vows. You're beautiful, by the way."

"Thank you." Kagome beamed happily.

Inuyasha was only half dressed. His tuxedo coat was in the other room waiting for him to put it on. He didn't like wearing all of it at once. He would put it on before they walked down the isle and not a moment sooner.

Inuyasha's garage was a big hit, doing better business than Yukia's had. Business was so good, in fact, that he had given himself a two week vacation for his honeymoon with his adorable wife. There were two tickets to Fiji in his bag and both of them had been brushing up on their English for the trip. He was a bit worried about leaving his shop in Miroku's hands for any length of time but Sango promised to keep her husband in line.

Having a baby had calmed Miroku down considerably. He was almost reliable now. Almost. So Inuyasha was going to fly out of the country feeling only minor trepadition that night.

Then it would be two weeks of post-marital bliss with his darling wife that he was about to re-marry.

"Where's mom?" Kagome asked, playing with a strand of Inuyasha's silver hair.

"She's out there." Inuyasha promised. "Relax. She said our wedding cake looks amazing. Red velvet, our favorite."

"Yummy." Kagome leaned up and kissed him again.

Her pregnancy cravings, so far, consisted only of Inuyasha. That was the only thing she seemed to want anymore. Him, him, and more of him. And if that was the only thing she ever craved in this pregnancy she wouldn't be happier.

Inuyasha broke the kiss first. "Don't want to ruin your pretty make-up. Sango will kill me."

"She'll get over it." Kagome licked her lips. "You know," she leaned up and whispered, "I'm not wearing any panties."

Inuyasha swollowed the sudden lump in his throat. "Save it for after the ceremony, love." he told her.

Kagome pouted but back away. "Shoo, then. I'll see you at the end of the isle."

"Don't be late." he winked before he left the room.

"Corny." she called happily after him.

Kagome turned back to the mirror and fixed her smudged lipstick.

She placed a hand over her, as yet, flat belly and stroked it gently.

A year ago, she knew she would be married. She just didn't think it would be like this. Re-speaking her vows to a half-demon whose child she was already carrying. Not what she planned and still exactly what she wanted.

As far as she knew, Hojo had found a nice, human girl who taught second grade. From what Sango told her, things were going well. The girl knew Hojo was a racist and told him that if he wanted to marry her, he had to learn to open his heart a bit more.

Kagome was happy for him, she was.

Because she had Inuyasha and the perfect life as an account manager at a small, privately owned garage that made good money. It was everything she could have asked for in life.

"Kagome." Sango poked her head in through the door. She looked amazing in her green matron of honor dress. "It's time."

Kagome smiled and grabbed her bouquet off the table and left the room.

She took her place at the back of the church, hidden from view as Sango kissed her cheek.

"Excited?" her best friend asked.

Kagome nodded. "Ecstatic."

"I'm pregnant again." Sango told her without a single change of expression. "I think Miroku thinks if he keeps me pregnant we'll never divorce. He's like a clinging vine."

"And you love it." Kagome laughed.

"Just how you love how corny Inuyasha is." Sango countered.

"It's not corny." Kagome said. "It's romantic."

"It's both." Sango laughed as she turned and followed the second bride's maid down the isle.

Kagome waited a moment.

The organ music broke off.

She heard the familiar fanfare that was her que.

For that one moment, she stood alone. By herself, with all her friends and family waiting for her out there. With Inuyasha waiting down there for her. It was a moment of peace. Her last moment being alone as she heard the steps of a whole crowd of people getting to their feet.

The first notes of her march came on and Kagome turned out onto the isle.

Inuyasha smiled at her from the other end and Kagome took the first step into her new life.