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Chapter 1

Hermione sat down heavily on the lounge of her tiny flat. She only had a small two seater chair in the lounge room because that was all that would fit in there. She had a fairly decent coffee table in the middle, a square wooden one with drawers under each side but considering it doubled as a dining room table, it was also small. The room had boxes scattered all around labelled, kitchen, bedrooms, and lounge. Hermione's heart was very heavy today as she had to leave her home and move to another country, England. It was cold and horrible there, not like Paris where the sun shone in summer and the atmosphere was romantic and the people were beautiful. You could walk down the street and see stunning models or normal everyday people and still get a smile from each of them. Hermione loved to have lunch in the small cafe's that were littered around the cobblestone streets. She usually tried to have a treat once a month and she always tried a different one. Hermione's parents lived in France until they passed away a few years ago. She considered going to live somewhere else but her heart would always be in Paris.

Hermione had been to England for Christmas to visit her best friend on a few occasions and each time she hated it.

Hermione Granger had attended the France Witchcraft and Wizardry school and when she was in first year the school linked up with Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry School and started a program like a pen-pal program. Hermione was allocated a witch named Ginny Weasley and they started communicating instantly. Hermione was quite a shy girl and from the stories that Ginny wrote in her letters, it was obvious they both led opposite lives. Ginny was so adventurous and exciting as well as the fact she had six brothers, but the one man she would always talk about was this guy named Harry Potter. At first she spoke about how cocky he was, he was the school know it all, and most importantly he was like a man whore, a different girl every week. Hermione also knew from the press that he was also the boy who lived and then the Saviour of the Wizarding world. Ginny's letters ceased during the war but after everything was done Ginny invited her to come and spend her first Christmas together. They hit it off straight away, it was like they had been friends forever not just pen-pals. Ginny introduced her to all her brothers and even though the younger one, Ron, had tried to get to know her better it never worked out. Hermione was painfully shy and it came across as being a bit snobby. Ginny and Hermione planned many holidays together and each one had been fantastic. Hermione had clung to Ginny's relationship like the life line that it was. Even though Hermione was a beautiful woman with the most gentlest soul a person could have, most people, namely men, couldn't get past her intelligence and shyness so therefore she led a lonely life.

Hermione finished school and became a Healer and she loved her job immensely, that Christmas Ginny came over to help her celebrate her new job and they decided to celebrate with a holiday to the Bahamas in a few months time. Whilst at this holiday Ginny confided in Hermione with a little secret of her own.

The two girls were lazying on a poolside beach chair and Ginny was snacking on some dip and chips, for the third time that morning.

"Hey Gin, you better take it easy, you will lose your beautiful figure." Hermione sipped on her drink and waited for a comment back but one didn't come.

After a few long minutes, Ginny spoke, "Hey Mione, what would you say if I told you something that was a bit shocking?" Ginny quickly popped a chip into her mouth looking intently at her friend.

"What could be so shocking Gin, you are as squeaky clean as me?" Hermione laughed but again when she didn't get a response, she removed her sunglasses and swung her body around the long sun chair and sat up to face her friend.

"OK Gin, spill," Hermione said and Ginny looked over at her and also sat up. Hermione could tell she was nervous and this also made her feel nervous. "Ginny you're scaring me, what's wrong?"

Ginny looked out over the crystal blue pool and watched the people swimming and the children jumping in through the man made wave pool. Hermione waited and gave her friend time to collect her thoughts and after what felt like an eternity, Ginny took a breath and then spoke.

"Mione, I have been seeing someone."

"Ginny, that's great, that's nothing to be worried about," Hermione let out the breath she was unconsciously holding in but Ginny continued.

"Yeah I know but it's not quite as simple as that. My family have basically been furious over this union and umm, well they have disowned me." Hermione almost fell off the seat and had to grab the side of the chair to steady herself. She was absolutely sure people would be able to see her heart beating through the flimsy swim top she had on over her bathing suit.

"Gin, I...I...I don't know what to say."

"Yeah I know, hey." Ginny leant back in her chair to give Hermione time to absorb everything and then realise there were huge gaps in her story. It didn't take long.

"Hang on Gin, why would your family act so rash, I mean is the guy married?"

"Umm no, he isn't."

"Ok then is he a muggle?" Hermione personally didn't have a problem with that with herself being from non magical parents but to pure bloods it was definitely no no. Ginny shook her head to say no and Hermione was running out of ideas.

"OK Ginny Weasley spill it, what the hell is the problem then?" Hermione folded her arms across her chest and waited.

"It's Harry Potter."

Not a sound could be heard, every bird must have fallen out of the sky and every child must have stopped to look at her because Hermione was sitting in silence. The word she had just said was pounding in her head. Harry Potter, she couldn't possibly have said Harry Potter.

"Gin, come on, you didn't say Harry Potter, like THE Harry Potter."

Again another nod for confirmation and Hermione saw red.

"Are you friggin insane Ginny, that man is the worst possible man to be with and besides, he would never settle with one woman. He is an obnoxious, male chauvinistic pig who can't keep it in his pants for one minute. Oh my Merlin Ginny, what were you thinking?"

"I know Mione, but I thought what we had was special but I was obviously mistaken." Ginny said and if Hermione was listening she would have heard the pain in it.

"Mistaken, mistaken! I'd say you were bloody mistaken Ginny, that man is a bloody idiot. He runs around with every woman, every single woman, maybe I should say anything on two legs that has a heart beat would be closer to the truth." Hermione was so frustrated she just couldn't continue. Ginny sat there and listened to her ranting, she knew it was coming as the two of them had spoken many times about her silly childhood crush on him.

"Gin, just leave him and forget about him, I am sure your family will take you back in a heartbeat." Hermione took a big swig of her drink and watched Ginny. Then alarm bells started going off in Hermione's mind, again.

"What else?" she asked.

Ginny tried to avoid the question but Hermione wouldn't give in.

"I said what else Ginny, you haven't told me everything." Ginny looked at her and then asked, "Why do you say that?"

Hermione rolled her eyes and laid back down on the seat. She knew her friend well enough to know when she was hiding something and she was definitely hiding something now. Ginny sat up and asked Hermione if she wanted another drink from the bar and Hermione nodded. She didn't need to tell her what she wanted as Ginny knew she never touched alcohol. Hermione laid in her chair and watched her walk away, she wondered what else could be the problem but nothing came to mind. Ginny approached the bar and a man turned around briskly and almost bumped into her with a tray full of drinks but Ginny quickly put up her hands and protected her stomach.

Hermione gasped, her best friend was pregnant.

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