Hello. Been a while. Have something cute as compensation.

He finds her sitting cross-legged on the grass next to the flowerbed, twisting the final daffodil of a flower crown into place with her nimble fingers. It was a pretty amalgamation of colours and types, from tiny blue forget-me-nots to pink and white carnations, all expertly twisted and teased into line.

"Didn't think you were one for flower crowns," he chuckles as he pads towards her, and Jamie looks up at him with a cute, crooked smile that makes his heart swell.

"Well, who says I can't slay Dark Lords and be a pretty flower-crown wearing princess at the same time," she giggles uncharacteristically, pushing the last stem into place. He watches her carefully lift up the final product and inspect it from all angles, her hands delicately keeping the woven flowers together. She looked up at him with a soft, calculating eye, as if sizing him up. "Actually, you came out just in time. Come here, dad."

With a start, James realises what she wants.

"Wha- no, thank you, I'm good," he says, holding his hands out and taking a step back as Jamie brandishes the crown in the direction of his head.

"Don't be a baby. Come on, I made it for you. Please? For me?" She appraises her with pouty lips and puppy dog eyes, the lenses of her glasses glinting in the afternoon sun.

James melts, half-sighing half-laughing, before stepping forward, kneeling down and bowing his head in defeat. In an instant, she reaches forward, gently laying the circle of flowers upon his crown, leaning back a little to inspect the placement before adjusting it slightly. James feels like he's being crowned as a king.

"Beautiful!" Jamie cries.

James blushes, feeling silly.

"What exactly is the point of-?"

But before he can finish, she reaches down to snatch a second crown from the grass behind her, placing it upon her own head before beaming at him lopsidedly.

"Because," she states, with a wild gesture and a giggle, pulling from her jacket pocket an old camera. Before he can protest, she is kneeling beside him, one arm around his shoulder and the camera lens pointed at them. "Smile!" she exclaims, and James manages a grin, confusion rippling through him. There is a click as the picture is taken.

"Thanks dad!" his daughter says, giving him a wet kiss on the cheek before jumping to her feet and sprinting for the house, leaving James with dirty knees and questions. He touches his cheek and then his crown, trying to make sense of what has just happened.

He laughs.

Years later, when he is shuffling through old boxes of letters, he finds it- the photograph. It is yellowed and folded at the edges, evidently well-loved, but still legible. Jamie is giggling minutely, one arm out of sight holding the camera and the other hugging him, the delicate petal crown perched almost regally atop her messy hair. James himself is grinning goofily at the camera, a touch of confusion within his eyes as he glances from his giggling daughter to the camera lens. The crown atop his own head gives him a comical air.

James smiles at the memory, and then flips the photo over to find a scrawled ink message, instantly recognising Jamie's untidy scribble.


Told you I could get him in a flower crown. Pay up.

He laughs, and then cries.

All I can see is Jamie and James in the crowns looking so kawaiiiiiii~

Sorry for, you know, the sadness.