So I've been missing the show "About A Girl" lately. I was so pissed when it got cancelled. Next to Degrassi it was one of my favourite shows on The N, even though it only lasted one season. :( But I'm a bit confident about this story. And I really hope you guys like it. So I'm posting the first chapter, while I finish writing the last of the chapters, just so I know exactly what you guys think of it. :D So READ, REVIEW, and ENJOY!

[Author Notes:

Everyone is a little OOC in this story

Sav and Alli aren't siblings

Nobody really has a "past" sort of thing. Like Eli doesn't have a dead ex and yeah

Think of the character's current grade but as college students

The Dot is a college hangout, not Degrassi high schools hangout

And Clare and Alli are friends with Riley, who is in his last year at TU

Adam isn't Transgendered. He's just a guy.

Clare and Alli sat in The Dot sipping coffee and looking in the newspaper for ads for somewhere Clare could stay for her returning year at TU. Alli flipped back and forth through the pages not even trying to look. "C'mon Clare! This is so boring! Why don't you just live at home this year? Your place isn't that far from school. And now that you have Betsy, you can get there no problem."

Clare rolled her eyes. "Betsy isn't the greatest car to rely on. She breaks down every now and then, and I can't afford that mechanic bill. So to and from school then to work every day wouldn't help at all!"

"You're right. Sorry." Alli apologized, seriously looking through the newspaper.

The waiter, Riley, also a friend of Clare and Alli's came to their table, setting down their fries. He had curly light brown hair and strong physique. "Y'know, there was a guy who came in yesterday and posted this on our bulletin board." He pulled out a folded piece of paper with a bunch of numbers to rip off at the end out of his pocket. Clare read it as Riley spoke. "I knew you were looking for a place to live, so I took it down before anyone else could see, just so you got first looks."

"Awe Riley you are so sweet!" She got up to hug him. "It sounds perfect. I'm going to give him a call." Riley sat down next to Alli as they stared at her eagerly. Clare stared at the two, smiling awkwardly. "You want me to make the call now huh?" They nodded.

Clare flipped open her phone and dialed the number. She bit her lip awaiting it to start ringing. First ring. Second ring. Third ring. Fourth ring. And right as the fifth ring was about to start a voice answered, "Hello?"

"Uh…hi. I was calling about the roommate position," Clare responded. Alli and Riley mouthed questioningly 'Position' then gave Clare a stupid look, and she waved them down.

"Oh yeah? Cool!" They guy's voice said enthusiastically. "First, I just need your name."

Clare swooned at his voice every time he spoke. He sounded attractive yet informed. Like he was well educated too. "Uh…Clare. Clare Edwards."

"Well, Clare Edwards. How about you come check it out…tomorrow around noon?" The man said and Clare agreed. Then he gave her the rest of the information, and she hung up.

"So?" Riley and Alli said.

"He's going to show me the place tomorrow." Clare smiled.

"He? Oh! Clare living with a man! You're such a little hussy!" Alli joked about Clare's Christianity and virginity. Clare gave her look to shut up, and Alli did then asking, "So what's his name?"

"Eli Goldsworthy." She grinned flirtingly saying his name out loud.


Noon came quicker than expected. Clare pulled up to the house in her purple El Camino, otherwise called Betsy. She checked her makeup quickly in the mirror and fixed her hair. She awoke late, so she got ready in a hurry. But she didn't want her first impression with her soon to be new roommate to be her just out of bed.

As she made her way to the bricked house, the grass was cut recently and was green. The front looked as it was kept together well and taken care of. The house was already getting high points and she hadn't even walked in yet. When she knocked on the door she admired the white porch and the bench swing.

The door opened and caught her attention immediately. And tall man stood with messy brunette hair, cut short but not too short, and sparkling hazel eyes. Dressed in a flannel with and t-shirt underneath and washed out jeans. Clare smiled at how attractive he was, especially when he smiled at her. "Hi. I'm Clare. Are you Eli Goldsworthy?"

He crossed his arms, leaning against the door trim, and sarcastically replied, "As flattered I am with that comment. No, I'm Jake Martin. Eli's inside. You can come in." He guided Clare into the living room. There was a bunch of framed posters and a plasma screen TV hanging on the wall. Then a large couch and a recliner next to it, with a coffee table in front. She scanned the room to see there were some shirts and jackets on the floor with some bags and school work. And a bowl left on the table in the kitchen attached to living room. But she could deal. Jake walked to the hall a screamed, "Eli! A girl named Clare is here to see you!"

He made his way to the couch to continue watching TV. Clare stood awkwardly by the door until a man, shorter than Jake, but had a few inches on Clare with her heels on entered the room. He wore a button up black shirt with a few of the buttons at the top unbuttoned and black skinny jeans. His long hair was as black as his pants, and wore a chained guitar pic necklace and a bunch of rings on his black nail polished fingers. She was overwhelmed with the darkness, until he turned to face her and she was swept away by his Jade green eyes with a small amount of eyeliner, and his amazing bone structure of his jaw. Then he smirked at her, reaching a hand out to shake. "Hi Clare. I'm Eli. It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." She shook nervously. He continued to smirk and she spoke up, "Well of what I see, you have a really nice place."

He slid his thumbs in his back pockets. "Why thank you! We try our best."

"We?" Clare asked.

"Yeah. Me, Jake, Adam, and Sav. Our old roommate Peter moved out when he graduated last year. And we have an extra room and a fifth of rent not all of us and split for too much longer," Eli explained.

"Well then… Can I see the rest of the place?" She mentioned trying not to sound rude.

"Of course!" Eli snapped out of his gaze and guided Clare down the hallway, kicking some junk against the wall. "Sorry for the mess. Adam, can be a little disorganized." He continued to smirk, which kept making Clare swoon. He opened one door revealing a bathroom. "Here's the downstairs bath."

"That we'd all share?" Clare worryingly asked.

"Well, Jake and Sav. Their rooms are down here, so more convenient. You can use it if you want, but otherwise you would use the upstairs one, by your room." He moved his way down and knocked on another door and someone said, "Come in!" They entered the room where sat a guy with black hair and a black beard to match sitting at his laptop with his electric guitar in his lap. Eli introduced us, "Sav this is Clare, are hopefully new roommate. Clare, Sav."

We greeted each other with a "Hey" and a smile and he turned back to his laptop. Then Eli shut the door. "Well that's Sav! Don't worry. He's a great guy. Just been a little busy with his music and everything." Clare nodded as he guided her up the stairs to a skinny hallway. He opened one door. "This will be your bathroom, along with me and Adam. It's bigger than the one downstairs and has a tub instead of just a shower." Clare nodded approvingly.

A door that was open, that let us walk in a bit and Eli shouted, "Adam! Meet our new potential roommate." A thin, young looking guy with dark brown hair covered by a beanie walked out of a closet with a big smile on his face. He walked up to Clare, and kissed her hand instead of shaking it. "Greetings to meet you Clare."

Clare blushed as Eli rolled his eyes. "Now down this way."-he pointed to a door on the right-"That's my room." Then right next to that door but at the end of the hall, he walked into an empty room. "This would be your room."

Clare wandered into the large bedroom. I was bigger than her bedroom at home. She admired the walk in closet and ceiling fan. And fell in love with the window seat. "Holy crap! This is an amazing room!"

"Yeah well, Peter got first pick on bedrooms. And now that he's gone. We're too lazy to decide who gets it and/or move. So it's all yours. If you move in that is. So what do you say?" He was leaning against the wall admiring her admire the room.

Clare jumped out of joy a bit. "I say, What the hell? I'd be an idiot if I turned this room down alone. Plus, you guys all seem like great guys. I can get used to this kind of living situation."

"Awesome!" He said, and she grew giddy again jumping into a hug with him. He hugged her back. But she pulled away feeling the awkwardness. They looked down at their feet for a moment until Eli said, "So when do you think you can move in?"

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