This is an update message. I am on Summer break so I have loads of free time. So I thought, why not I get started on my sequel to "4 Guys and a Clare". I'm not sure how long it will be yet, considering I'm still writing it. But for all those fans who have been waiting, I feel like I need to give you all something back! :D It will be posted as a completely different story, so be sure to subscribe to my fanfiction account so you can keep a heads up for when the sequel will come out.

Also, I'm going to being giving random little hints and teasers about the new story. So be sure to follow me on my tumblr .com/ and subscribe to my Youtube account .com/kitteninapool2 because I WILL be making a short little trailer for this story.

And I will give you all a couple little hints right NOW!

1) It will take place over a course of about 3-4 days, one of which is Alli and Adam's wedding.

2) A new character will be introduced. (that's a part of the show)

3) The story will be called, "Situations".

Now that's all you guys are getting for now! Leave a review and tell me if you are excited for the sequel or not. Remember to follow me on tumblr for any kind of details about "Situations"! Love you all! :*(^_^) ~Eli