It is every woman's dream is to find her happy ending. Especially to find her mate, who she will love for the rest of her life.

The Campbell Family decided to migrate to England in this little town called Carter Oaks.

Mrs. Campbell—who didn't want to move—looked at her husband knowingly.

"Jonathan, do you suppose, we could fit in in a place like this?"

Mr. Campbell looked at his wife, incredulous.

"Of course Celia! What a silly question to ask of you!"

Mrs. Celia Campbell blushed a delicate pink and turned to stare at the window of the carriage. It was on her face that she doesn't approve of this that easily.

"Mamma! Mamma!" cried her five-year-old daughter, Kelly. She rose from her seat and sat beside her mother who was surprised.

"What is it Kelly?" She asked frantically.

"Are we there yet?"

Her mother sighed in relief. "I don't know dear"

Sir Patterson, who was the carriage driver, looked back. "Just five minutes tops, little Kelly," He said and little Kelly squealed so hard.

Mrs. Campbell smiled with relief at Sir Patterson's direction. She knew that her daughter would be asking about this for a very long time until they get there. Suddenly, her daughter Sarah caught her attention. She was in a deep looking grief.

"Don't worry, Sarah. You'll find a rightful man for you in England"

She looked at her mamma willingly. "OH Mamma! Is that all you really think about?"

"Oh hush dear!" Cried her mother.

"I would be most surprised if you find a husband with your lack of extensive reading and talents!" teased their eldest, Peter.

Sarah ignored the judgments of her teasing elderly brother and sophisticatedly looked at her younger sister, Catherine, who looked dreadful as may be, staring at the window.

"Is something wrong, Catherine?" She asked in a concerned tone for she loved her sister most dearly.

"Oh. Nothing. Just well-worn" Catherine answered knowingly.

Sarah was not at all consistent at her younger sister's answer. This was not Catherine. Catherine was more of a sarcastic young lady of nineteen years old. Before Sarah could say anything, her mother, who was staring at the window, spoke in a clear voice.

"Don't get your hopes up, dear. The people in Carter Oaks knew we were coming. So they placed on a ball for us."

Catherine and Sarah groaned in unison. They knew that their mother just wanted them to find a man for them to marry in the future. It has been their mother's dream since Cathy has turned fifteen years old.

It was possible for Sarah because of her gorgeous features. Her strawberry blonde hair hidden behind her hat, her tight body shown rapidly because of the corset, her small lips that were in the color of a delicate pink. She was one of the most beautiful girls in the neighborhood and no doubt, here. When they stopped to dine just hours ago, an old couple named her beautiful. It was without a doubt that she'd find a husband in no time—even her lack of extensive reading could not compare to her beauty.

Catherine looked nothing like Sarah. She thin for sure but she was not as tall and her features were too simple. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a bun with no hat. Her tan complexion, which she got from her father, was the only thing people recognized her as. Her lips were full not like Sarah's, they were a darker shade of pink. He eyes are low but some people say that they were gorgeous. The only thing that differ her from other girls were her sense of humor and conviction. She'd rather answer a question sarcastically because she dreadfully hates being serious.

When they reached Carter Oaks, everyone turned their head against the window. Little Johnny who was sleeping in his mother's arms woke up and followed Kelly through the window. He was just four years old and was a little smaller than Kelly.

Carter Oaks was a beautiful place to be. It was a rich town and it has an easy access to the forest. They passed a gate that says Carter Family and it seems to be a private land. Catherine looked at the gate and saw behind it a road filled with trees at its side.

The town's main was filled with people. The ladies were all gorgeous—but not like Sarah. Their tight bodice was worn and their skirts are flowing across the floor.

The Campbell family traveled for another ten minutes and when they reached their new home, they all sighed in relief. Their bodies hurt because of the long ride. Mr. Campbell was the first one to get out of the carriage followed by Mrs. Campbell, Peter, Little Johnny, Kelly, Sarah and lastly, Catherine. The house was just another ordinary house. It has five bedrooms for everyone and another two rooms for the servants who just arrived a day before the family. Mr. Campbell—who was a businessman—earns three thousand a year. The money was enough for them to have a roof on their heads. As they went inside, the family could see that the house was big. It has a big living room, a kitchen, a dining room and it has a second story. Catherine smiled at their new home and Little Johnny and Kelly clapped their hands. It was not long before their luggage were brought inside and Mrs. Campbell shushed them all.
"Okay Everyone! Sarah, Catherine, dears! You will share the second biggest bedroom upstairs. Peter will have his own. Johnny and Kelly another one and Mr. Campbell and I will share the biggest"

Catherine and Sarah exchanged worried glances towards each other. Catherine—guessing what was in Sarah's mind—stepped forward.

"Um, Mamma! I should really think that Sarah should have her own room," She said.

"Oh Why on Earth would she?" Her mother—frustrated—exclaimed.

Peter stepped forward with a smug look on his face. "Oh just tell me Cathy! You just want to share chambers with me!"

Catherine smacked his head and was not pleased by his sarcastic remarks. "Of course not you twit!" She exclaimed. "I would have your room! Of course someone should be the gentleman! You should sleep with Little Kelly and little Johnny!"

He frowned and everyone could read in his face that he hated the idea. There was a bore if silence before Mrs. Campbell trusted her arms out. Her children had no idea how tired she was growing in.

"All right! All you children stop complaining! The arrangement is still at order! Now, go stop those little frowning ang pack your things at your room and after an hour, get ready for the feast!" She exclaimed.

"Feast?" Both Sarah and Catherine exclaimed.

"Mamma! That is ridiculous! I thought you said there was only a ball! Now for goodness' sake, there is a feast?" Catherine commented, incredulous of her mother.

"Oh shush, Catherine dear!" She said waving her arms. "Everything will be alright!"

The children, after curtseying to the maids, all went into their chambers to arrange their things. Catherine and Sarah's room was surprisingly well lit and huge. It was twice the size of Peter's room. They had a side for each other.

As soon as Catherine placed her things into the bed to sort out, she could see Sarah frowning delicately and sitting still at her bed.

"What on Earth is wrong my dearest sister?" She asked her with full concern.

"I was kind of wondering whom mamma would arrange for us now we are here in England" She admitted truthfully.

Catherine giggled making her way through the other side of the room to seat beside Sarah. "I hope she would arrange the best one for you because you deserve it" She took Sarah's hand and squeezed it.

"And I wish for you the same." She said back, squeezing her hand back and boring her face in Catherine's shoulder.

"I sure wish that gentleman would not be like Peter" Catherine announced.

Afcoures their brother Peter was good looking but he was not the type of guy Catherine preferred. He was never in place as their older brother. He was always too playful and never serious.

"I hope the feast would be good later" Sarah said when she raised her head up again.

" Well, for all I know, this place is most hospitable" Catherine commented and they both laughed out loud. Catherine rose to her feet and placed her chin up. "Here's what we are going to do today, we will be attractive, kind, not snobbish and we will catch the eyes of the gentleman we adore" She announced at Sarah. Sarah rose to her feet too and gently placed a salute. They were laughing as they resumed packing their things.

An hour passed by and they were sure that their mother, Mrs. Campbell, would come inside their rooms begging for them to dress up for the feast. Actually, the feast wasn't all that bad for them but the sudden fright that everyone would be expecting them to come was scornful. Everyone would be staring at them and asking them questions about the life in America. They were not pleased by these kinds of questions. America was very much like England. The almost difference that they can see now was the accent which was endearing.

Catherine had settled with Pride and Prejudice and was settled in the part where Mr. Darcy first met Elizabeth when her dearest mother went inside peeking if they got ready. Mrs. Campbell's face turned into complete horror when she saw what Catherine and Sarah are still wearing. She rushed inside the room in a complete un-lady like way.

"Oh My Goodness!" cried she. "What on earth are you wearing Catherine? Sarah? Hurry up and get dressed! You don't want to disappoint the Carter Family!" She waved her hand unto Catherine's dresser. Catherine shut her book and got up immediately and was followed by Sarah and a loud groan. Mrs. Campbell sighed loudly and went out without a curtsey.

"I know for sure she has something planned for us" Catherine commented as she got a brown dress off the dresser. It was one of her favorites.

"Partly, I know she has been loving the fact that there are Englishmen here" commented her sister back. Catherine looked at her sister and saw that she was debating from rose to light blue.

"Try the rose. It suits you well," She told her and Sarah obeyed and placed the light blue back in its place. Both of them sighed loudly and got ready for the feast—which the last time was called, a ball.

They arrived later, after a few hours, to a small ballroom. As soon as they arrived, the doormen led them to a huge corridor where a big door was opened for them. As soon as the door was opened, all of them could see different people dancing in a ballroom. Everyone was happy and intrigued when they arrived. Everybody stopped dancing and gazed at them with bewildering eyes. As soon as people collected themselves, a family stepped forward. From the way they moved like they owned the place, this must be the Carter Family. They curtseyed to them in the most elegant way.

Mrs. Carter was just like any other woman. She was elegant and sophisticated. She offered her hand to Mrs. Campbell who accepted it with delight.

"It is so nice that you decided to reside here," She told them in the most earnest way.

"Why thank you, Mrs. Carter" Mrs. Campbell said in the softest way possible.

"Please, call me Rose" She told them with a smile. It was then that she moved back and placed her arm around Mr. Carter's hand.

Mr. Carter was a different man. He must have been from the army because of the way he stands erect. He looked at them meaningfully and it was sure that they were welcomed here. It wasn't even noticeable that the dances continued because of the welcoming conversation. There were people who danced again and were eating. By the time, Mrs. Carter saw Mrs. Campbell's children, her smile got even wider.

"This must be your children!" She cried. "What lovely faces!" She motioned towards Catherine and Sarah. By this time a young man, who in Catherine's eye was very handsome indeed, joined them. He was tall and muscular but the way he looked at them was scorching. His light olive toned skin was beautiful. He was by far the handsomest man Catherine ever saw in her life.

Catherine's observation was blown away when Mrs. Carter motioned toward him.

"This is my son, James," She told us.

"Please feel welcome," He told them. His voice had a comforting and cold vibe.

Mrs. Campbell laughed lightly in a lady like manner. "Oh what a wonderful young man!" She commented and Sir. James nodded his head. "These are my children" She motioned her hands towards each of them. "This is, Peter my eldest, Sarah, Catherine, Young Kelly and Little Johnny" As Catherine curtseyed she could feel Sir. James staring at her. Mrs. Carter smiled at each and every one of them.

"What lovely children!" She cried. "I hope you'll enjoy Carter Oaks"

"Oh, Mam! I am actually, I have my own room and Cathy and Sarah have to share a room" Peter commented with a smug smile cornering on his face but it looks like Mrs. Carter hardly ever noticed it because she giggled lightly.

"Oh I am happy that you're comfortable here" She told him in a reassuring voice and turned back to Mrs. Campbell "Mrs. Campbell, would you like to escort me to the refreshments?" She asked her.

"Please call me Celia and afcoures, I would love to accompany you," She told her and the two mothers walked together followed by Young Kelly and Little Johnny. It was after that that Mr. Campbell and Mr. Carter entered a conversation about business. Peter was looking for a partner and excused himself from his sisters with a smug grin. Sarah took Catherine's hand and Catherine noticed that it was as cold as ice.

"Oh What on Earth is the matter Sarah?" She asked, paranoid as she felt the coldness of Sarah's skin.

"I'm nervous," She admitted. "What if nobody would ask me to dance?"

"Oh don't be silly, Sarah dear!" She cried to her. "You're gorgeous!"

Sarah laughed lightly. "Well so are you and I don't see you with a partner!"

"Having to dance in England is very much a horror and I doubt that I look anything like you, my most beautiful sister"

"Dearest Cathy! Just dwell upon the way Sir. James was staring at you a while ago and you even have to admit, my dear sister that he is unconditionally handsome"


"Would you think he is betrothed?"

"Dear Sarah! We have been here for almost a day and you ask me if I know anything about him?"

Before her the eldest lady could answer, a young man walked in their way and offered his hand for a dance. Afcoures, Sarah couldn't refuse, as her mother advised.

"Sarah! Are you going to withdraw from me?" Catherine asked sarcastically but with a hint of frustration.

"Yes." Sarah answered without a hint of sarcasm.

And after that, Catherine was left all by herself watching Sarah dance with a gentleman. She thought that she was all alone when she heard a voice behind her back. She whirled around to see who the gentleman is. It was Sir. James.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, stunned. "Sir. James" She said lightly and curtseyed to him and he did the same. "You mean to frighten me Sir. James. I was watching my sister dance with a gentleman" She explained.

"I can see that. Why is Ms. Catherine not dancing?" He asked for a subject at their conversation.

"Nobody has asked me yet and it would be dreadful to be seen dancing in a crowd" She answered him truthfully. "Why aren't you dancing?"

"I never did"

" I shall say that you are taking a slight brake by welcoming me in your town?"


"Ah. That's very nice of you. Did someone oblige you to do that?"

For the first time since she arrived, she saw him smile crooked. "A subject alike in the matter"

"Ah" She exclaimed. It was then that a family was heading her way and Sir. James excused himself. This family was small and she could see that there was only one daughter.

"You must be the newcomers from America!" The woman exclaimed in an English accent.

"Yes Madam. My name is Catherine," She said thoughtfully.

"I'm Mrs. Cornwall and this is my husband," She mentioned the very tall man standing right behind her.

"Welcome to Carter Oaks, Ms. Catherine" He told her and Catherine nodded.

"Where is your mother? I would like to introduce myself to her" Mrs. Cornwall asked.

"She is by the refreshments with Mrs. Carter" Catherine explained.

"Well then, we shall introduce ourselves" Mrs. Cornwall declared. "Are you coming Amelia?" She mentioned towards her daughter but she declined. Mr. and Mrs. Cornwall excused themselves from Catherine and continued walking against the crowd. Catherine was left with Amelia in a crowd. She could see that Amelia moved forward to her and offered a smile.

"How do you like it here in Carter Oaks, Catherine?" She asked.

"It is very nice in here" Catherine answered.

"Very hospitable, aye?" She asked her and that was exactly what the answer in Catherine's mind was.

Catherine laughed. "How did you know that was on my mind?"

"I moved here when I was six and I thought the same thing. How old are you, Ms. Catherine?"

"Please, Just call me Cathy," Amelia nodded. "I will be turning twenty in five months. You?"

"Twenty. I see you've already met Sir. James?" She said nodding at the place where Sir. James was talking with a gentleman.

"Yes" Catherine answered as she followed Amelia's gaze

"Quite handsome huh?" Catherine nodded. "It too bad…" Amelia never bothered to finish her thought.

"It's too bad? Why?" Catherine couldn't help but ask.

"He's getting married in a year"

"Oh. With whom?" Catherine couldn't help but feel a little bit disappointed—he was betrothed.

"To Ms. Lydia Huntsman"

"Who is she?"

"One of the wealthiest ladies here in England. Of course it is only an arranged marriage but I can see that Ms. Lydia is very much in love with Sir. James. I don't know about him, though"

"Are you invited?"

"Afcoures, everyone is invited"

"Everyone?" Catherine stared at her in disbelief.

"A lot, aye?" Amelia asked sarcastically. By far, Catherine likes her very much.

"Absolutely!" She looked at Sir. James and she could see that he was alone now. "But why isn't he dancing?" Catherine asked.

"He never danced. People think he is proud but I just think he is shy."

"Maybe. Why aren't you dancing?"

"I've grown tired." She answered simply.

Catherine laughed. "Do you want to sit?" She offered instead.

"No thank you" Amelia replied. "I may be dancing with Colonel Forster later again."

"Who is Colonel Forster?"

It was then that a young man joined them in their conversation. He was as tall but not as tall as Sr. James. His hair was a perfect golden yellow and he was handsome—but not as handsome as Sr. James. Catherine and Amelia curtseyed to him and he did too. He introduced himself as Colonel Forster.

"OH. We were just discussing about you," Amelia told him. It seems like the two of them were good friends.

"I did know. My apologies for my eavesdropping"

"Apology accepted, Colonel Forster" Amelia told him.

"Thank you"

The rest of the feast was beautiful. Sarah danced with almost the entire gentleman and so did Catherine—who got a new best friend, Amelia. Mrs. Carter was especially delighted at the success of the party and asked if they could eat dinner together at Mrs. Campbell's home. Everyone was delighted and everybody had a great time. It seems like Carter Oaks was a great place after all.