With the Fallen defeated Megatron seeks out a new partner in crime. He encounters a dark force on the edge of the solar system and allies himself with it.

Elsewhere Sam has been having dreams of a beautiful silver woman who looks like Mikaela telling him to find a set of ancient cybertronian artifacts that will help them find Primus, creator of the transformers race.

If the war is won it will see Sam and Mikaela fulfilling their ultimate destinies. The transformers will see the rebirth of their race. And the humans shall experience a new era for the earth.

Some will become more than human, more than transformer in order to defeat this new dark threat. The question truly is can they do it in time? Can they awaken Primus or will all be lost?

Author's note: Sorry guys for not updating sooner but I have been taking a summer break I promise I will be back in the fall to continue my awesome stories.