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Chapter 5 – Destiny on the Move

Bold speak = Transformers talking


Sam sat and listened to war stories that Elita-One was telling him; she told him primarily of Optimus's battles and tales of his leadership.

Elita-One watched him as she told him stories, his eyes lit up as he eagerly hung on her every word. She told him tales of loss and survival and of victory and defeat.

Sam took it all in "I never knew Optimus had to carry such a burden on his back. Man I thought I had it hard." Sam sighed

"Sam you and Optimus are more alike than you think. You remind me a lot of how Optimus acted when he was young. He was impulsive, sometimes acted without thinking. He always rushed forward head first into a battle. You do that too Sam. It cost him dearly sometimes and he learned the hard way just like you've had to. Over time though he learned to plan and consider every option. He always does what is right just like you Sam. Also you both carry the world on your shoulders and feel that it's your responsibility to look after everyone." Elita-One said to Sam.

"Yep that's Sam, but you're still the weirdest person I have ever met." Mikeala commented as she came over.

Elita-One lowered Sam to the ground and he walked over and embraced his oil covered fiancé. He dropped a light kiss on her forehead before whispering in her ear "Yeah, but that's why you love me. I make your life interesting with all my weirdness."

"Behave mister or you'll sleep on the couch tonight." She replied.

"Mm what a warrior goddess you are." Sam drawled.

Mikaela's cheeks heated up and desire coursed through her body. Now was not the time though "Let me go you big lug." Mikaela said as she released herself from Sam's clutches.

"How is Optimus?" Elita-One said in a worried tone.

Mikaela sobered up when she saw the pleading look in the Femme's optics "He'll be fine Elita. Arcee and I repaired most of the internal systems, but Ratchet will have to finish the job." She said in a confident voice.

Alita-One let out a sigh "Thank you Mikaela, it seems like you and Sam support us more than we support you." Elita replied.

The young couple blushed simultaneously "Don't thank us Elita. You all are family and we would do anything for any of you." They said in unison.

"It's good to see the saviors of Earth being so modest." A new voice said.

Sam and Mikaela whirled around to see Captain Will Lennox standing behind them with a tired smile on his face.

They both instantly snapped to attention and saluted "Now stop that both of you I only oversaw your basic training." He said with a sigh.

"Sorry Will it's a habit." Mikaela apologized before she threw herself into his arms and gave him a tight squeeze.

Will returned the hug, ever since Mikaela's father died in a car crash the year prior he had acted as sort of a father figure for her "It's good to see you too soldier. How is he?" Will asked.

"He'll be fine. Ratchet just needs to finish the repairs." Mikaela responded.

"Yeah Mikaela knows what she's doing sir." Sam said.

Will held out his hand and Sam grasped it and shook it "It's good to see you sir, how are you?" Sam asked.

"Tired and emotionally drained, we recovered some artifacts in an old ship that Optimus should see." Will responded.

"Bee, Chromia your humans are here. Come retrieve them." Ratchet shouted to the two Autobot guardians.

Upon hearing this information Sam and Mikaela bolted off to find their protectors. They found them and were promptly whisked off their feet and thrown into the air. Bee and Chromia caught their charges and set them down.

"It's good to see you again little sister." Chromia said in an affectionate tone.

"I'm happy your safe big sis. I was worried about you." Mikaela replied in a relieved tone.

Bee spoke a series of whirrs and beeps indicating that he was happy to see Sam.

"It's good to see you too buddy. What are these artifacts Lennox told us about anyway?" Sam asked.

"You'll find out lad as soon as I bring Optimus back online." Ratchet said as he walked over.

He handed the sphere to Chromia and headed towards the med-bay, intent on finishing Optimus's repairs.


Timewave navigated his way through the vastness of space towards the Decepticon ship intent on finding the Matrix of Dominion, the Decepticon equal to the Matrix of Leadership. It held the power to destroy any transformer with a mere thought. It was created by the Fallen long ago when he corrupted a piece of Primus's Spark. The Decepticons had no idea it was on the ship and he intended to find it. He had teleported the piece of the Allspark to the female. She would find it soon and the wheels of destiny would start to turn.

He rid himself of such thoughts and focused on his mission, Galvatron was headed towards Earth to start a war no one was ready for and he could do nothing about that. Sam and Mikaela would be protected as they journeyed and the bands would guide them to the Arc where they would be tested.

Timewave approached the ship and landed in the central chamber; his scanners showed no signs of Cybertronian life. He was safe for now, so he continued along his path towards the Fallen's chambers where the Matrix was supposed to be located. Upon searching the chambers he found nothing. It made no sense; Galvatron had no knowledge of the matrix nor did any one of the Decepticons.

"Where is it? It must be somewhere else in the ship but where?" Timewave questioned.

"You lookin for this ya rusty piece of junk?" a voice asked.

Timewave turned and saw an old nemesis standing there holding the Matrix. The matrix floated in the hands of the agent known as Voidrunner. The sphere that could destroy even the greatest of warriors in a second was in the hands of a psychopath.

"Voidrunner you traitor, Give that to me now. It doesn't belong to you." Timewave demanded.

"Ahh what's the matter old friend are you still sore over that little mishap. She was in my way and wouldn't move. I did what I had to do. Buddy" Voidrunner responded

"You killed my sparkmate, and you speak of the act like it was nothing. She was your friend and you killed her." Timewave screamed.

"Whatever, now what do you want this little trinket for anyway? Oh well whatever it is it can't be good for my master so I have to kill you right here. Vehicons attack" Voidrunner ordered.

Timewave spun around and blasted one of the mindless warriors mid transformation. Then he flung himself aside to avoid two blasts of plasma. He hit the ground and raised his arm towards the source of the plasma blasts and fired two small arrowheads out of his wrist. The result was an explosion and the screams of two drones dying.

HE was slashed across the back with an Energon sword but quickly recovered. HE spun around and caught the drone's arm in mid dissent and yanked. That resulted in the drone's arm being pulled off and Timewave jamming the sword arm into the Spark core of the drone.

He looked around and saw that there were no more drones to fight and trained his gun on Voidrunner "Give me the Matrix Voidrunner You can't beat me one on one and you know it." He said to the agent.

"You're right I can't fight ya, but you forget buddy I ain't an Autobot so surprise." Voidrunner responded.

Timewave was confused for a moment until a powerful blast hit him in the back and sent him sprawling forward.

Timewave hissed as the Energon ate through his armor. God he hated snipers. HE performed a full sensor sweep and found nothing "That's impossible." He said to himself. "There's nothing there, not even an Energon signature. I guess I'll have to do this the hard way. Voidrunner won't interfere because he likes to watch good fights and not participate in them." He reminded himself as he dodged a sniper shot and took cover behind a support beam.

Sideways was having fun, that dark core piece had made it so he could become completely undetectable to any form of scan or sight function. On top of that he got to take out a supposed powerful warrior from ages long past. The older bots were more experienced and could play the game better. He hated fighting rookies who died right off the bat. No for him it was all about the game of cat and mouse. He always won anyway; it was only a matter time.

Voidrunner watched with excitement as the battle continued, Timwave had been hit only a handful of times but could barely return fire. Sideways had scored most of the hits and they were pretty major ones but he had been hit once or twice so far. They were only glancing blows though so nothing to worry about though. He amused himself by playing with the Matrix of Dominion; it was such a fun little thing to look at.

The battle had been carrying on for half an hour now and Timewave knew he was losing. He had to think fast, the idea to scan for plasma residue from his opponent's gun had failed and he could only sense the blast the moment it left the barrel. None of his sensors worked on the Decepticon, but what to do?

He ran for cover again, but a blast caught him in the leg and he went down hard.

"Game over" Sideways whispered as he locked on to Timewave's Spark and fired.

Timewave knew he was about to die, that last fall had taken out his sensors and he had no way of determining where the shot was going to come from. He closed his optics and waited for the end. In the darkness he heard a noise, the priming of a plasma gun and an idea came to him. HE rerouted power to his sound receptors and locked on to the noise.

"Behind me" he whispered rolled to the side avoiding a potentially fatal blow to his Spark.

"No, No, No you stupid decepticon how could you miss a simple shot like that." Voidrunner screamed to the room.

"Damn it, how did he know where I was?" Sideways cursed

He jumped up to another suspension beam and took aim; he had Timewave in his sights and pulled the trigger. It took a second for the sniper to charge given the power of the shot so he waited.

Timewave heard it this time and reacted, he raised his arm and fired an explosive dart right at Sideways who has caught off guard and was hit in the face.

The explosion rang throughout the empty ship and Sideways fell to the ground, his cloaking field deactivated itself and Timewave struck.

Sideways narrowly missed an Energon dagger to the chest as he stumbled out of the way. He was off balance and Timewave was taking advantage of that. Timewave alternated between his dagger and his axe expertly attacking and pressing his opponent constantly.

Sideways could only stumble backwards as he was struck again and again by glancing blows from melee weapons. He couldn't gain his footing and strike back. He was going to die very soon, until he felt the cloak coming back online. He smirked and threw a punch at Timewave who ducked out of the way; he then activated his cloak and slipped away.

Timewave smiled, the youngling was cunning he'd give him that, but he relied too much on that cloak of his. He sighed, give a being power and they forget about their own natural abilities.

He expanded his hearing again and heard the slow drawing of a blade behind him and sighed again it was over.

Sideways rushed at Timewave's backside intent on running him through when Timewave turned and ran him through first.

Sideways's optics started to flicker and his Spark burned out he looked up at Timewave who stood over him "How did you beat me? No sensor worked on me so how?" he rasped out.

"Child I used my ears. You're cloak only blocked you from sensor sweeps and from sight. You still made noise when you moved or fired your weapon I locked on to those noises and found you. You never stopped to consider the weaknesses of your power and that was your downfall." Timewave responded

"Hmm good strategy; it was a fun game old timer thanks for playing with me." Sideways rasped as the light in his optics faded completely.

"You played well, now go and find peace with Primus young assassin." Timewave responded.

He heard an object hit the ground and break apart, Timewave turned around and saw the remains of the Matrix of Dominion laying scattered about the floor.

"Guess you plan is ruined old friend, that youngling was too weak to kill you anyway. I'll leave that task to Galvatron. What are you going to do now that your precious Matrix is broken? Primus will never awaken now." Voidrunner laughed before opening a warpgate and vanishing into the void.

Timewave stared at the shattered Matrix and smiled "Foolish as ever Voidrunner; you think that Autobots can't come up with traps too. It was all a ruse you fool to throw you off the track of the humans. They will find Primus not I, for Primus already walks among them hidden in plain sight." He said to himself. He then opened his own gate and warped back to his ship, he had work to do.


With Ratchet working on Optimus and the other Autobots occupied with debriefing the government liaison to the Autobots there was nothing more to do. Both Sam and Mikaela retired to their room that was on base.

Sam was in the shower while Mikaela was digging through her purse looking for her compact, she accidentally dropped her purse and the contents spilled out on the floor "Damn" Mikaela muttered as she reached down to pick up the items that fell out of her purse.

She then noticed a paper towel that was wrapped around something "This wasn't in my purse." She said to herself. "What is it I wonder?" she questioned. She set the strange item on the table and finished putting everything back into her purse. After changing into a red negligee that Sam loved she put the mysterious object on the bed and started to open it up.

She lifted the final part of the paper towel and looked down at what the object was and gasped "It can't be, I thought it was completely destroyed. This is not good at all." She said to herself. "Sam get in here right now, you need to see this right away!" she shouted.

Sam came running into the room dripping wet with a towel hastily wrapped around his waist "What's wrong Mikaela is everything alright?" Sam said in a panicked voice.

"Come over here and look at this." Mikaela said in a shaky voice.

Sam approached and slowly looked over Mikaela's shoulder and gasped as well "It can't be, all the pieces were destroyed right Mikaela?" Sam said in a wary voice.

"They were all destroyed or used up Sam I'm sure of it." she responded.

"Then how?" Sam asked.

"It doesn't matter Optimus needs to see this now." Mikaela said

"Come on then Mikaela get dressed and we'll go to see him now." Sam responded.

In a matter of minutes Sam and Mikaela were fully clothed and racing towards the Autobot bay. They spotted Optimus kneeling down to speak to the government liaison about something.

"Come on let's go." Sam said and grabbed Mikaela's hand and they dashed down the stairs and over towards Optimus.

"I understand the situation Ms. Walters, but we won't hand the bands over to you until we have studied them. They are items from the days when Cybertron was young and our race was just beginning. They are sacred and not to be misused." Optimus finished.

"Now see here Prime we lost a lot of men retrieving these things and…" she was cut off by Sam and Mikaela promptly coming to a stop in front of her.

"Optimus you have to see this it's important." Sam exclaimed as he gestured to the t-shirt Mikaela was carrying.

"Sam I'm sorry but it will have to wait." Optimus replied

"No Sam's right, you have to see this now." She said.

Ms. Walters regained her sense of self and was angry "Now see here whatever useless trinket you have to show your transformers friends it will have to wait. Such childish nonsense will not be tolerated. This is exactly why children with silly beliefs should be banned from the base." She bit out.

Mikaela ignored her and set the t-shirt down on the floor and opened it up.

"Enough of this both of you" Optimus scolded but they ignored him and took a step back for all to see "Please Optimus just take a look." The couple pleaded.

Optimus just sighed and lowered his optics to the item sitting in the middle of the t-shirt and his optics widened marginally "By Primus it can't be." he breathed out.

"What is it?" Chromia asked and looked down at the mysterious object and gasped as well.

"What is so important about a stupid chunk of rock?" Ms. Walters bit out.

Sitting on the t-shirt was a greyish black chunk of rock with lines running all over it. It was about as big as a fist and energy coursed along it.

"Ms. Walters you are looking at a piece of the Allspark, long thought destroyed. Where did you children get this?" Optimus said in a quiet and commanding tone.


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