There was a smile in Rose's eyes as she climbed into my bed, her shapely legs exposed to me. I wrapped my arms around her. Her skin was warm. Her breath was blowing in my ears.

I could hear a door open, but I was lost in a world of red hair and peach-smelling skin. I could hear footsteps nearing my door, but I dismissed them as Rose's lips hit mine.

My door opened.

We split apart; not fast enough.

My father saw everything. He saw the way my hand tangled in her hair. He noted the way her arms were around my neck. Clothes – hers and mine – were strewn precariously on the floor.

Rose just stared at my father, as my father just stared at me. I stared anywhere but my cousin or my dad.

My heart beat ferociously in my chest.

My dad's mouth was hanging open, a look of concentrated confusion on his face.

I was cold from the absence of her skin on mine. Rose's eyes were wide with horror and shiny with tears.

Dad's mouth moved and I saw the word form on his lips before I heard the emotionally drained note of: "Why?"

And I didn't have an answer.

Well, what a productive day I'm having….

I got up before elven and took my dog for a walk and I've already typed up some of the one-shots I wrote a few days ago. And it's only five past two. Ooo; I'm not even normally out of bed until now.

(I REALLY need to get a life. Or a boyfriend…)